Building The “Ultimate” Portfolio For Long-Term Growth

“When it’s properly done, the result is a low-cost portfolio with massive diversification that will take advantage of market opportunities wherever they are, and at about the same risk as that of the S&P 500.” This is what the author of today’s article says of the portfolio he proceeds to outline, which he sees as the “ultimate” portfolio for long-term growth. The portfolio in question uses the S&P 500 as the base ingredient and then adds nine other carefully selected domestic and international asset classes. To read more about this portfolio, CLICK HERE.

A Small-Cap Stock To Cash In On The Changing Way We Buy Cars

The automobile industry is undergoing a dramatic transformation – not just in the types of vehicles being built, but also in the way vehicles are being purchased, with the latter having an ever-increasing online component. How can investors go about trying to profit from this shift in the way people buy their cars? Today’s article highlights one small-cap play to consider – “one of the nation’s largest auto pricing and information companies.” To find out what this stock – which is up 174% in the last year and which the author believes still has room to run – is, CLICK HERE.

The Unique ETF That Allows Investors To Have Their Dividends Without The Price Fluctuations

If only it were possible for income investors to capture a stock’s dividend payments without risking their capital to price fluctuations while they hold the stock. Well it turns out there is a way to do this – via an innovative exchange-traded fund that today’s article notes is “the only pure play on dividend growth available to retail investors.” Yet this one-of-a-kind ETF is still unknown to most investors. To find out what this ETF is and learn more about it, CLICK HERE.

Stay Home: Are U.S. Investors Actually Better Off Without Global Diversification?

All good investors know that a successful portfolio needs to include global investments in order to reduce risk through diversification and increase performance via exposure to hot emerging markets. But is this widely accepted investment wisdom actually borne out by the evidence? Today’s article looks at the data and concludes that, contrary to the conventional wisdom, “there appears to be little reason to consider investing in markets outside the United States if you are a US-based investor.” To read more, CLICK HERE.

“Room To Run:” 3 Top Stock Picks From A Market-Beating Fund

A defense giant that will be critical to President Trump’s military and border plans, an equipment-rental company poised to benefit from an increase in industrial activity, and one of the largest American-owned companies in the wine and spirits business – these are three top stocks that still have room to run in an otherwise seemingly toppy market, as identified by the principal of the S&P 500-beating Barrow Value Opportunity Fund. To find out what these three stocks are, CLICK HERE.

Is Your Portfolio’s Commodities Section Missing Out On “Liquid Gold”?

With all the focus on oil, gold and other commodities, is the opportunity presented by “liquid gold” – clean water – not getting the attention from Wall Street that it deserves? As today’s article highlights, that’s what a number of analysts and industry insiders believe, as “clean water continues to rack up impressive gains on both an infrastructure and financial assets basis.” With an estimated $7.5 trillion to be spent on water infrastructure globally over the next 15 years, how can investors gain exposure to this opportunity? The author highlights two funds to consider and provides some advice for “liquid-minded” investors. To read more, CLICK HERE.

Are These 9 Stocks The Only “Five-Star” Buys Out There?

With the market widely seen as being overvalued, it may not be surprising that there are only a handful of stocks that Morningstar assesses to be “five-star” picks, or stocks where “appreciation beyond a fair risk-adjusted return is highly likely over a multiyear time frame.” In fact, there are only nine stocks with this distinction. To find out what these nine stocks are – and for Morningstar’s chief executive officer’s advice for investors in the current market – CLICK HERE.

On Missiles & Markets: How Should Investors Respond To Current Geopolitical Risks?

In the past several weeks, U.S. forces have conducted a missile strike on Syria, dropped the “mother of all bombs” in Afghanistan, and the president has declared that a “major, major conflict” is possible with North Korea. Given the current state of geopolitical risk, how – if at all – should investors be responding? The author of today’s article examines how geopolitical events have impacted markets in the past. What does history suggest is the best course of action for investors in light of the current anxiety-inducing geopolitical headlines? CLICK HERE to find out.

7 Under-$10 Stocks With Rising Analyst Estimates

The importance of analyst estimates cannot be overstated: a stock that beats analyst estimates can soar, while a stock that misses analyst estimates can be severely punished. Moreover, the author of today’s article notes that research shows that “stocks of companies where analysts are increasing estimates tend to go up” – and a portfolio comprised of such stocks can outperform the broad market dramatically. As such, the author screened for cheap (under $10) stocks with rising analyst estimates and came up with seven stocks. To find out what these seven stocks are, CLICK HERE.

Sell In May And Go…Where?

Should you follow the old adage and sell in May and go away? Based on what the author of today’s article found, it depends on where exactly you plan on going. Specifically, the author compared a number of strategies – Buy & Hold, Sell in May & Go To Cash, Sell in May & Go To Bonds, Sell in May & Go To Consumer Staples/Utilities, and a Diversified Sell in May Portfolio – to see which strategy performs best on an absolute basis. To see what he found, CLICK HERE.