3 Biotech Stocks With Powerful Catalysts – Including A Potential Acquisition Target

The biotech sector outperformed the S&P 500 last year – and further strong performance could lie ahead thanks in part to the tax break for companies that repatriate funds from overseas, which could stimulate mergers and acquisitions. As the author of today’s article acknowledges, “That could be big news for some of the smaller players that have promising drugs in the pipeline.” He proceeds to highlight three biotech stocks with catalysts that give them massive upside potential – including a potential acquisition target. For more, CLICK HERE.

What Do Further Interest Rate Hikes Mean For Gold?

Are rising interest rates good or bad for the price of gold? Given that more interest rate hikes are coming, this is a critical question for investors right now. The author of today’s article acknowledges that “there are typically two sides to the debate on the impact of gold from the change in interest rates. There are those who see rising interest rates as good for gold, and there are those that see rising interest rates as harmful to the price of gold.” So which side, if any (or both?), is correct – and what are the implications for investors? CLICK HERE.

Investment Strategies Of The Market Gurus – And Top Scoring Stocks For Each

Underlying the success of every market guru is a sound investment strategy – and part of any such strategy is identifying companies with sensible share prices. However, different market gurus have different approaches when it comes to evaluating the sensibleness of a company’s share price. Today’s article details the investment strategies of several legendary investors – and identifies some top scoring stocks based on each strategy right now. For more, CLICK HERE.

Five Cheap Stocks To Trade Alongside Insiders

Insiders don’t have to buy shares of their respective companies – so it can pay to follow their lead when they do. As the author of today’s article notes, when insiders “buy shares in their own company, they are showing us, with their own money, that they believe the stock of that company offers the best value in the market. If it didn’t, they would be diversifying their portfolio into other companies.” As such, the author screened for cheap stocks (trading for less than $10) where the companies in question have seen recent insider buying activity. For more, CLICK HERE.

8 Speculative Stocks With Spectacular Upside Potential

In regards to speculative stocks, the author of today’s article notes that it is these stocks “which often come with very low share prices as well, where the projected analyst price target comes with upside potential of 50%, 100% or even exponential upside.” He proceeds to highlight eight such speculative stocks where analysts see upside potential of anywhere from 100% to over 200%. For these eight stocks – which include a number of biotech and pharma companies, a fuel cell company, and a video gaming headset manufacturer – CLICK HERE.

These 3 Stocks May Be Among The Best Picks For Growth Investors Right Now

An at-home beverage machine maker, a display technology developer and manufacturer, and a water heater manufacturer make up the three stocks highlighted in today’s article that may be among the best picks right now for smart growth investors, as they offer the prospect of high growth without corresponding high risk. For more on these three growth stocks – including how the aforementioned water heater manufacturer is poised to profit from the expansion of China’s middle class – CLICK HERE.

Two Quality Dividend Stocks To Consider Buying On A Dip

“The beauty of quality companies is that you need to get one decision right – that is the ability to identify their business model, and then buy those companies in the first place without overpaying for them,” states the author of today’s article, before proceeding to highlight two specific quality companies that he has on his radar to buy when they become attractively valued on a dip. Both of these companies are market leaders in their space – and both have been increasing their dividends for years. For these two companies – and at what price the author believes they would be attractively valued – CLICK HERE.

Gold Forecast – And Top Picks – From The Editor Of A Top Performing Precious Metals Newsletter

What is the state of play in the gold market right now – and what are some top stock picks? In today’s article, these questions are put to Brien Lundin, editor of one of the most respected – and top performing – newsletters: Gold Newsletter. For Lundin’s insights on where gold is headed in the next year or two, how his newsletter selects companies, and some specific companies – in an unlikely location – that he is particularly excited about right now, CLICK HERE.

These 20 Stocks May Be Best Positioned To Survive An Impending Trade War

President Trump has stated his belief that trade wars are good. However, based on their reaction to his announced plans to impose tariffs on steel and aluminum, the markets feel differently. Still, today’s article notes that, in the event of a trade war, some stocks are poised to benefit – specifically, stocks that “have little to do with international trade: they have low exports as a percentage of sales, and low international sourcing as a share of their cost of goods sold.” For the 20 companies that may be best positioned in this regard, CLICK HERE.

How Much Of A Threat To Stocks Is Inflation?

Inflation fears recently brought about the first official 10% market correction in two years and a surge in the VIX Index – the market’s fear index – which had been sitting at near-record lows for quite some time. However, when it comes to the current threat inflation poses to stocks, the author of today’s article argues that “these fears are way premature”. What does a look at historical inflation data suggest about the current inflation threat – and what is the only real threat (“short of a geopolitical black swan”) that the author sees? CLICK HERE.