Investing In The Era Of Trump: Go With POTUS Indexes?

2017-01-16-08_42_55-free-stock-photo-of-4th-of-july-american-flag-firework“Direct your attention to the relentless tweeting of the man who soon will be president. There is valuable information in those 140 characters that can move markets,” advises the author of today’s article, who argues that the best way to invest in the era of Trump may be POTUS indexes – or building your portfolio around Trump’s tweets and utterances about specific companies. To demonstrate his point, the author creates two indexes – the Oligarch Index (companies Trump has commented positively on and/or recruited from) and the Drain the Swamp Index (companies Trump has disparaged) and looks at how an investing strategy based on these two indexes would have done since the election. To read more, CLICK HERE.

20 High Yield Dividend Stocks Set For Sales And Earnings Gains

2017-01-15-17_58_37-free-stock-photo-of-beverage-black-coffee-businessWhile acknowledging that last year’s “flight to yield” resulted in some dividend stocks appearing risky with their relatively high valuations, the author of today’s article points out that “dividend stocks still appeal to investors who need income now…and if a high-dividend payer’s sales and profits are also increasing, so much the better.” As such, the article identifies 20 dividend stocks with yields above 3% where the companies are positioned for sales and earnings gains. To find out what these 20 stocks are – as well as to see what the Wall Street analyst sentiment on them is – CLICK HERE.

Bullish On The Big Banks: Why 2017 May Be The Most Profitable Year In Wall Street’s History

2016-03-24 15_09_56-Microsoft Office Picture ManagerWith the prospect of higher interest rates, stronger growth and less regulation, stocks of Wall Street banks have soared since Election Day, with firms such as Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan sitting at record highs – and some analysts advocating a cautious stance as a result. However, the author of today’s article argues that “those concerned over the swiftness of the rally may be missing the bigger picture” – and he makes the case as to why 2017 may be the most profitable year in Wall Street’s history. To read more, CLICK HERE.

3 Overlooked Stocks Worth Looking Over

2017-01-07-19_21_57-morguefile-free-photographs-for-commercial-useAfter examining the trends in stocks, bonds and gold, the author of today’s article concludes that “the real opportunities in 2017 appear to be in individual places, not sector-wide. That means finding companies that are unloved, out of favor, and ideally ones that missed the market’s end of year rally.” He proceeds to highlight three such opportunities – all large cap, dividend paying stocks. To find out what these three out of favor or overlooked stocks – an athletic apparel manufacturer, a pharmaceutical company and a retail giant – are, and why they may be worthy of a second look, CLICK HERE.

Will The Worst Become First? 5 Terrible Investments Of 2016 To Consider For 2017

2017-01-07-19_18_35-morguefile-free-photographs-for-commercial-useWill the worst of 2016 be among the first of 2017? The author of today’s article highlights five poor performers from 2016 that he believes “could turn around in the year ahead, and potentially dramatically so.” To find out what these five assets are – including a foreign currency, a foreign market and two commodities – and to see which of the best-performing assets of 2016 the author believes are overpriced, CLICK HERE.

The 21st Century Cures Act: How Investors Can Profit From This Potential “Boon For Big Pharma”

2017-01-07-19_16_06-morguefile-free-photographs-for-commercial-useToday’s article notes that it takes almost $1 billion to bring a new drug to market, stifling competition and allowing drug companies to charge Americans exorbitant amounts for the drugs they require. However, new legislation recently signed into law – the 21st Century Cures Act – seeks to streamline the approval process and bring new drugs to market faster, which the author notes “could be a boon for Big Pharma.” So, how can investors profit from this boon? The author highlights two top players in the generic pharmaceutical sector – as well as a biotech ETF that “gives you exposure to potentially huge moves from the little guys” – to consider. To read more, CLICK HERE.

“The January Effect”: How Investors Can Profit From It (And 6 Specific Stocks To Consider)

2017-01-07-19_12_58-morguefile-free-photographs-for-commercial-useThe January Effect – “a seasonal increase in stock prices during the month of January” – is the subject of today’s article. Specifically, the article looks at how “understanding the cause of the January effect points to a potential trading strategy.” After examining what the research shows about the factors involved in the January Effect, the authors use this information to identify a trading strategy. This strategy yields six stocks to consider. To find out what these six stocks are – all small cap stocks trading at less than $5 and experiencing short-term pullbacks in long-term up trends – and for more on the January Effect, CLICK HERE.

2017 Wall Street Predictions, “Most Interesting” Edition

2016-12-29-18_06_18-morguefile-free-photographs-for-commercial-use2016 may have left the prediction business battered and bruised, but that hasn’t stopped analysts from Wall Street’s biggest banks from issuing prognostications for 2017…and today’s article lays out the most interesting among these predictions. Will the trade deficit actually worsen under Trump? Could the U.S. see too much productivity – with negative implications for stocks? Will active management trump passive investing? And will the markets be at the mercy of Trump’s Twitter account? CLICK HERE to read more.

4 Income Stocks For The Incoming Year

2016-12-29-18_03_19-morguefile-free-photographs-for-commercial-use“Whether it’s an up market or a down market, there’s always a place for dividend investing,” declares today’s article. However, noting that picking the right dividend stocks (and avoiding possible dividend duds) can be a daunting task requiring a cautious strategy, the authors attempted to screen for the best income stocks for 2017. The screen employed yielded four stocks. To see what these four stocks are – each offering a dividend yield of at least 3% and steady 5-year historical dividend growth – CLICK HERE.

Which Of The FANG Start The New Year With A Bang?

2016-12-29-17_59_29-morguefile-free-photographs-for-commercial-useHow do the FANGs typically ring in the New Year? Today’s article looks at how the FANG stocks (in this case Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, Alphabet and Alibaba) have performed historically over the past five years during the period from the last trading day of December through to the last trading day in January. Which FANG stock has been the best performer in this time frame, and is this likely to hold true this year? CLICK HERE to read more.