2 Tempting Tech Bargains

Despite the market’s overall lofty trading level, there are still some inexpensive bargains to be found – even in the tech sector. Today’s article highlights two tech stocks – one well-known tech name and one lesser-known semiconductor name – that the author believes investors may want to consider adding to their portfolios as “both are trading below the average valuations of many of their peers, making each a tempting bargain right now.” To read more, CLICK HERE.

Missiles, Medicines & More: Are These The Best Investment Ideas For 2018?

“Are there any bargains still to be had? Which stocks should you invest in for 2018?” These are the central questions tackled in today’s article. The answer to the first question is, of course, yes – there are always bargains to be had no matter how high-flying the broader market may be. But where are these bargains? The author highlights the five best investment ideas for 2018 from five financial advisers – ranging from a play on increased demand for missiles to a play on increased demand for senior housing. To read more, CLICK HERE.

18 Small-Caps Where Analysts Expect Big Gains In ’18

Wall Street is even more enthusiastic in its outlook for smaller companies next year than it was for this year as the Trump administration got underway. A key reason for this is the belief that small-cap companies will benefit disproportionately from tax reform. Today’s article highlights 18 small-cap stocks that analysts expect to see gains of at least 50% in the next year – including four stocks that analysts expect to more than double in price. To read more, CLICK HERE.

Investment Opportunities In This Booming Oil Sector

Thanks to increased demand from abroad, this U.S. oil sector is booming. The sector in question? Refiners – with the author of today’s article noting that “The shale boom in places like the Permian Basin of Texas spurred the growth in refined exports. The light sweet crude oil can be run through a simple refining process, put on a ship and sent abroad.” He proceeds to highlight some of the potentially lucrative investment opportunities in this space – an exchange-traded fund as well as some individual refiners to consider. CLICK HERE.

4 Investment Ideas For The Current Risk/Return Environment

While some may be worried that the market has gotten overheated, the author of today’s article argues that “this is still a good time to consider seeking out risk for the portfolio, but with many asset classes still pricey, where do we find the opportunities?” Finding those opportunities may require rethinking both risk and returns, and he proceeds to identify four areas that may offer potential opportunities – as well as some specific investments to consider for each investment idea. CLICK HERE.

What Investors Get Wrong With Alternatives – And Why Now May Be The Time To Buy

Against the backdrop of an extremely accommodative monetary policy by the Fed, low interest rates, and a booming U.S. stock market generating historically high returns (with historically low volatility), alternative investments have largely fallen out of favor with investors. The author of today’s article argues that investors are making a common mistake in regards to alternatives – and that now is the time to consider adding alternatives to one’s portfolio. What is this common mistake – and why might now be the time to invest in alternatives? CLICK HERE.

5 Top Energy Stocks To Consider (And 5 To Consider Avoiding)

Successful investing in energy stocks is no easy feat. As the author of today’s article notes, “picking the right energy stocks across this ever-changing backdrop is critical, weighing capital spending, debt levels and production growth against free cash flow, costs and return of capital to stockholders through dividends and share buybacks.” She proceeds to highlight five energy stocks that are currently the top picks of industry followers – as well as five energy stocks that industry followers are especially wary of. CLICK HERE.

Why It May Be Time To Pare Your Position In Gold

It has been an unusual year for gold, with the author of today’s article noting that the hedge investment “is up in an environment in which investors have had little reason to hedge; any market pullback has been both mild and fleeting.” Going into the final weeks of 2017, and the early part of 2018, he advises that it may be time to reduce – but not eliminate – one’s position in the yellow metal. Why? CLICK HERE.

7 Under $7: These Low-Priced Tech Stocks Could Be Among The January Effect’s Biggest Winners

The January effect – the tendency for stocks to rise in the first month of the year – presents one of the best arbitrage opportunities for traders. In playing the January effect, the author of today’s article recommends that traders look at low-priced technology stocks, noting that “these stocks are likely to be among the most volatile in the stock market and the most volatile stocks could be expected to be among the biggest winners.” The author screened for low-priced (trading under $7) technology stocks with limited risk. To read about the seven stocks that passed this screen, CLICK HERE.

Should You Go STAG? Assessing This Attractive – But Risky – REIT

The real estate investment trust highlighted in today’s article has been delivering impressive price returns and pays an attractive monthly dividend. The author views it as one of the top high-income REITs to consider, but cautions that “it’s also riskier than many investors realize.” The REIT in question is STAG Industrial, which employs a unique strategy when it comes to the properties it invests in. For more on STAG, its unique investment strategy, the factors underlying its strong performance, why it’s particularly risky – and the author’s take on how to play it – CLICK HERE.