This Twist On The Dogs Of The Dow Strategy Has Been Outperforming

The author of today’s article notes that the Dogs of the Dow strategy – investing in the Dow Jones Industrial Average stocks with the highest dividend yields – has not been performing as well in recent years as it once did. However, there is another strategy – a variant of the Dogs of the Dow strategy – that has been performing far better than the original strategy in recent years. To find out what this strategy is – and which stocks would carry it out now – CLICK HERE.

Small-Caps Are Lagging But These 14 Stocks Could See Big Gains

Small-cap stocks – which were expected to benefit bigly from the Trump administration’s focus on tax reform and cutting regulation – have actually been underperforming large-caps as the so-called ‘Trump trade’ has faded. Still, analysts at RBC Capital Markets see big potential in a number of small-caps, as identified in their recently published “U.S. Equity Small Cap Focus List”. To see which 14 small-caps – with implied 12-month upside of up to 99% – are the analysts’ favorite plays, CLICK HERE.

Why Goldman Sachs Sees An Underappreciated Investment Opportunity In Bank Stocks

Analysts at Goldman Sachs see an intriguing investment opportunity – one that is being largely overlooked by investors. The opportunity in question is in bank stocks which, while originally expected to be among the biggest winners in the wake of Donald Trump’s election, have seen that enthusiasm wane as the new administration’s economic agenda has stalled. The Goldman analysts, however, state that “while portfolio managers are focused on the macro story, we believe micro tailwinds present an underappreciated opportunity for investors.” To read more, CLICK HERE.

An Under-The-Radar Homebuilder To Play Continued Growth In The Housing Market

While investors have been wary of the housing sector since the Great Recession, the author of today’s article surveys the comeback that has been seen in the housing market and argues that “with the right company, you can still make some solid profits on a trend that’s still got ample room to run…” They proceed to highlight an under-the-radar homebuilder company to play continued growth in the housing market. To find out what this company is – the leading producer of a product that has been taking over the North American market (and the only producer of it in South America) – CLICK HERE.

“Not Your Typical Fertilizer”: The Bullish Case For Potash

With the world’s population growing and the amount of food being consumed increasing, fertilizer will become more important than ever. This creates a profit-making opportunity for investors, especially when it comes to what the author of today’s article describes as “the most-used and most-important fertilizer”: potash. How will China (which the author describes as a “Potash Pig”) drive demand for potash in the coming years – and what potash stocks does the author highlight as potential plays? CLICK HERE to find out.

These 3 Dividend-Paying Growth Stocks Are Beating Big Tech

The Neuberger Berman Dividend Growth Fund focuses on “best of both worlds” stocks: growth stocks that are also dividend payers. Today’s article highlights three such stocks the fund owns that have been outperforming big tech stocks like Apple and Alphabet. In fact, each of these stocks has gained close to 40% year-to-date. To find out what these three stocks are – a railroad operator, a women’s accessories retailer and a manufacturer of production equipment for the semiconductor industry – and for some other stocks the fund owns, CLICK HERE.

“Stealth Rally”: This Year’s Best-Performing (But Little Talked About) Tech Stock

While tech stocks have been grabbing a lot of headlines of late, most of the attention has been on the so-called FAANG stocks. However, today’s article notes that the best-performing tech stock of 2017 thus far – a video game name up 76% – has received far less attention. What is the tech stock in question – and is its “stealth rally” likely to continue (and even accelerate) from here, or should traders proceed with caution? CLICK HERE for more.

This Overlooked Options Strategy Is Performing Especially Well This Earnings Season

Looking to make even more money this earnings season? Today’s article outlines an earnings season options strategy that has been successful more often than not over the last two decades and which is doing especially well this earnings season – returning an impressive 17%. Despite this, the author notes that “investors haven’t been taking advantage of [the strategy]. If they were, the trade wouldn’t be outperforming to the extent it is.” What is the overlooked strategy in question – and what stocks has Goldman Sachs identified as being best-suited for it? CLICK HERE to find out.

Electric Vehicles: How To Invest In The “Arms Dealers”, Not The “Combatants”

While the author of today’s article is very bullish on the electric vehicle trend, his preferred strategy is to invest in what he sees as the “arms dealers” – “the companies who supply the lithium to make all the batteries” – rather than the “combatants” (Tesla et al.), noting that the “sudden and explosive” demand for lithium will be lucrative for producers. He proceeds to highlight some “arms dealer” investment options – including one pick that he believes “might be the ideal pure play on lithium”. To read more, CLICK HERE.

A Money Mind: What Is It – And Do You Have One?

“We all know otherwise well-educated people who make dumb money decisions. That person might even be you from time to time,” observes the author of today’s article, who attributes poor financial decisions being made by otherwise financially-savvy people to them not being “in the right ‘money mind’ state”. What are the features of a true money mind? Do you have one – and, if not, how can you go about developing one? CLICK HERE to find out.