Alternative Real Estate Investing: Mobile Home Parks

2016-07-23 free stock photosWhen you think about real estate investing, mobile home parks are probably not among the options you consider, but today’s article makes the case that, for “small investors looking to either diversify their portfolio or change direction with a whole new investment strategy”, mobile home parks may be a viable investment worth considering. What are some of the key upsides to investors in owning mobile home parks? What due diligence is required with this investment strategy? What are the five issues one park owner says investors need to be aware of when looking into buying and owning mobile home parks? CLICK HERE to read more.

How To Invest An Unexpected Financial Windfall* (*Windfall Not Included)

2016-07-23 free stock photosWhile today’s article does not provide any assistance with how to come into a sizeable financial windfall, it does provide guidelines you may want to consider for investing such a windfall should you ever be so fortunate to come into one. Specifically, the author provides an overview of how one might go about allocating an unexpected $10,000 windfall – from general asset class distribution to specific sectors and even some specific funds to consider – in the aim of growing that original amount into “a truly sizable nest egg.” To read more, CLICK HERE.

Buying These Countries May Improve Your Returns

2016-07-23 free stock photosWith the U.S. market at an all-time high and yields being low, the author of today’s article takes the position that the U.S. market is “a bad deal for income investors” and that “by buying foreign stock markets that are less richly valued than the U.S. market, and have soared less over the last few years, income investors can achieve higher returns.” But which countries to buy? The author highlights one developed country, one emerging market, one “dog” that may still be an attractive option, and one market classified as emerging but which he believes should be viewed as developed to consider, as well as ETFs that provide exposure to these markets. To read more, CLICK HERE.

The “Bracquisitions” Are Coming! How Can Investors Take Advantage?

2016-07-17 free stock photosIn the aftermath of last month’s Brexit vote proactive British firms are seeking exposure outside the U.K. in order to fortify themselves for the rough ride that lies ahead for Britain’s economy, and today’s article states that “American companies will be the prime beneficiaries of the coming trend.” The author highlights one such case – that of a British-based power generation equipment manufacturer that recently acquired Rhode Island-based Nortek Inc. – which he sees as “just the tip of the iceberg.” So where should investors be looking to identify U.S. companies that might be prime candidates for a “bracquisition”? CLICK HERE to read more.

3 Winning Strategies For Picking Winning Stocks?

2016-07-17 12_38_51-New notificationWith all the choices, charts, data and expert (and not-so-expert) punditry available, picking home run stocks can seem like a daunting undertaking. Today’s article seeks to help in that regard, with its three contributors each sharing a simple strategy for identifying potentially winning stocks. To read about these three strategies – which include looking for companies with high switching costs and identifying platforms that benefit from the network effect – as well as for stocks that exemplify each strategy, CLICK HERE.

Corporate Share Buybacks: Separating Myth From Fact

2016-07-17 free stock photosWhen it comes to corporate share buybacks are they financial engineering that create fragile rallies vulnerable to sudden downturns? Are companies hurting their long-term profitability by spending money on buybacks for a short-term boost rather than investing that money on research and development? The author of today’s article looks at what the research actually says in regards to these two questions – and the answers might surprise you. To read more – including why the author says that “the gains we’re seeing in the stock market today are not, for the most part, caused by this quarter’s or last quarter’s buybacks. They’re rooted in buybacks announced years ago” – CLICK HERE.

Playing The Augmented Reality Trend

2016-07-17 free stock photosUnless you’ve been living under a rock for the last week you have undoubtedly heard about the Pokemon Go craze. But how can investors get in on the spectacular success of this “augmented reality” game when its developer – Niantic – is privately held? Moreover, should investors even be looking to profit from the game’s popularity, or is it likely to fade into obscurity as quickly as it shot to ubiquity? The author of today’s article takes the position that “as fleeting as the success of Pokemon Go is likely to be, there will be other games that follow the same model, so the best way to profit is from a characteristic of augmented reality games in general.” What is this characteristic and where does it point as a potential investment opportunity? CLICK HERE to find out.

Extremely Risky And Highly Overvalued? Examining Tesla’s Bumpy Road

2016-07-10 free stock photos“Though Tesla holds enormous promise, it is an extremely risky investment at its current sky-high valuation,” asserts the author of today’s article, which examines three major developments that have resulted in “a string of rough weeks” for the electric car company. To read more about these developments – a proposed merger the author views as an abandonment of good corporate governance, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration announcing an investigation into the role of Tesla’s Autopilot feature in a fatal accident, and disappointing shipment numbers – as well as the pattern the author expects to continue for Tesla’s stock, CLICK HERE.

Fertile Ground: Examining The Re-Awakening Of The Agricultural Commodities Market

2016-07-10 free stock photos“It would appear that investors have finally noticed that agricultural (Ag) commodities markets have been priced for perfection, and that the market is in for some beautiful weather,” states the author of today’s article which examines the re-awakening of the agricultural commodities market, which is seeing trading volumes at twice the level of 2010. How are La Niña and China’s hankering for pork key factors in this resurgence? What ETF – which has been seeing significant investor inflow this year – does the author state it’s time to pay attention to? CLICK HERE to find out.

4 Safe Stocks For The Worst 6 Months?

2016-07-10 free stock photosWe are in the midst of what is generally viewed as the worst six months for returns, but today’s article points out that “even in the worst six months, stocks go up most of the time. Missing the gains means we fail to meet our primary investment goal which is to maximize wealth.” Moreover, the article points out that some sectors, such as the healthcare sector, tend to outperform the broad market averages during the May to October period. As such, the article highlights what it views as “four safe stocks of summer” – four health care income stocks priced below $10 a share. For an analysis of each of these stocks – including one described as “potentially an undiscovered investment gem” – as well as the author’s recommended action to take for each, CLICK HERE.