5 Low-Priced Biotech Stocks With Growing Earnings

The author of today’s article notes that, over the past year, biotech stocks have underperformed the market, “a surprising turnaround based on their usual tendency to lead the market.” However, the author further acknowledges that the sector’s underperformance is most likely the result of politics (namely rhetoric surrounding high drug prices) rather than some fundamental change, and that the sector will have both winners and losers. In an attempt to identify potential winners, five biotech stocks are highlighted which are trading at low prices (under $5) and growing earnings. To read about these five stocks, CLICK HERE.

How’s Everybody Doing? (A Look At How Pretty Much Everything You Can Invest In Is Performing This Year)

Want an overview of how pretty much everything you can invest in is performing so far this year? Strategists at Bank of America Merrill Lynch have compiled just that – and while the author of today’s article notes that “this is a small snapshot…it’s still a good opportunity to reflect on how some of the biggest economic and political developments have shaped financial markets in 2017.” What are the best performing asset classes so far this year? Which countries’ equity markets are the biggest winners? Which equity sectors are leading the pack? CLICK HERE to find out.

An “Investment Game Plan” For This Rising Rate Environment

The Federal Reserve just raised interest rates again – and the current belief is that there may be another two or three rate hikes before the end of the year. So is your portfolio positioned for this rising rate environment? Noting that certain investments have, historically, performed better in this type of environment than others, the author of today’s article offers “an investment game plan to guide you through the oftentimes jolting transition from lower rates to higher rates.” To read more, CLICK HERE.

Five Reasons To Be Bullish On The Land Of The Rising Sun

The author of today’s article believes that now is the perfect time to diversify into Japanese stocks – and outlines five bullish forces at play in the country that make this the case. Bullish force #1? Japan’s leader status in what the author notes “seems likely to be a seminal technology of the 21st century” – robotics. What are the other four bullish forces the author sees at play in Japan? For investors who want to gain exposure to the Japanese market, what vehicle does the author recommend for doing so, and why? CLICK HERE to find out.

Are These 4 Low-Priced Energy Stocks Undervalued?

Energy stocks have been beaten down after nearly three years of low oil prices – and with U.S. oil production at record highs, lower prices are likely to remain in place for the foreseeable future. Despite this, the author of today’s article believes that there are still “some promising buy candidates in the sector” – and proceeds to highlight four low-priced energy stocks that analysts believe are undervalued and have the potential to deliver gains of at least 20%. To find out what these four stocks are, and for an analysis of each, CLICK HERE.

Are These “Sleep Well At Night” Stocks The Best Bets When The Next Bear Market Arrives?

Which stocks may be the best to own when the next bear market arrives? The author of today’s article completed a study of over 19,000 stocks and their performance over the last 13 years in an effort to identify “steady winners that powered through any correction or bear market.” Which 25 stocks experienced only one or two single-digit percentage loss years within this 13-year period, and which 4 stocks were the only ones that experienced positive returns in each of the last 13 years? CLICK HERE to find out.

9 Stocks Experiencing Amazon-Beating “Breakneck Growth”

Amazon may be a growth machine, but it isn’t the only one – and it isn’t even the growthiest of growth machines! In fact, today’s article notes that “there are several other companies with even better sales growth, better earnings growth or both” – and it proceeds to highlight nine of them. To find out what these nine stocks experiencing Amazon-beating “breakneck growth” are – a mix of familiar names (e.g. Yelp) and lesser-known plays (e.g. Chinese Amazon copycat JD.com) – CLICK HERE.

Retailers On Sale: 5 Under-$10 Retail Stocks To Consider In The Ever-Challenging Sector

Today’s article notes that identifying winners in the retail sector can be particularly challenging for investors, with even Warren Buffett having talked of the difficultly this sector poses for him. It further notes, however, that, “because the sector is so challenging, there are rewards for investors who get it right.” As such, the author screened for potentially profitable retail sector investments – retailers that are trading under $10 a share, demonstrating sales growth, and that analysts expect will grow earnings per share in the next year. This screen yielded five stocks. To find out what these stock are, CLICK HERE.

Playing The Downside: Using Put Options – Rather Than Short Selling – To Profit When Stocks Fall

What goes up must, inevitably, come down – and if you’re anticipating a reversal in the Trump rally, you might be looking at how to profit when stocks fall. Today’s article outlines one way to do so that does not involve shorting shares – and thus avoids the drawbacks associated with short selling (including its unlimited downside potential). The strategy? Using put options. What is a put option, and what are the major advantages puts have over short selling? CLICK HERE to read more.

Is Your Portfolio Positioned To Profit From The Robotics “Mega-Trend”?

Is your portfolio prepared to welcome – and profit from – our coming robotic overlords? The author of today’s article provides an overview of the amazing progress that has been made, is being made, and will be made in robot technology, but notes that “most investors aren’t positioned for the rising integration and demand for robotics in various industries” – which he sees as a mega-trend. As such, he proceeds to highlight an exchange-traded fund that he sees as “the best risk-averse way to play the robotics trend.” To read about this ETF – which beat the market last year and continues to do so this year – CLICK HERE.