Is There Green To Be Made In Green Bonds?

Bonds are increasingly going green – with companies (including Apple) and municipalities issuing bonds for projects that are eco-friendly or which benefit the climate. And while these bonds tend to be bought up by large institutional investors, the author of today’s article points out that smaller investors can still get in on the green bond action through exchange-traded funds and mutual funds that buy them. But should they? The author outlines some of the drawbacks and caveats to consider when it comes to green bonds. To read more, CLICK HERE.

10 Specific High-Income Dividend & Options Trading Opportunities For Income-Focused Investors

While the authors of today’s article believe that the stock market “is going much, much higher over the long term,” for income-focused investors who are concerned about market volatility in the short- and medium-term as various warning signs flash, they highlight 10 specific income-generating opportunities – five dividend opportunities and five options trading opportunities – to consider. To find out what these ten high-income dividend and options trading opportunities are, CLICK HERE.

Are Giants And Moats The Best Investments Right Now?

Giants and wide moats don’t just belong in children’s fairy tales – they might be exactly what you need in your portfolio right now. At least that’s the strategy of some savvy market analysts and money managers in the current investing environment, as highlighted in today’s article. For some specific giants (i.e. companies that dominate their respective markets) and wide moat stocks (i.e. companies that have strong competitive advantages) they recommend – including a hauler of medical waste that may be trading at a substantial discount to its fair value – CLICK HERE.

With No U.S. Bitcoin Or Marijuana ETFs, Consider These Foreign Funds

While not for a lack of trying by fund providers, there is currently no exchange-traded fund available on U.S. exchanges for bitcoin or marijuana. While this is not surprising given that the former is still viewed with a healthy dose of skepticism and the latter remains illegal at the federal level – it does pose a problem for U.S. investors wanting to buy into bitcoin or pot via an ETF. Fortunately, both bitcoin and marijuana are available to U.S. investors through foreign ETFs – and today’s article looks at some specific funds that U.S. investors may want to consider. To read more, CLICK HERE.

This List Consistently Beats The Market – Here Are The 16 Stocks Currently On It

RBC Capital Markets’ “Top Picks” list – comprised of the U.S. stocks that RBC analysts believe have the potential to produce the highest returns – has outperformed the market ever since it was first created in 2011. Given that impressive track record, it may be worth having a look at what stocks currently make up the list. For the 16 stocks currently on RBC’s “Top Picks” list – with potential returns ranging from 6% to 107% – CLICK HERE.

The Case For The Good Enough Portfolio

As an investor, is being “good enough” good enough? The author of today’s article compares the returns of two hypothetical portfolios with the same 60/40 stock/bond mix and identical asset class allocations – the only difference between the two portfolios is their specific holdings, with Portfolio 1 holding the best performing funds over the last ten years while the funds in Portfolio 2 are mostly random selections. How does the performance of the “good enough” portfolio compare to that of the “optimal” portfolio – and what is the lesson for investors? CLICK HERE to find out.

Is It Time To Bet On The ‘Away’ Team?

After five years of lagging behind, international stock markets have finally started outperforming the U.S. market – and this development could prove detrimental to the returns of U.S. investors who fell into a “home-team” bias over the last several years, as the author of today’s article observes that “because the European and other global markets have trailed for so long, their market recoveries appear to be in only the fourth or fifth innings, while the U.S. market is seeing a rally that may put us closer to the eighth or ninth innings.” He proceeds to identify three reasons why international markets may continue to outperform in the second half of 2017. To read more, CLICK HERE.

Hunting For Value Stocks? These 5 Stocks Have One Of The True Drivers Of Value

In the current environment of ever-rising stock prices and stagnant profits, the authors of today’s article declare that, while value investing isn’t dead (as some have suggested), it has gotten more difficult: “To find value, investors need to look beyond the widely available and misleading accounting results on which most people focus. It’s time to get back to…focusing on…the true drivers of valuation.” One of these true drivers of valuation, according to the authors, is return on invested capital (ROIC) – and they proceed to highlight five stocks that appear to be undervalued based on their high ROIC. To read more, CLICK HERE.

Strategists’ Top Investment Ideas For The Second Half Of 2017

This bull market is getting long in the tooth and valuations are getting pretty stretched. So where should investors be looking under these circumstances? The author of today’s article asked eight investment strategists and asset managers to share their top investment idea for the second half of the year. Among their picks? The company behind the No. 1 search engine in China, an airline, a seller of automotive replacement parts and a pharmaceutical company. To find out what all eight picks are – and what the strategists see as the growth drivers for each going forward – CLICK HERE.

Quality-Based Strategies Are Losing Ground – But These 50 Quality Names Could Beat The Market

Quality isn’t what it used to be. Investing strategies with a “quality” tilt – favoring companies that have, among other characteristics, strong balance sheets and good corporate governance – have not been as successful in outperforming the market in recent years, according to Goldman Sachs. However, analysts at the investment bank have identified some companies – 50 to be exact – that would qualify as “quality” names and that they believe have the potential to beat the market going forward. To find out what these stocks are, CLICK HERE.