The Oracle And The Apple: Is Buffett Wrong About The iPhone Maker?

2017-02-18-20_30_51-free-stock-photo-of-apple-cable-chargingThe big Warren Buffett news recently has been about his Berkshire Hathaway having hiked its stake in both the U.S. airline industry and Apple in the fourth quarter of last year – despite Buffett having professed an aversion to airlines and tech companies in past. Today’s article focuses on Berkshire’s big bet on Apple and, while acknowledging that Buffett has made lots of money on the company, questions whether it really fits the profile of what he covets – “a deep value stock offering strong earnings power at a bargain price” – and is worth owing from here on. What does a deep dive into Apple’s numbers indicate? CLICK HERE to find out.

Trading Trump’s Tax Trimming: 25 Stocks Set To Benefit The Most

2017-02-12-19_08_26-free-stock-photo-of-bank-notes-bills-buyWith President Trump set to announce the details of his tax plan in the coming weeks, today’s article highlights 25 stocks analysts believe will benefit the most from tax cutting. While Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan recommend looking at stocks with high tax rates, another firm is recommending buying stocks likely to benefit from Trump’s proposed repatriation tax holiday. To see what specific stocks these firms are highlighting based on their respective strategies – as well as for some additional company-specific trading ideas, CLICK HERE.

How To Maximize Gains In Gold Stocks By Making Market Volatility Your Friend

2017-02-12-19_28_42-shallow-focus-photo-of-gold-bars-%c2%b7-free-stock-photoToday’s article provides advice on how to maximize gains in gold stocks. The key, according to the author? Being a contrarian investor and making market volatility – specifically the extreme volatility frequently seen in junior gold stocks – your friend. For more on this approach – including why the author says “it’s gut-wrenching until you get used to it”, why he advocates buying shares in “tranches”, and why he cautions that “unless you’re truly comfortable with contrarian speculation, you are guaranteed to lose money”, CLICK HERE.

These 14 Stocks Have Created The Most Market Wealth Since 1924. Which Are Still Good Investments Today?

2017-02-12-19_05_31-silver-round-coins-%c2%b7-free-stock-photoHere’s a truly amazing statistic: It turns out that just 14 stocks have generated 20% of all stock market gains over the last 93 years! Today’s article identifies these 14 stocks that have made the most money over the long term and then seeks to determine which of them are still relevant – and thus good investments – today, and which aren’t. To find out which of these stocks may be “long term cash cows to fund your retirement”, CLICK HERE.

Assessing The Snapchat Chatter: Is Its Best Growth Behind It Or Yet To Come?

2017-02-12-19_03_12-free-stock-photo-of-application-blur-cellphoneAhead of its highly anticipated initial public offering, investors and analysts are sharply divided over whether Snap – the parent company of Snapchat – will see a trajectory similar to that of Facebook (i.e. its biggest growth is yet to come) or a trajectory more similar to that of Twitter (i.e. its best growth is behind it). To read about the rationale of those in both camps – including why one analyst declares “If you are going to sink money in, especially your savings, you better be prepared to watch it explode into bits” – and for the author’s advice to investors regarding Snap, CLICK HERE.

Move Over Earnings – Is This “The Next Great Leading Indicator” For Stock Price Performance?

2017-02-05-12_28_13-films-tvThe author of today’s article has long subscribed to the investing principle that stock prices follow earnings. However, while he still considers earnings growth to be a reliable indicator, he is “becoming convinced that an even better leading indicator may exist” – one that investors might be wise to consider adding to their arsenal. What is this indicator – and how does it help to explain the success of companies such as Apple and the failure of companies such as Groupon? CLICK HERE to find out.

Which Bank To Bank On During The Trump Presidency

2017-02-05-12_26_13-films-tvOf the Trump presidency the author of today’s article makes the following – inarguable – prediction: things will either turn out great or they will turn out horrible. So, in attempting to identify the best bank stock to own during the Trump presidency, the author looked for one that “allows investors to simultaneously play offense and defense” – and one that met Warren Buffet’s advice of buying into well-managed banks trading at fair prices. So which big bank did the author determine best fit the bill? CLICK HERE to find out.

Profiting From The Coming Revolution In Mobile Technology

2017-02-05-12_23_45-films-tvThe next wave in mobile technology is building – and the author of today’s article believes that this next stage “might not be merely evolutionary but revolutionary.” The wave in question? The shift to 5G technology – with its potential to offer speeds up to 200-times faster than 4G. A range of companies stand to profit from this shift – from equipment makers to wireless carriers to signal tower operators – and today’s article highlights three early leaders in this area. To find out what these companies are, CLICK HERE.

Is A Tech IPO Explosion Coming?

2017-02-05-12_22_00-films-tv“Think of it like a massive bottleneck or a dam that is ready to explode,” states the author of today’s article of the tidal wave of tech IPOs that he sees coming after two years of very little tech IPO activity. But what caused this bottleneck to occur? The author outlines two new dynamics that have completely changed the way technology companies are financed and taken public – and which may be leading up to what he sees as “the most exciting investment opportunity of our lifetimes.” CLICK HERE to read more.

In The Hunt For High Yields? Consider These 3 Asset Categories

2017-01-30-11_35_30-films-tv“Things are finally turning around for income investors,” declares the author of today’s article who points to three main factors as being behind this improving income investing landscape – the Fed starting to raise interest rates, the election of Donald Trump (and subsequent increase in bond yields) and last year’s global sell-off of rate-sensitive equities. For those in the hunt for high yields, the author identifies three asset categories set to outperform the market. To find out what these three asset categories are – as well as for the author’s specific stock and fund recommendations for each category – CLICK HERE.