The Next Financial Crisis: Right On Schedule?

Unemployment is at historic lows, both small-business and consumer confidence are high, and the stock market has been on a tear. So what’s not to like about the current economic situation? The author of today’s article cautions that “Beneath the surface, the frantic goosing has planted seeds of financial crisis which have sprouted and are about to blossom with devastating effect” – and he uses two concepts to shed light on what he sees as the coming (and “right on schedule”) crisis. For more, CLICK HERE.

JPMorgan’s Investing Playbook For The Next Recession – And Why This Time Is Different

While strategists at JPMorgan do not see a high risk of a recession in the next 12 months, they do believe that there may be some wisdom in investors gradually setting themselves up for the next recession over a period of time, starting in the coming weeks. Moreover, the firm has published an investing playbook with recommended trades, across asset classes, ahead of the next recession. For a summary of this playbook – and why some of the recommended trades this time around are different from typical late-cycle trades – CLICK HERE.

How To Use Goals-Based Investing To Get The Most Out Of Your Paycheck

If you want to get the most out of your paycheck, the professor of behavioral economics cited in today’s article, a proponent of so-called goals-based investing, advises to divide all of it amongst various goals – or risk spending it all. He argues that “The world is trying to derail you from your objectives [and that] setting up goals and automatic savings helps make the flow of money consistent with our agenda for now and later.” Moreover, he identifies a specific day of the week when this should be done. For more, CLICK HERE.

Bearish Morgan Stanley Is Bullish On This Sector – And These 8 Stocks

When it comes to the forecast for equities, no firm on Wall Street is currently more bearish than Morgan Stanley. Still, the firm’s equity strategists do see opportunity in one particular sector, industrials, which they single out as possessing “the appealing combination of attractive valuation and future profit upside.” For eight specific industrial stocks the bank has identified as likely to outperform the broader market going forward, CLICK HERE.

10 REITs That Have Been Movin’ On Up This Year

It’s no wonder that real-estate investment trusts are popular investments given, as today’s article notes, “Over 90% of REIT’s have higher dividend yields compared to the average S&P 500 company.” The article proceeds to highlight ten REITs that have gained at least 10% (and upwards of 50%) so far in 2018. For these ten REITs that have been movin’ on up this year – spanning mortgage REITs, data centre REITs and more – CLICK HERE.

The 3 Fastest-Growing Marijuana Markets In The World – And Top Stocks To Tap Into Each

Where in the world are the fastest-growing marijuana markets – and which cannabis stocks may be best positioned to profit from each of them? Today’s article identifies the three fastest-growing marijuana markets in the world (specifically, two countries and one particular U.S. state) and what may be the best cannabis stocks to tap into each market. Which marijuana market is projected to see an increase in sales of nearly 18,000% by 2022 – and will the growth in even these three fastest-growing markets be sufficient to justify sky-high pot stock valuations? CLICK HERE.

3 Small-Cap Stocks Trading Below Their Fair Value Estimates

Whether it’s to be attributed to their greater insulation from ongoing trade tensions, their greater benefit from last year’s tax cuts, a combination of those factors and/or other factors, small-cap stocks are currently in fashion – and today’s article highlights three small-cap stocks that appear to be undervalued may be worthy of consideration. For these three “small caps on sale” – an entertainment technology company, a developer of human interface hardware and software, and a producer of ready-mixed concrete – CLICK HERE.

Aligning Your Investments With “Megatrends”

While the author of today’s article does not consider himself a speculative trader, he acknowledges “it’s important to attempt to peer into the future and attempt to align investments with the changes that one expects to occur.” He proceeds to highlight two of the “megatrends” (long-term trends that are not likely to be altered regardless of the ups and downs of the U.S. or global economies) that he considers when managing his portfolio – and the types of companies that he is bullish on as a result. CLICK HERE.

ETFs To Navigate A Potentially Sinister September

We are currently in what has historically been the worst month of the year for stocks – and this September has already proven that there is no lack of issues for investors to concern themselves with – be they political, economic or other. As such, the author of today’s article advises that it’s all the more “important to pin point ETFs that have the power to navigate such threats” – and she proceeds to highlight six that may fit the bill. For these six ETFs – ranging from a marijuana play to a “full-fledged defensive ETF” – CLICK HERE.

5 Stocks With Healthy Fat

Today’s article is all about fat profit margins – or, more specifically, some stocks that offer them. Acknowledging that “Companies that are innovative and provide a service its customers desperately need–or want–are likely to show impressive margins”, the author proceeds to highlight a number of “fat-margin stocks” to consider – including a chip maker, a biotech, and an independent oil and natural gas company. For more, CLICK HERE.