These “Casualty List” Stocks Could Stage A Recovery

In compiling his quarterly (and market-beating) “Casualty List”, the author of today’s article looks for stocks that have been wounded (down more than 10% in the preceding quarter) that he thinks will recover. Here, he shares four such stocks that had rough fourth quarters while the market as a whole continued to rise. For these four stocks – including a “friendless” healthcare supply logistics company – and why their fortunes could turn, CLICK HERE.

Lessons From The “Asset Allocation Quilt”

The author of today’s article calls it “my favorite performance chart” – an “asset allocation quilt” showing the returns – and respective rankings – for each asset class for each of the past 10 years. And, as was the case in 2016, each asset class had positive returns last year. He proceeds to outline a number of valuable lessons this performance chart holds for investors – and which are the reasons it’s his favorite. To read more, CLICK HERE.

Better Pick An ETF

There are thousands of exchange-traded funds from which to choose. So how do you pick an ETF – especially when choosing between a handful of funds that appear to be practically the same? The author of today’s article outlines a number of ETF picking rules to consider, with the first rule being that the less expensive ETF is generally better. For more – including what the author highlights as “a hidden benefit of ETF ownership” and what investors need to do before even considering particular ETFs – CLICK HERE.

Big Gains For These Energy Stocks Could Help Keep The Bull Market Energized

If this bull market is going to continue, it seems likely that some underperforming sectors will have to see their fortunes change – and one particular laggard has been the energy sector. As the author of today’s article notes, going forward “a higher base in oil prices, continued exports of natural gas in the years ahead, lower operating and drilling costs and seriously lower regulatory climate could all add up to a major victory for oil and gas stocks.” He proceeds to highlight 15 energy stocks that have been the recipients of key analyst upgrades or big target price hikes. For more, CLICK HERE.

Why Apple Shouldn’t Fall If The Market Does

More and more voices are expressing concern over a market correction – or full-on crash. With tech stocks having been out front in the market’s rise, one might expect them to suffer the biggest hit in a correction or crash. However, the author of today’s article outlines why one tech leader – Apple – will go unscathed. What does he see as “the biggest reason that Apple will not tank in a market correction”? Could Apple still pass the trillion dollar mark this year even if a crash occurs? And what’s one thing the author believes could alter Apple’s prospects in the event of a correction? CLICK HERE.

Why Your Best Investment For 2018 May Not Even Be In The Markets

Your best investment option for 2018 may not even involve the financial markets. That investment? Paying down debt. The author of today’s article examines how three factors – the new tax law, the market’s risk/return ratio going forward, and the economic cycle – make paying down debt seem “especially savvy right now – and especially if you’re married.” For more – including the money moves the author advises making before paying down debt – CLICK HERE.

A NCAV Investment Strategy – And 3 Current Buy Candidates

An investment strategy based on a company’s net current asset value (NCAV) was first developed by famed value investor Benjamin Graham nearly nine decades ago. In today’s article, the author outlines this strategy – and highlights some current buy candidates based on it. What is NCAV? How can investors implement a screen for buy candidates based on Graham’s strategy? And what are the only three stocks that passed the author’s NCAV screen? CLICK HERE.

Meaningful Stock Investment Ideas From Market-Beating Money Managers – Who Name Names!

The author of today’s article laments the fact that – in discussing stock investment ideas for 2018 – many top money managers talk about broad investing themes expected to be profitable but are unwilling to name specific stock names. As such, he went on the hunt for meaningful stock investing ideas for this year – ideas from market-beating managers who were willing to name specific names and not just broad themes. What did he find in that regard? CLICK HERE.

18 For ’18: Analysts Believe These Stocks Have The Biggest Potential To Rise This Year

From strong-performing tech names to beaten-down energy companies, the 18 stocks highlighted in today’s article are ones where analysts expect substantial gains – ranging from 25% to 85% – this year. Specifically, “they’re the companies in the Standard & Poor’s 500 with the biggest potential to rise when you compare their closing share price on Dec. 15 to the higher projected price targets of Wall Street analysts….” For these 18 stocks and their projected price targets, CLICK HERE.

Potential Winning Tax Reform Trades

Tax reform is now a done deal. While this development is generally bullish for the stock market, today’s article notes that some sectors and companies will be bigger winners than others – with analysts expecting that the consumer goods sector will be the biggest sector winner. Given this, the author screened for low-priced (and profitable) consumer goods stocks that could be potential winners from tax reform. For the five stocks that passed the screen – and a sector by sector review of the expected impact of tax reform on earnings – CLICK HERE.