Come What May: 7 Stocks Poised To Grow And Positioned To Endure

2016-10-13 09_28_41-Films & TVWhen it comes to the seven A-rated growth stocks highlighted in today’s article, the author has this to say: “These are leaders in their respective sectors and have the unique ability to grow through whatever comes. They’re both technically strong and fundamentally strong.” To see what these seven growth stocks the author recommends buying ahead of 2017 are – including a gun maker, a Chinese lodging development and management firm that is “literally building the Chinese hotel industry” and a leader in the intravenous solutions space – as well as for why each is poised for further growth and positioned to weather any broader economic storms, CLICK HERE.

Portfolio Positioning For A December Interest Rate Hike

2016-10-16 19_05_06-Action centerWith the market expecting a 25 basis points interest rate hike in December, today’s article looks at how – with a stock market that is flying high in large part due to the Fed’s easy money policy – investors may want to position themselves ahead of this event. Here’s what one analyst cited has to say: “It may make sense to take some risk out of a portfolio by exchanging some stocks or high-yield bonds for cash or perhaps selling some aggressive emerging market stocks and bulking up on blue chips.” To see what other rate hike positioning strategies are suggested – including increasing your allocation in alternative investments and hedging with gold – CLICK HERE.

The REIT Positioned To Benefit When Rates Rise

2016-10-13 09_23_01-Films & TVOf the perceived relationship between interest rates and the performance of real estate investment trusts (i.e. that REITs will suffer when interest rates begin to rise), the author of today’s article argues that this is “a misconception and one that investors should begin to understand.” He proceeds to highlight a commercial mortgage REIT that he sees as being “well-prepared for a rate increase, and in fact, this company should benefit when the Fed signals another boost.” The REIT in question is Blackstone Mortgage Trust. To read more about this REIT – including how it is insulated from the impact of rising interest rates and why the author states it will “almost immediately generate increased earnings” when short-term rates rise, CLICK HERE.

Mind The Analysts: 5 Low-Priced Stocks Where Analysts See At Least 50% Gains

2016-10-13 09_20_22-Films & TVThe author of today’s article believes that too many individual investors ignore analyst estimates. In contrast, believing strongly in the importance of Wall Street research, the author screened for low-priced stocks that “analysts have spent hours studying and determined…are deeply undervalued.” Specifically, each of the stocks highlighted are selling for less than $5 and are ones “analysts believe can gain at least 50% in the next year.” To see what these stocks are – including a Brazilian steel company, a small medical supply company, and a biotech company currently trading at less than $0.50 a share – as well as for the price targets of the analysts following these stocks and the author’s recommended action to take, CLICK HERE.

Selloff Strategizing: 3 “Must Own” Sectors

2016-10-09 07_45_28-Morguefile free photographs for commercial useOf market selloffs, the author of today’s article states the following: “It’s emotionally painful to see your existing holdings go down… Yet it’s also a fantastic time to add new positions to your portfolio at better prices.” The key to successfully managing a selloff, he states, is preparation: knowing what you want to buy and at what general price. As such, he proceeds to highlight three sectors that he believes are “must own” in the event of a selloff in today’s market environment. To find out what these three sectors are – as well as for some specific stock and fund recommendations within those sectors – CLICK HERE.

Clinton Or Trump, These Stocks May Be Winners

2016-10-09 07_42_27-Morguefile free photographs for commercial useThere has been no shortage of advice on what to buy and what to sell in the event of this candidate or that candidate winning the election in November (Sell pharmaceutical stocks in anticipation of a Clinton victory! Buy gold – or hide your money under your mattress – in anticipation of a Trump victory!) Today’s article takes some of the guesswork out of the situation, identifying stocks the author sees as positioned to be winners regardless of who emerges victorious on November 8th – namely “stocks of companies that build infrastructure and benefit from it, and companies that gain from reduced foreign competition.” To see what specific stocks and funds are highlighted – including which infrastructure company may be a better pick than Caterpillar – CLICK HERE.

Beyond “The Big 3”: 3 Dividend ETFs You May Be Overlooking

2016-10-09 07_38_36-Morguefile free photographs for commercial useWhen it comes to dividend-focused exchange-traded funds, the author of today’s article sees investors as largely suffering from “three-track” minds, focusing primarily on “the big three” to the exclusion of others, and possibly selling themselves short in the process. As such, the author highlights three “overlooked” dividend ETFs that investors may want to consider for their portfolios. One provides exposure to small- and mid-cap dividend stocks, one provides exposure to international stocks, and one serves as a “one-stop shop for all the ‘weird’ dividend stocks the market has to offer.” To read more about these three ETFs – including their respective dividend yields, expenses and performance – CLICK HERE.

Strategies By Five Investing Pros

2016-10-02 19_16_55-Morguefile free photographs for commercial useInvest in small companies located in Asia. Invest in China-based Internet/e-commerce companies. Hedge your stock portfolio with an inverse ETF in anticipation of greater volatility domestically and internationally. These are among the investment strategies for the final stretch of 2016 laid out by five investing pros in today’s article. To read about each of the five strategies and the rationale behind them – as well as for specific funds through which these strategies can be carried out – CLICK HERE.

The Disciplined Investor: 7 Common-Sense Tips To Prevent Your Emotions From Leading You Astray

2016-10-02 19_19_51-Morguefile free photographs for commercial useThe author of today’s article notes that, while those who stayed invested in U.S. equities over the last seven-and-a-half years have likely seen their discipline pay off big-time, “in all likelihood the average investor hasn’t enjoyed this ride”. The reason for this? Investors letting their emotions lead them astray on market declines. With another big decline being inevitable at some point, the author lays out seven “common-sense tips” to help investors keep their emotions in check when this decline occurs. To see what these seven tips that can help protect investors’ portfolios against the market’s bad days while ensuring they are “firmly positioned to take advantage of the market’s best days”, CLICK HERE.

Higher Elevation Ahead? 3 Momentum Stocks To Consider For October

2016-10-02 19_14_00-New notificationWhile the idea of buying stocks near their 52-week highs may not be generally tempting to investors, the author of today’s article highlights three stocks – each of which has soared at least 30% year-to-date – that he believes have momentum and the ability to continue climbing for years to come. To see what these three stocks are – a provider of online human resources technology that keeps staying one step ahead of ever-increasing earnings estimates, a real estate investment trust that operates in a space other REITs won’t, and a “robotic surgery kingpin” – and why the author believes they are poised for further growth from their current elevated prices, CLICK HERE.