Ignore The Store: 4 Non-Store Retail Stocks To Consider

2016-08-21 19_25_57-Morguefile.com free stock photosToday’s article provides an analysis of retail sales in July, which it describes as “a trifling disappointing”. There was one bright spot, however: non-store retailers. Given this, and with back-to-school shopping season in full swing – for which the average American family is expected to spend more freely this year according to the National Retail Federation – the article highlights four non-store retail stocks to consider investing in. To find out what these four stocks are – including a provider of internet-based postage solutions and a pet pharmacy – CLICK HERE.

O’Leary’s O’Shares ETFs

2016-08-21 19_22_59-New notificationIf all you know of investor Kevin O’Leary is his risk-taking investments on Shark Tank, you might be surprised to learn that, when it comes to investing in the stock market, he “has a very conservative appetite and diets on a diversified group of steady-eddy, dividend payers.” His approach is packaged into a set of five ETFs – O’Shares ETFs – which have enjoyed “a gush of investor inflows and eye-popping returns”, and today’s article provides insight from O’Leary on what accounts for their market-beating success. To read about these ETFs, as well as the strategy employed in selecting stocks – which O’Leary likens to a triathlon – CLICK HERE.

4 Stocks For Drone Exposure

2016-08-21 19_27_48-Morguefile.com free stock photosRather than droning on and on we’ll get straight to the point: Today’s article highlights four stocks for those looking to get in on the opportunity provided by drone technology as consumer demand for this technology surges in the coming years and military demand for it remains high. To see what these 4 stocks are – including two companies that sell drone technology to the military and a household name that plans to enter the consumer drone market later this year – CLICK HERE.

2 “Incredible” Dividend Stocks That Are Being Overlooked?

2016-08-21 19_18_58-Morguefile.com free stock photosA company that people pay to take their trash, which it converts into energy and sells back to the world, and one of the world’s largest producers of uranium poised to cash in on China’s expanding fleet of nuclear reactors. These are the “2 Incredible Dividend Stocks You’ve Never Heard Of” that are highlighted in today’s article. To read more about these stocks and the potential significant upsides for them going forward, CLICK HERE.

Investing In Stock Market Operators: An Overlooked And Smart Option?

2016-08-16 08_32_06-Morguefile.com free stock photosWith many investors unsure of what to do in light of indexes trading at or near all-time highs, is a smart investment option staring them right in the face? Today’s article examines the option of investing in the stock market operators themselves. Here’s what the author has to say: “Even when the next recession inevitably comes, the downturn in the economy is unlikely to lead to a sustained market freeze. Although market activity may decline in these periods, the long-term viability for operators to endure is practically a given even in the roughest of economic environments.” For a list of some of the exchange operator options available to U.S. investors – and further analysis on two which the author highlights in particular – CLICK HERE.

Mining For Low-Risk Gold Stocks

2016-08-14 20_08_49-Morguefile.com free stock photos“From a trading perspective, gold appears to be a buy,” states today’s article. However, acknowledging that the gold market can be especially susceptible to emotion-driven swings, the article recommends that investors minimize risk by applying the principles of value investing. As such, four low-priced dividend paying gold mining stocks that “offer long-term investors a degree of safety and the chance to participate in the potential bull market in gold” are highlighted. To find out what these four stocks – which the author believes have the potential to double in the long-run – are, as well as for the author’s recommended action to take for each, CLICK HERE.

Preparing To Take Flight: The Case For “Stupid-Cheap” Airline Stocks

2016-08-14 20_06_27-Morguefile.com free stock photos“It’s slim pickings for value investors,” acknowledges today’s article of today’s overvalued market. The author goes on, however, to identify one industry that he views as a great place for investors to purchase stocks on the cheap – “stupid-cheap”, in fact. The industry in question? Airlines. What case does the author make as to why investors should be bullish on airlines, and what ETF does he recommend as a cheap “one-stop-shop” way to gain exposure? CLICK HERE to find out.

Following The Billionaires: Why You Might Want To Reconsider

2016-06-05 18_02_37-Morguefile.com free stock photos“Sell everything. Nothing looks good here.” This piece of advice, from DoubleLine Capital CEO Jeff Gundlach, is just one example of similar statements made in recent weeks by billionaires. Given the financial success of those making such declarations, it might seem imprudent to not follow their lead. However, today’s article argues that, unless you are a billionaire, it may not be a good idea to follow the trading advice of billionaires. The reason, according to the author? Investors such as Gundlach “are not trying to accomplish the same thing with their portfolios that you are likely aiming for with yours.” To read more, including two examples the author points to as demonstrating the different agendas of “the moneyed set” and most investors, CLICK HERE.

Playing The New Bear Market For Oil

2016-08-07 10_54_33-Morguefile.com free stock photosWhile today’s article acknowledges that oil is back into a bear market, it argues that, “despite the fact that the new bear market has only just begun according to some analysts, there might not be much downside risk for oil.” As such, after an overview of the current landscape for oil prices, the author suggests that the best way to play the current situation is low-priced dividend paying oil stocks trading at prices near their book value. Only three such stocks made the cut. To find out what these three stocks are, as well as the author’s recommended action to take for them, CLICK HERE.

The Best-Performing And Most Reliable Dow Stocks For August

2016-08-07 10_56_33-Morguefile.com free stock photosAugust can be a difficult month for investors, but today’s article provides some historical data to go on that might be of assistance. Specifically, the article identifies the Dow stocks with the best August performance, on average, as well as those that have demonstrated the most reliable August performance – “trading positive the highest percentage of times during the August periods”. To find out what these best-performing and most reliable August stocks in the Dow have been, as well as what have historically been the worst August trades in the Dow, CLICK HERE.