“What The Hell Is Going On?”

In recent days, the stock market has experienced both its worst – and best – days in decades, leading the author of today’s article to ask “What the hell is going on?” His answer? “The market is not broken, it is undergoing a paradigm shift. Buyers and sellers are violently disagreeing on a daily basis on a re-pricing of risk assets, and therefore you’re seeing huge down days followed by huge up days and vice versa. This is what happens in sick markets.” For more, CLICK HERE.

The Most Efficient Way To Play Oil’s Eventual Rebound

While the authors of today’s article are stock pickers, they argue that there are some situations where exchange-traded funds are the better option – and one of those situations, they believe, will be the inevitable recovery in energy stocks. For those looking for an efficient way to play the future oil recovery, they highlight three oil ETFs to consider – including one fund they see as “the purest way to buy the rebound.” For more, CLICK HERE.

‘Indiscriminate Selling’ Has Made These Quality Stocks A Practical ‘Steal’

The “indiscriminate selling” that has taken place over the past month has created an opportunity for investors to “practically steal” a large number of quality stocks. So say analysts at Jefferies, who have published a list of nearly 50 stocks they believe possess “strong fundamentals” and attractive valuations – “high-quality names that investors would want to own across a cycle — great companies that have strong business models, healthy cash flow and very robust balance sheets.” For a look at the 15 largest companies from Jefferies’ “best stock ideas” list, CLICK HERE.

As The Market Plunges, Consider These ETFs

When it comes to the violent swings experienced by the stock market over the last few weeks, the author of today’s article points out that “While these moves in the stock market have been eye-opening and potentially unnerving, history has shown that big drops like we’ve witnessed recently have always been a buy signal for investors with a long-term mindset.” Acknowledging that investors may not have the appetite to buy individual stocks right now, he highlights three exchange-traded funds as potential smart buys for this market plunge. For these three ETFs, CLICK HERE.

Not-So-Safe Havens?

In volatile times such as these, investors tend to seek refuge in so-called safe-haven assets such as U.S. Treasury bonds and precious metals. As the author of today’s article observes, however, “more recently, even these safe-haven asset classes have been under pressure.” Why aren’t Treasury bonds and precious metals offering investors the refuge they have in the past? CLICK HERE.

Embrace ‘Social Distancing’ Stocks

The coronavirus pandemic has crushed stocks, but a handful of stocks could be poised to benefit – at least in the short-term – from the ‘social distancing’ measures that have been implemented to help slow the spread of the virus. For nine such stocks that have been identified by investment bank Piper Sandler – comprised of technology, food and staples companies – CLICK HERE.

3 Under-$10 Stocks Seeing Big Insider Buying

“Markets may have crashed into bear territory last week, but with every fall in prices comes an opportunity – to buy in at a discount,” notes the author of today’s article, who further notes that, in looking for such opportunities, large purchases by insiders can be a useful signal for investors. As such, he proceeds to highlight three stocks trading under $10 that have seen significant insider buying in recent days. For these three “bargain-value buys” – offering upside potential of over 60% – CLICK HERE.

Sustainable Stocks & Green Bonds

Sustainable investing has gone from niche to mainstream – and a number of the sustainable companies highlighted in today’s article put an emphasis on sustainability long before it became a big deal. For six stock picks from the sustainable space – ranging from “tiny, more-speculative firms whose success depends on their environmentally focused operations, to large, dependable firms that are giving at least part of their business a greener tint” – and three picks from the “new but fast-growing field of green bonds”, CLICK HERE.

The Best Way To Profit From The Oil Crisis

“March 9, 2020 will likely be remembered as ‘Black Monday’ for the energy industry,” declares the author of today’s article, who expects that the oil crisis is likely to last 12-24 months. However, he also highlights what may be the best way to profit from the oil crisis: quality midstream companies. He states that “we’re looking at some of the most intense opportunities ever available in the midstream industry” – and identifies some of the strongest and safest midstream names. For more, CLICK HERE.