Medical Marijuana, Lithium & Blockchain: Assessing The Current Investment Manias

“Love them or hate them, investment manias make people fortunes. They also lose people fortunes,” acknowledges the author of today’s article before delving into the three big investment manias currently taking place: medical marijuana, lithium and Blockchain. Which of these manias does the author call a “no brainer”, why – and what does he identify as his favorite stock to play it? How does he assess the other two manias – and how does he advise investors play manias in general? CLICK HERE.

How To Profit From The Global Food Security Crisis

The global population continues to grow, but we may already have reached peak production for many food categories as the amount of arable land remains constant. Global food security represents a major problem going forward – but Bank of America sees big payoff potential for companies that step up to tackle this problem. Moreover, the firm has identified eight major entry points for investors who want to get in on this opportunity – as well as a number of specific picks to play each of those themes. CLICK HERE for more.

Finding Investments With The Widest – And Most Lasting – Economic Moats

The value of a company having a wide economic moat – some kind of competitive advantage over its competitors that allows it to protect and grow its profits and market share – cannot be overstated. As today’s article notes, stocks of companies with wide moats have generally outperformed the broader market. As such, the author attempts to identify those industries and companies that possess not only the widest moats, but also the most lasting moats – including one industry he considers “one of the most compelling long-term investment opportunities available.” For more, CLICK HERE.

Insurance Stock Buying Opportunities Post Harvey & Irma

As those affected by Hurricane Harvey or Irma begin to file insurance claims – and with some estimates of the insured losses from those storms being in the tens of billions of dollars – many traders might be tempted to take a “sell first, ask questions later” approach to property and casualty insurer stocks – and this could create a buying opportunity for others. In an effort to identify insurance stocks that might be worthy of further consideration, the author of today’s article screened for low-priced, cheap (based on earnings estimates) property and casualty insurer stocks that pay a dividend. For the six stocks that passed this screen, CLICK HERE.

This Group Of Worst-Performing Stocks Might Still Be Worthy Of Consideration

Today’s article highlights some worst-performing stocks that investors may still want to consider. Specifically, these are the worst-performing Dividend Aristocrat stocks (stocks of companies that have been increasing their dividend payouts for at least 25 years) this year. While each of these 16 stocks is down by 10% or more this year, nine have dividend yields above 3% – and all but one have the free cash flow to support higher payouts. For more on these stocks, CLICK HERE.

Better Than Bitcoin? 5 Oil & Gas Stocks To Consider

Are there oil and gas stocks that offer investors more value than the current crypto craze of Bitcoin? The author of today’s article notes that, while many sectors have seen significant rallies since November 8, “energy stocks have not quite kept up with the market as a whole since the November election results” – and he proceeds to highlight five oil and gas stocks that could represent potential value plays. To find out what these stocks are, CLICK HERE.

Why Value Has Been Left For Dead — And What Will Bring It Back To Life

After a strong performance in the latter portion of 2016, value stocks have largely not been enjoying the rally the broader market has experienced this year. Meanwhile, growth stocks have been doing very well. So is value dead, as some have suggested? Today’s article looks at some of the factors that account for value’s weak performance this year relative to growth – and what could bring about a turnaround in value’s fortunes. To read more, CLICK HERE.

“Low-Tech Tech” — And Other Attractive Opportunities For Contrarian Investors Right Now

Finding attractive investment opportunities in today’s expensive market is no easy task, but contrarian investors should take heart: there are still opportunities to find value out there! In today’s article, a portfolio manager shares the types of companies he sees as attractive plays – and which his firm is buying into – right now. To find out what these potential opportunities are – including a “low-tech tech” play and a niche investment banking play – CLICK HERE.

How FAANG Fare In September

Despite the excitement surrounding the unveiling of its new iPhones, history suggests that traders may want to steer clear of Apple stock this month – over the past 36 years the stock has had an average September loss of 4.18%. Conversely, two FAANG stocks have historically been top performers in September, with one generating the highest average September returns and another having the highest September win rate – ending the month higher 77% of the time. To read more, CLICK HERE.

How To Get More From Dividend Growers – And 7 Stocks Expected To Increase Payouts This Fall

When it comes to buying dividend growers, there’s never a bad time to do so. However, the author of today’s article shows how there may be a particularly profitable time: “when the share price is due to ‘catch up’ to the dividend”. The first step in this strategy involves identifying companies that are set to raise their dividends – and the author highlights seven companies expected to increase payouts in the next two months. For these seven companies – and the second step in the strategy – CLICK HERE.