Betting On Bezos: Will Amazon Stock Hit $2,000 In 2019?

Shares of Amazon hit $1,000 on May 30 – and the author of today’s article believes that – if its stock price can keep going up at 40% a year – Amazon will hit $2,000 in 2019. But is this level of growth sustainable? The author argues that “companies that sustain 20% or higher growth after they hit $10 billion in revenue share four traits – which [Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos] brings to life”. What are these four factors that have the author confident that investors should expect Amazon stock to hit $2,000 in 2019? CLICK HERE to find out.

Bad Ending: How To Mitigate The Effects Of Negative Returns Right Before (Or Early In) Retirement

“The timing of your returns matters more than almost any other financial risk you will face,” states the author of today’s article, noting that negative returns early in one’s investing life (when one has less money in play) will have much less of an impact compared to negative returns right before retirement (when one has more money in play) or in the first years of retirement (when one is subtracting from invested funds). So how can investors go about trying to mitigate this sequence of returns risk? CLICK HERE to read more.

4 Cheap Small-Cap Stocks With Clusters Of Insider Buying

“Remember, no one knows a company better than an insider,” points out the author of today’s article – and, as such, the publicly available information regarding insider transactions can be very useful to individual investors looking for potential investments. The author further points out, however, that buying activity by an insider is not always a bullish indicator. Thus, in screening for prospective stocks, the author searched for companies that have seen “clusters” of buying activity by several insiders. The search was also limited to cheap (under $15) small-cap stocks. This screen yielded four stocks. To find out what these four stocks are, CLICK HERE.

5 Cheap Stocks In Cash Rich Companies

“Cash is the fuel of growth,” states the author of today’s article, who notes that companies with large cash balances can be well positioned to deliver growth to investors through reinvestment, acquisitions, dividends and/or share buybacks. However, while large cash balances can be an indicator of growth opportunities, they can also be a sign of financial distress if that cash is needed to meet debt payments. As such, the author screened for cash rich companies that are unencumbered by debt and which are trading under $10. This screen yielded five stock candidates. To find out what these stocks are, CLICK HERE.

This Tech Stock Is On Fire. Will Its Hot Streak Continue – Or Will Investors Get Burned?

Having surged over 200% in the past year, the live video streaming (and virtual gift giving) stock highlighted in today’s article – Momo – is one of the best performing tech stocks there is. But with it currently trading at 14 times revenue, has it risen too high too quickly – or is its hot streak just getting started? The author looks at Momo’s potential – and the potential obstacles it faces – going forward (including whether virtual gifts are just a fad or a real long-term trend). To read more, CLICK HERE.

Oil & Gas Plays On OPEC’s Latest Move

The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) has agreed to extend its oil output cut by another nine months, which was a disappointment for investors hoping for more substantial or longer cuts. So what does this development mean for oil and gas stocks? The author of today’s article looks at which stocks to consider in light of this OPEC news – including some big oil and gas explorers, smaller oil and gas companies, and value plays. To read more, CLICK HERE.

The 13 New Names On This Market-Beating Stock List

Stocks on Goldman Sachs’ Hedge Fund VIP list – stocks that appear most frequently in the top 10 holdings of hedge fund portfolios – are soundly beating the market so far this year. So it’s worth considering the 13 new names that the firm has added to this list (which it describes as “a tool for investors seeking to ‘follow the smart money’ based on 13-F filings”). To find out what the 13 newly added names to this list are, CLICK HERE.

10 Stock Picks For An Impeachment Strategy

The I-word has been getting tossed around quite a bit of late, and the White House is reportedly beginning preparations just in case. While it may be too early to begin seriously considering the possibility of impeachment, today’s article argues that investors should not be complacent and that “savvy investors already are preparing for an impeachment eventuality, regardless of whether it will ever actually come to pass.” What stocks are several money managers recommending (and buying themselves) for an impeachment strategy? CLICK HERE for ten of them.

Trick Or Trend: 6 Long-Term Developments With Immense Investment Implications

“Successful investments are usually long-term because they flow from forces that are significant and likely to be in place for some time – years or even decades,” notes the author of today’s article. But what are real long-term trends – and what are overhyped short-term developments? In terms of the former, the author examines six long-term developments with immense investment and economic implications. To read about the first three of these trends, CLICK HERE, and for the remaining trends, CLICK HERE.

Mercury (And Dividend) Rising: 8 Stocks Likely To Increase Payouts This Summer

When it comes to dividends, the author of today’s article notes that – as a result of inflation – if they aren’t growing, they’re actually shrinking. As such, he proceeds to highlight a number of stocks – eight to be exact – that he expects will hike their dividends this summer. To find out what these eight stocks are – including the one that prompts the author to declare that, if it “doesn’t increase its payout this June, you should put in a call to the sun to see if it plans on rising anymore” – CLICK HERE.