These 3 Biotech Stocks May Be The Best Pure Plays On Two Remarkable Advances In Cancer Treatment

A number of conferences have recently taken place where cancer researchers have revealed the latest and most promising developments in the fight against this disease. Today’s article highlights critical advances in two existing cancer therapies – one which allows the immune system to find otherwise invisible tumors and another in which the white blood cells of blood cancer patients are genetically altered so they can better fight the disease – as well as three biotech companies that the author sees as the best pure plays on these advances for investors. To read more, CLICK HERE.

The 10 Best Performing ETFs: Which Funds Made The List – And What Trends Explain Why

There are now over 2,000 exchange-traded funds listed in the U.S. Today’s article highlights the ten that were the best performing ETFs in the first five months of this year – and the storylines that lie behind the impressive performance of each (including the stock market’s historically low volatility, the surge in bitcoin prices, and the recovery seen in emerging markets). To find out what the 10 best performing ETFs were in the first five months of the year – and why – CLICK HERE.

Pre-Panic Portfolio Protection

“It’s a good idea to take a look at your portfolio when things are healthy, rather than when you’re in the throes of a panic,” advises the author of today’s article – and with stocks looking pretty expensive (and predictions of when things will fall apart varying wildly), the best time to do this might be right now. The author proceeds to outline five steps investors can take to help protect their stock portfolios – from the easy to the more sophisticated. For these five stock portfolio protection tactics – as well as some specific vehicles for accomplishing then – CLICK HERE.

3 “High-Octane” Growth Stocks

“High-octane growth stocks can build your wealth very quickly, but they also tend to come with a generous helping of risk,” concede the authors of today’s article. For the three growth stocks they proceed to highlight, however, the helping of risk may not be so generous – and the potential reward may be great. To find out what these three growth stocks are – including an energy drink company and an under-the-radar company that is disrupting the otherwise “sleepy” decking industry – CLICK HERE.

These 2 Investing Strategies Can Make Layoffs Lucrative

Layoffs are not a laughing matter (especially when you are the one being laid off!), but the author of today’s article notes that “they are an important leading economic indicator that can help investors make money. Lots of money.” How so? The author proceeds to outline how investing in a specific retail-focused exchange-traded fund ahead of monthly layoff reports can make investors a bundle in just one week. For more on this strategy – as well as a second layoff-oriented strategy the author outlines that offers investors the potential for even greater returns – CLICK HERE.

“Fading Stars”: The 18 Stocks Hedge Funds Are Giving Up On The Most

The stocks most popular with hedge funds have been beating the market so far this year, so it may also be worth noting which stocks hedge funds have been giving up on the most – and that’s exactly what Credit Suisse has done. The firm has identified “the stocks with the biggest declines in the number of large cap hedge funds holding their shares in Q4 2016”, and the skepticism demonstrated by a large number of hedge funds towards these stocks may be an indicator of poor returns to come. To find out what these 18 “fading stars” are, CLICK HERE.

Stock Shrinkage: What’s Causing It – And How It’s Hurting Individual Investors

From almost 7,500 in 1997 to just over 3,500 today, the number of U.S. stocks has shrunk by more than 50% over the last 20 years – and this smaller pool of stocks in which to invest is making it harder for individual investors to be among the first to get in on the next big market winners. What factors have led to this significantly smaller pool of stocks to choose from, how does this make it even more difficult for individual investors to get market-beating returns – and what’s one way for investors to (sort of) get around this problem? CLICK HERE to find out.

The New Strategy To Play New S&P 500 Stocks

“As is typical with various strategies designed to beat the market, when too many investors catch on and start to play the same game, the system typically collapses,” observes the author of today’s article. One strategy that appears to have suffered this fate, according to research by the Wall Street Journal, is to bet on stocks set to be added to the S&P 500, which the author notes was, “for many years, a sure-fire way to earn outsize returns”. With that strategy having unraveled, what did the Journal find was a better strategy these days when it comes to playing newly-added S&P 500 stocks? CLICK HERE to find out.

Why This “Amazon-Like” Company May Be The Best Emerging Market Stock

When it comes to identifying the best stocks in emerging markets, the author of today’s article advocates looking for “those that possess both dominant competitive positions and massive untapped market opportunities” – and he proceeds to highlight what he sees as one such company. The company in question – long known as the eBay of Latin America – dominates e-commerce in that region as Amazon does here – and, having “only just begun to fulfill its massive market opportunity”, is positioned to offer Amazon-like growth potential. To read more about this stock, CLICK HERE.

How Your Brain Is Plotting Against Your Market Success – And How You Can Neutralize It

“The sad truth is your brain is hard-wired to make you your own worst enemy in the stock market,” laments the author of today’s article – and the risk of falling victim to these psychological shortcomings may be especially high now as pundits warn of an imminent pullback amid high stock valuations. What lies behind investors’ tendency to sell winners too early – and what practical steps can investors take to achieve the “emotional flatness” required to neutralize their brains’ efforts to make them do the wrong thing? CLICK HERE to find out.