The Best Performing Stocks Offering Bitcoin Exposure

The author of today’s article observes that 2017 may well go down in the history books as “the year of the cryptocurrency.” However, despite the staggering gains seen by bitcoin, bitcoin cash, Ethereum, and other digital currencies, he acknowledges that “decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges…aren’t for everyone.” For those looking to acquire bitcoin exposure through the stock market, he proceeds to highlight the best performing equities of 2017 with direct and/or indirect ties to bitcoin. For these three stocks – and why the top bitcoin-tied stock may also be the most dangerous – CLICK HERE.

Time To De-FAANG? Here Are 3 Large-Cap Growth Stocks With More Compelling Valuations

The FAANG stocks have had an incredible year – but the fund manager highlighted in today’s article believes that, while “a lot of attention has been focused on very large-cap companies selling above 30 multiples…there are others that are reasonably priced.” He proceeds to identify three large-cap growth companies that he believes sport attractive valuations. For these three stocks – two semiconductor companies and a retailer that is unique among the brick-and-mortar crowd – CLICK HERE.

Finding “Green Technology Unicorns” – And Avoiding The Green Stock Trap

 A decade or so ago investors were rushing to alternative energy, a stampede that one of the authors of today’s article describes as “lunacy” in retrospect. And now the Trump administration is working on cutting subsidies to renewable energy companies. But many green energy companies still exist – and some are even thriving. So is green energy a lost cause as an investment – or a must-have investment? The authors look at the investment prospects in this space, including some rare “green technology unicorns” – and the green stock trap that investors should be careful not to fall into. For more, CLICK HERE.

4 Stocks With Depressed Prices Where Things Are Looking Up

The author of today’s article posits that, in the current environment, “it could be beneficial to look for stocks that show signs of improving fundamentals that could be at the beginning of new up trends.” To identify stocks matching this profile, the author screened for cheap (trading under $5) stocks exhibiting improving fundamentals (improvement in both sales and earnings in the last quarter) and where there is evidence that traders believe a price turnaround is sustainable. Only four stocks passed this screen. To read about these four stocks, CLICK HERE.

This “Loser” Stock Strategy May Be An Especially Big Winner This Time Around

Come the start of next year, you may want to have some of the biggest stock losers of this year in your portfolio. Why? As today’s article notes, in part due to tax-loss selling by investors, “losing stocks get so beaten-down by year-end that they often become bargains at the start of the next year, and frequently bounce back in price”. For more of the strategic rationale behind this strategy, why the rebound may be particularly strong this time – and some stocks that are currently prime candidates to play this strategy – CLICK HERE.

This Tiny Tech Stock Is Surging. Here’s Why This May Just Be The Beginning

The tiny tech stock highlighted in today’s article is not the recipient of the level of attention given to the likes of Apple, Google and others, but it has soared 582% over the last five years – and that impressive surge may just be the beginning of an upside explosion. The author explains how the company in question has something in common with Qualcomm that makes them both highly profitable companies – and why this company is poised to explode just as Qualcomm did in the early 2000s. CLICK HERE.

Lessons ICO Investors Can Learn From The “Penny Stock Underworld”

While penny stocks aren’t nearly as prominent as they once were, the author of today’s article identifies some “uncomfortable parallels” between the “often times questionable” penny stock market and “a sexy newcomer to the financial world” that is gaining prominence: initial coin offerings (ICOs). With ICOs attracting billions of dollars, what lessons does the author believe ICO investors can learn from the world of penny stocks – and why might the pump-and-dump schemes prevalent among penny stocks be even easier to carry out with ICOs? CLICK HERE.

Top “Strong Buy” Stock Picks From The Street’s Top Analysts

What stocks are Wall Street’s best-performing analysts most bullish on right now? One service has identified the Street’s top analysts (based on the average return and success rate of their buy-sell recommendations) and which stocks are most popular with those analysts right now. For seven of these top “strong buy” stocks picks – which span a variety of different sectors including e-commerce, healthcare, biopharma and media – CLICK HERE.

3 “Hidden Gem” Stock Picks From This Market-Beating Fund

“You don’t know a lot of the names in our portfolio, and we think that is good,” states the portfolio manager of the market-beating William Blair Small Cap Growth Fund, which seeks out small-cap companies that are flying below the radar, growing faster than their peers, and “with stocks trading at reasonable valuations due to the market inefficiencies in small-cap land.” For three such companies he proceeds to highlight – including an Israeli company that may be “a mini-Alphabet” – CLICK HERE.

Why Cryptocurrencies Are Not – And Will Never Be – A Financial Hedge

More and more people seem to be investing in cryptocurrencies for the same reason that many invest in gold: they see it as an effective hedge against fiat currencies. So could cryptocurrencies ultimately replace gold as the go-to financial hedge? The author of today’s article argues that, “despite what the crypto-evangelists will tell you, digital tokens will never and can never replace gold as your financial hedge” – and he outlines six reasons why. To read more – including why cryptocurrencies may be more similar to fiat currencies than you think – CLICK HERE.