The 33 Stocks Barclays Is Recommending To Weather Increased Volatility

2016-09-22 18_57_34-Morguefile free photographs for commercial useAgainst the backdrop of high stock valuations, disappointing economic data (such as the slowdown in factory activity), Donald Trump having a real chance of winning the White House and more, Barclays has some advice for investors: reposition your portfolios for increased volatility. In fact, the investment bank has gone even further, advocating “a portfolio of 33 stocks that reduce exposure to high volatility.” To see what the 33 stocks Barclays is recommending are – with the list being heavy on consumer discretionary, healthcare and industrial stocks – CLICK HERE.

3 Appetizing Portfolio “Income Anchors”

2016-09-22 19_08_13-Morguefile free photographs for commercial useRegardless of who wins the White House, when the Fed raises interest rates, or what the rate of GDP growth is, people need to eat. As such, today’s article highlights three “Income Anchor” stocks – each reflecting what the author sees as non-discretionary budget items and, thus, stocks “you can feel safe owning for many years, throughout the ups and downs of volatile markets.” To see what these three Income Anchor stocks are – two of which have the distinction of being members of the S&P 500 Dividend Aristocrats Index – CLICK HERE.

The Incredible Investment Story Of Rankin Hodgins

2016-09-22 18_54_36-Morguefile free photographs for commercial useHow did a simple man from modest beginnings – who never earned more than $65,000 a year – turn a $200,000 investment in the stock market in 1978 into $6.6 million by 2012 without ever adding to his account? The remarkable investment story of Rankin Hodgins is the subject of today’s article, as well as the book Millionaire Down the Road: Secrets of the Ultimate Tax-Efficient Investor. Hodgins’ wealth creation strategy was actually rather simple, and illustrates some important lessons for investors. To see what these lessons are – and to find out what the controversial “magic ingredient” in Hodgins’ strategy was – CLICK HERE.

Meet The World’s Best-Performing Stock

2016-09-18 18_08_17-Morguefile free photographs for commercial useToday’s article highlights the stock that has beaten “every other company in the Bloomberg World Index of 5,125 stocks.” The stock with this honor? A little-known Peruvian silver miner, Hochschild Mining PLC, which has soared 460% this year. To read more about this stock, the factors that have contributed to its astonishing gains, the company’s shift to a more “boring” strategy going forward, and whether its biggest gains are believed to be in the past or still yet to come, CLICK HERE.

“Set To Pop”: 5 Stocks That Could Benefit From New Analyst Coverage

2016-09-18 18_06_11-Morguefile free photographs for commercial useA little coverage can make a big difference. Today’s article highlights the pivotal role that initiation of coverage by analysts plays in a stock’s price movement, pointing out that “stocks typically see an upward price movement with a new analyst coverage compared to what they witness with a rating upgrade under an existing coverage.” The recommended strategy, then? Betting on stocks that have seen a recent increase in analyst coverage. The article goes on to identify five stocks that, based on recent new analyst coverage and improving average ratings (as well as prices and trading volumes sufficient to attract investors), the authors believe are “set to pop”. To see what these five stocks are, CLICK HERE.

Acclimating Your Portfolio To Climate Change

2016-09-18 18_03_57-Morguefile free photographs for commercial useWith interest rate hike uncertainty, mixed economic indicators and the tightening presidential race among the many issues investors are currently contending with, BlackRock is making the case that investors need to add one more consideration to the mix when it comes to their portfolios: climate change. In a recent report the global investment management firm concluded that “all investors should incorporate climate change awareness into their investment process” and suggested several specific ways to go about doing so. To read more about what the report had to say – including why climate-proofing a portfolio need not necessarily fundamentally change its risk-reward characteristics – CLICK HERE.

The Rate Hike Welcomers: ETFs That Could Outperform When The Fed Moves

2016-09-18 18_02_00-Morguefile free photographs for commercial useWhether an interest rate hike by the Federal Reserve comes as early as this week or – as many are predicting – in December, the Fed will eventually have to raise interest rates. While investors may not be eagerly anticipating this development and its potential dampening effect on the markets, today’s article notes that “some market segments may flourish on the shift in monetary policy.” Specifically, the article looks at potential opportunities in exchange-traded funds, such as ETFs that track the price movement of the U.S. dollar against other currencies and ETFs focused on the financial sector. To read more about why these market segments may thrive with a rate hike, and to see which specific ETFs are highlighted, CLICK HERE.

IPO Investing For The “Little Guy”

2016-09-11 18_40_41-Morguefile free photographs for commercial use“Most investors don’t have much – or any – exposure to IPOs (Initial Public Offerings),” acknowledges the author of today’s article before outlining some of the reasons for this. With IPO activity expected to accelerate in the coming months after a major lull in the first half of the year, the author outlines what he believes is the best way for the “little guy” not part of the 1% to play the IPO market – one of two IPO-focused ETFs. For an overview of these two ETFs – including notable holdings, their respective performance since inception and the advantages each has over the other – CLICK HERE.

Finding “Pockets of Value” In Dividend Stocks

2016-09-11 18_38_51-Morguefile free photographs for commercial useWith yield-starved investors flocking to dividend-paying stocks, the question becomes whether these high-demand stocks are becoming overvalued. While the analysts cited in today’s article acknowledge that some areas of dividend trading are “overcrowded” (e.g. utilities), they argue “there are still significant pockets of stocks with good and growing dividends that haven’t been in as high demand.” To see what areas and specific stocks – from financials to energy to health care and more – they see as offering attractive dividends at modest valuations, CLICK HERE.

Social Security Claiming: Can 97% Be Wrong?

2016-09-11 18_36_44-Morguefile free photographs for commercial useWhen it comes to claiming Social Security before age 70 – which 97% of recipients do – the author of today’s article has the following to say: “I can think of eight reasons for grabbing the money early. Three are smart. Five are dumb.” One “smart” reason for claiming early, according to the author? A couple is using a 66/70 strategy whereby one spouse starts collecting at 66 and the other starts collecting at 70. One reason for claiming early that the author places in the “dumb” category? Doing so because you will be in a higher tax bracket later on. For more on when claiming Social Security before age 70 may be a smart move and when it may not be – and why – CLICK HERE.