The “Ultimate Contrarian Bet” In The Market Today

Is the ultimate contrarian bet in the market today coal? While the author of today’s article concedes that the long-term future for coal is bleak, he points out that coal companies may be a good contrarian bet in the near-term as coal stocks are cheap, many coal companies are in better financial health now than they have been in a long time, and the U.S. still consumes an enormous amount of coal. For more on the contrarian case for coal – including six coal companies to consider – CLICK HERE.

The Market-Beating Magic Formula Strategy – And 8 Stocks That Pass The Screen Right Now

When it comes to screening for value stocks, one technique available to investors is the Magic Formula strategy – and as today’s article observes, this strategy – which was first laid out in the best-selling book The Little Book that Still Beats the Market – works: portfolios constructed using the Magic Formula beat the market 96% of the time in testing. So what is the Magic Formula, how can this strategy be implemented – and what are some stocks that are Magic Formula picks right now? CLICK HERE to find out.

5 Stocks For Bulls Charging Into The China Shop

Indexing giant MSCI recently unveiled plans to gradually add 222 mainland Chinese shares – “A-shares” – to its benchmark emerging markets index starting next year – and the author of today’s article notes that some U.S. investors are scooping up A-shares now in anticipation of a price bump when that occurs. But with the uncertainty that currently surrounds Chinese markets, bulls charging into the China shop need to be careful – and the author highlights five Chinese stocks “that are poised to ride out any short-term rockiness.” To find out what these stocks are – including an appliance company that builds customized washing machines for China’s cramped living spaces – CLICK HERE.

This Fund Beats 98% Of Its Competition. Here Is Its Investing Strategy – And Its Manager’s 6 Favorite Growth Stocks Right Now

The Baron Fifth Avenue Growth Fund is up 25% so far this year, beating its benchmark and 98% of its large-cap growth fund competition. The fund’s manager “employs a mix of growth and value investing techniques, and seeks companies that are likely to dominate their industries in the digital revolution” – and in today’s article he highlights his six favorite growth stocks right now. To find out what these six stocks are – and for more on the fund’s successful investing technique – CLICK HERE.

Dividend Safety Check: Whose Payouts Are Precarious (And Whose Are Positive)

“When companies cut their dividends, investors suffer a double whammy: lower fixed payments and a weaker share price,” notes the author of today’s article. In order to help its clients avoid such double whammies, analysts at Management CV use a number of criteria to anticipate which companies might cut their dividends – and there are currently 30 companies on its “precarious dividend payers” list. To find out what these companies are – and for 10 companies on Management CV’s “positive list” of safe dividend payers – CLICK HERE.

Two Strategies With High Win Rates For Short Term Traders

Buying and holding isn’t for everyone. For those with an interest in short term trading (and the prospect of rapidly compounding gains that it offers when carried out successfully), today’s article lays out two specific trading strategies that can be employed – both of which are designed to buy short term pullbacks in long term up trends. For the rules involved in these two short term trading strategies – both of which have high win rates – CLICK HERE.

Is There Green To Be Made In Green Bonds?

Bonds are increasingly going green – with companies (including Apple) and municipalities issuing bonds for projects that are eco-friendly or which benefit the climate. And while these bonds tend to be bought up by large institutional investors, the author of today’s article points out that smaller investors can still get in on the green bond action through exchange-traded funds and mutual funds that buy them. But should they? The author outlines some of the drawbacks and caveats to consider when it comes to green bonds. To read more, CLICK HERE.

10 Specific High-Income Dividend & Options Trading Opportunities For Income-Focused Investors

While the authors of today’s article believe that the stock market “is going much, much higher over the long term,” for income-focused investors who are concerned about market volatility in the short- and medium-term as various warning signs flash, they highlight 10 specific income-generating opportunities – five dividend opportunities and five options trading opportunities – to consider. To find out what these ten high-income dividend and options trading opportunities are, CLICK HERE.

Are Giants And Moats The Best Investments Right Now?

Giants and wide moats don’t just belong in children’s fairy tales – they might be exactly what you need in your portfolio right now. At least that’s the strategy of some savvy market analysts and money managers in the current investing environment, as highlighted in today’s article. For some specific giants (i.e. companies that dominate their respective markets) and wide moat stocks (i.e. companies that have strong competitive advantages) they recommend – including a hauler of medical waste that may be trading at a substantial discount to its fair value – CLICK HERE.

With No U.S. Bitcoin Or Marijuana ETFs, Consider These Foreign Funds

While not for a lack of trying by fund providers, there is currently no exchange-traded fund available on U.S. exchanges for bitcoin or marijuana. While this is not surprising given that the former is still viewed with a healthy dose of skepticism and the latter remains illegal at the federal level – it does pose a problem for U.S. investors wanting to buy into bitcoin or pot via an ETF. Fortunately, both bitcoin and marijuana are available to U.S. investors through foreign ETFs – and today’s article looks at some specific funds that U.S. investors may want to consider. To read more, CLICK HERE.