5 Value Stocks Under $10 To Consider

2016-06-17 06_57_38-Films & TV“If a stock is undervalued, it should be a buy no matter what the price,” asserts today’s article. But what if your resources are limited and price matters? Today’s article seeks to help in that regard, highlighting five low-priced (under $10, to be specific) value stocks “that offer investors the opportunity to capture large gains while diversifying their investments with limited trading capital.” For an overview of these five stocks – including an outdoor sporting goods retailer, a popular maker and seller of beauty products and a pulp and paper producer – as well as the author’s recommended action to take for each, CLICK HERE.

Impact Investing Without The Sacrifice

2016-06-12 20_33_42-Films & TVDoes impact investing – investing based on a particular cause – mean having to make sacrifices on returns? Not necessarily! In evidence of this, today’s article highlights the case of Wunder Capital, a unique Colorado-based startup that “connects investors with solar projects that need financing. It’s similar to crowdfunding, except investors say they actually see strong returns.” How does Wunder Capital work? What kinds of returns have investors been seeing? What kind of growth is forecast for the solar industry? And why should the recent news about companies like Sun Edison not make investors wary of solar? CLICK HERE to read more.

Prepare Yourself Tax-Wise For Clinton Or Trump

2016-06-16 14_17_01-Films & TVRegardless of the outcome of the election in November changes will likely be coming to tax policy, and today’s article provides some guidance on how those who are well off can prepare. What can you do to prepare for the lower deductions that are likely to come regardless of whether Clinton or Trump wins the White House? What is likely to happen to the $5.45-million-per-person lifetime exemption from gift and estate taxes if the Democrats win the presidency and take back control of Congress, and what preemptive action can you take now? For answers to these questions, as well as a visualization of the likelihood of various tax outcomes depending on which party controls which branch of government next year, CLICK HERE.

Investing in ‘18-Hour Cities’

2016-06-16 14_10_43-Films & TV“These 18-hour cities have really found a sweet spot,” states one advisor in today’s article on how “second-tier cities” such as Austin, Seattle and Denver are becoming increasingly attractive to investors due to their lower cost of doing business and lower cost of living for their residents. As such, the author provides several tips and trends for investors to consider before investing in second-tier cities. What strategies does the author suggest for identifying potential cities to invest in? What common characteristics do most 18-hour cities have? What investment strategies exist in this area? CLICK HERE to read more.

Is A New U.S. Stock Exchange In The Making?

2016-06-13 20_55_01-Films & TVA Silicon Valley startup guru wants to see a new kind of stock exchange come into existence – and has taken it upon himself to build it. Today’s article highlights Eric Ries and his plans for a new exchange – the “Long-Term Stock Exchange” (LTSE). The key differentiating feature of this exchange? As the name suggests, its rules would seek to encourage long-term investing rather than the “self-destructive” short-term thinking Ries sees as being encouraged in existing public markets. What proposed rules of the LTSE would attempt to foster this long-term approach? How likely is it that this exchange will become a reality? CLICK HERE to read more.

Home Equity: Understanding Retirees’ Largest Asset

2016-06-12 20_18_46-Morguefile.com free stock photosHome equity may be the primary source of wealth for retirees but, as today’s article outlines, a new research report finds that Americans moving into retirement have a poor understanding of how to effectively utilize home equity as a retirement income source. Viewing this disconnect as alarming, the author proceeds to “examine the top three misconceptions that Americans seem to have about reverse mortgages.” Do you know, for example, when the best time to use a reverse mortgage in retirement is? (Only 27% of the study’s respondents did!) CLICK HERE to read more.

Where Is The Crowd On These Critical Investing Questions?

2016-06-12 20_31_40-Films & TVWill the Fed actually raise interest rates this year? When will the next U.S. recession start? Where will oil prices be at the end of the year? These three critical questions – as well as five more – were recently put to hundreds of investors by Deutsche Bank’s Jim Reid – one of Wall Street’s most respected macroeconomic strategists, and today’s article outlines how they responded. Where is the general sentiment on these questions, and for which issues does Reid believe the crowd is wrong? CLICK HERE to find out.

Will These Gold Stocks Glitz Up Your Portfolio?

2016-06-12 20_00_33-Morguefile.com free stock photosDon’t think precious metals stocks are for you? The author of today’s article argues that all investors should consider having at least some gold in their portfolios and outlines three reasons why. One reason given is that “the price of gold is uncorrelated to just about any other asset except silver. And that’s a good thing when it comes to reducing the risk in your portfolio.” Additionally, the author highlights three gold stocks to consider – two mining companies and one company that is “a different business model altogether”. To read more, CLICK HERE.

MLPs – An Investment Option For Those With A Stomach For Risk

2016-06-16 14_13_11-Films & TVIf the prospect of buying into an oil or gas processing plant, storage field or pipeline appeals to you – and you have a stomach for risk – then master limited partnerships (MLPs) might be just the investment for you! Today’s article examines MLPs, a kind of fund – the vast majority of which are in the oil and gas industry – that is “traded in ‘units’ like a stock”. What kind of yields are typical of MLPs? Why are MLPs considered a tax-friendly investment? What kinds of investors are MLPs appropriate for, and who should stay away from them? What factors should the prudent MLP investor look for when seeking out potential investments? CLICK HERE to read more.

7 Market-Beating Dividend ETFs To Consider

2016-06-12 19_58_30-Morguefile.com free stock photosUneven global growth. Brexit. Election politics. Rate hike uncertainty. It is no surprise that, as today’s article points out, “investors have become defensive and shifted their focus to dividend products that provide stability and safety in a rocky market.” But how to choose amongst the plethora of dividend ETF options available? Today’s article seeks to help in that regard, highlighting seven dividend ETFs that are beating (and expected to continue to beat) the broad market. For a comprehensive overview of these seven market-beating dividend ETFs, CLICK HERE.