Assessing The Smartness Of These “Top” Stock Picks

In a Forbes listing of “Top U.S. Stocks For 2018”, the contributors named United Health Group, FedEx, Viper Energy, T-Mobile and Microsoft. In today’s article, the author assesses these five investments, ultimately agreeing that four of them are among the smartest investments for 2018. In regards to the fifth, however, he argues that, while it “will likely be profitable in 2018…it is not necessarily one of the smartest investments.” For more, CLICK HERE.

Alternative Strategies: Identifying The Right Alternative For You

The author of today’s article makes a three-pronged case as to why now may be the ideal time to invest in alternatives. But, if one does want to add an alternatives component to their portfolio, which alternatives are the most appropriate for them? He notes that this determination is one of the biggest challenges for investors. As such, he proceeds to outline a number of different investment objectives one may have – and specific alternative investments to consider for each objective. For more, CLICK HERE.

How Dividend Growth Investors Can Beat ETF Investing

The author of today’s article has been able to consistently beat ETF investing using dividend growth stocks – and he declares that “the most important factor explaining [his] performances has nothing to do with [his] investing abilities or knowledge.” He proceeds to outline several factors that can help dividend growth investors beat ETFs. For more – including what he points to as being the most important reason he consistently beats ETF investing – CLICK HERE.

How You Can Enhance Your Marijuana Stock’s Yield

If you own marijuana stocks, there is a way you can earn yields of 20%-plus from them. How? By lending them out to short sellers who want to borrow these heavily shorted stocks – and while the author of today’s article acknowledges that lending out shares it not without potential risk, he argues that “it may be worth the risk when fees are especially high.” For more on how this lending works – and the borrowing fees for some of the more popular marijuana stocks – CLICK HERE.

Analysts Believe These Stocks Could Be Tax Reform Winners

A medical device company, an energy company, an airline and three retailers are highlighted in today’s article, which seeks to identify companies that analysts believe could be winners under the new tax rules. Specifically, each of these companies (all priced below $20 a share) have seen at least one analyst that follows them raise “their earnings per share (EPS) estimate by at least 5% for both the current year and next year”, and have not seen any downward revisions. For these potential investments, CLICK HERE.

Why Commodities Could Be The Trade Of The Year

Will commodities – which had a strong 2017 – prove to be the best trade of 2018? The author of today’s article outlines a number of reasons why the positive trend for commodities – which began in 2016 – can be expected to continue. Chief among those reasons is an underlying trend in inflation, with the author cautioning that “a surprisingly high level of inflation is lurking beneath the surface of economic data.” For more – including how investors can go about gaining exposure to commodities – CLICK HERE.

3 Stocks For Pure Plays On “The Rise Of The Robots”

Growth in the robotics space has been picking up – and the International Federation of Robotics sees average annual growth in the number of units sold of 15% through 2020. Today’s article highlights three stocks that offer pure plays (or close to it) on this trend – two of which have been beating analysts’ earnings estimates and could well continue to do so. For an analysis of these three stocks – a pure play on industrial automation, a more under-the-radar industrial automation play, and “the only pure play on consumer robotics trading on a U.S. exchange” – CLICK HERE.

Will This One Stock Emerge As “The King Of Tax Reform”?

Stocks in general are expected to benefit this year from the new tax law – but which stocks stand to benefit the most? And which single stock stands to be the biggest winner from tax reform? The author of today’s article engaged in a five-part analysis in order to identify “the one stock that should emerge as the king of tax reform.” For the process used to make this determination, the one stock that came out on top – and a number of other stocks that could also prove to be smart tax reform plays – CLICK HERE.

Marijuana Anxiety: Should Pot Stock Investors Be Afraid?

The author of today’s article was behind the first exchange-traded fund listed in the U.S. that offered investors targeted exposure to the marijuana industry and he has spoken about the tremendous upside potential that he sees for investments in cannabis-related companies. So why – despite still believing in that tremendous upside potential – is he now expressing fear about investing in marijuana stocks – and why is he cautioning that “your marijuana investments could explode. And I don’t mean explode in a good way”? CLICK HERE.

These “Casualty List” Stocks Could Stage A Recovery

In compiling his quarterly (and market-beating) “Casualty List”, the author of today’s article looks for stocks that have been wounded (down more than 10% in the preceding quarter) that he thinks will recover. Here, he shares four such stocks that had rough fourth quarters while the market as a whole continued to rise. For these four stocks – including a “friendless” healthcare supply logistics company – and why their fortunes could turn, CLICK HERE.