Amid Recent “Hot” Inflation Readings, Can Gold And Silver Protect Your Wealth?

Inflation concerns are rising – and not without good reason. Today’s article notes, for example, that the Consumer Price Index climbed more than expected in January in terms of both the headline rate and the core rate (which excludes more volatile components such as food and energy). Against the backdrop of this “hot” inflation data, the author points out that “what is important about inflation is that it erodes the value of the assets you own, especially if your earnings are fixed.” What role can gold and silver play in offsetting this erosion? CLICK HERE.

Opportunities And Risks In The Choppy Market Environment

The recent return of market volatility – against the backdrop of an overall solid economic environment – “has created some interesting nuances – and challenges – for investors,” notes the author of today’s article. As such, he proceeds to outline a number of ways to help navigate the choppy environment. What may be the greatest risk to the markets right now that investors should be keeping an eye on? What subset of emerging markets may offer investors the greatest opportunity? Where can fixed income investors look for diversification? For this and more, CLICK HERE.

With Fear Creeping Back Into Stocks, Here Are 5 Potential Plays For “Greedy” Value Investors

What buying opportunities might the recent selloffs in the market have created for value investors? The author of today’s article screened for cheap (priced under $5) stocks with low risk (based on profits, earnings and sales) and which are undervalued based on their PEG ratios. For the five stocks that passed this screen and may be worthy of further consideration – including a processor and distributor of Indian specialty rice, a healthcare IT consulting firm, and an owner and manager of ambulatory surgical centers – CLICK HERE.

Trend Following vs. 60/40: Which Strategy Will Outperform?

Which investment strategy will outperform over the coming years: trend following or a traditional 60% stock/40% bond buy-and-hold portfolio? Based on an analysis of how trend following has performed over time relative to a 60/40 portfolio, the author of today’s article makes the case that “trend following has a much higher probability of outperforming a 60/40 portfolio in most environments and especially in the current environment.” For more, CLICK HERE.

The Case – And The ETF – For Hot Israeli Tech Stocks

Israel’s economy is booming, thanks in large part to its tech sector. However, today’s article notes that Israeli tech companies do not receive much attention from American investors – and while there are 95 Israeli companies currently trading on the Nasdaq, these do not include smaller, mid-cap names. Enter the ETF that today’s article highlights, which seeks “to bring broader exposure of Israel-based tech companies to both U.S. and Israeli investors” – and which is up almost 30% in one year. For more on this ETF, CLICK HERE.

Smart Stock Moves In The Smartphone Space

While growth in the smartphone market has been sluggish (in part due to consumers postponing upgrades to the newest – and priciest – models), today’s article notes that the top smartphone makers in the world are still showing solid growth. So which smartphone stocks might be the best buys? The author makes the case for two smartphone stocks to buy today – and the case against a popular smartphone supply chain play. For more, CLICK HERE.

This Little-Known U.S. Tobacco Company Has Acquired Big Stakes In Two Canadian Medical Marijuana Firms

In what today’s article notes is a first-of-its-kind move by a U.S. tobacco company, a little-known U.S. tobacco firm – Alliance One International Inc. – “has one-upped its better known and much larger tobacco sellers by acquiring stakes in two Canadian firms involved in that country’s medical marijuana market.” To read more about Alliance One, the two Canadian marijuana-related firms it has acquired substantial stakes in – and the prospects for other American cigarette makers moving into the marijuana business – CLICK HERE.

Impure Marijuana: The Better Bet?

Many pure play marijuana companies have seen their stocks soar as the legalization of medical – and recreational – marijuana has expanded. These companies can be risky bets however (consider the fact that most are still not profitable). The better bet, according to today’s article, may be companies that service the marijuana industry – and while many of these companies are private, there are some publicly-traded options. For some of these “impure” marijuana plays – including a REIT “focused solely on acquisition and management of industrial properties leased to companies that require medical-use cannabis facilities” – CLICK HERE.

Which Dividend Aristocrats Are Good Investments Today?

In regards to dividend aristocrats, the author of today’s article advises that “just because a company is on the list of dividend aristocrats, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it is a good investment to make today. Inclusion in an elite list of dividend stocks is like having a great resume – it lets you get a foot in the door for further evaluation, but nothing else.” The author proceeds to use a number of criteria in order to screen for attractively valued dividend aristocrats worthy of further research. For this screen – and the 14 dividend aristocrats it yielded – CLICK HERE.

3 Tech Stocks To Consider – Including One Involved In Two Of The Biggest Long-Term Tech Trends

Tech stocks may be the place to be right now – but which tech companies are the best long-term bets (and when is the right time to get in)? Today’s article highlights three tech stocks that may be solid bets right now – including a software company that is currently one of the market’s top-performing stocks and an under-the-radar play that could generate big returns thanks to its involvement in not one, but two of the biggest long-term tech trends (the cloud and cybersecurity). For more, CLICK HERE.