Precious Insights On Buying Precious Metals

“Every investor portfolio should contain an allocation to precious metals,” argues the author of today’s article. And having this allocation may be more important today than ever. But getting into the precious metals market is not always a simple process: Is gold or silver the better investment? Should you buy physical metals (e.g. bars and coins) or metals-focused financial products (e.g. ETFs)? If you do buy physical metals, are bars or coins better as an investment – and, if coins, which ones? And what is the best place to buy physical precious metals? For the author’s insights on these questions, CLICK HERE.

Options Abound When Using Options

When it comes to protecting your investment portfolio in anticipation of a major market correction as this bull market gets more than a little long in the tooth, there are a number of approaches to consider, including seeking out safe investment niches and buying gold. Today’s article focuses on an additional approach to protecting your portfolio: using options. For more on using options to protect your investments – as well as using them for cheap entry into investments and to generate a little extra money from them – CLICK HERE.

Timber Stocks Are Going Up

“It’s rare that I stumble across a chart or trend that completely catches me off-guard,” admits the author of today’s article. However, the chart that he proceeds to highlight – a chart depicting the performance of an exchange-traded fund focused on timber and forestry stocks over the last two years – had that very effect. For this chart, more on the ETF in question, and an additional ETF offering exposure to the impressive trend in timber stocks, CLICK HERE.

These Six Stocks Are Under $5 – And At Least 50% Below Their Target Price

Today’s article highlights six low-priced stocks that are in uptrends – and which analysts believe could double in value. Specifically, each of these six stocks is priced at less than $5 a share, is trading at least 50% below analysts’ target price for the stock, and is trading above its 200 day moving average. For these six cheap stocks with the potential to double – including a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company and a stock offering exposure to Brazil’s economic turnaround – CLICK HERE.

California’s Solar Mandate Creates A Golden Opportunity For Silver

California has become the first state in the country to approve rules requiring that newly built homes (starting in 2020) have a solar rooftop. As today’s article notes, “One of the most important components in building solar tiles is photovoltaic conduction which is created using silver” – and thus this move by California will drive demand for silver higher. For more – including how much silver is expected to be needed per year for compliance with these new rules – CLICK HERE.

All Aboard The (Gold) Love Trade?

Demand for gold amongst the people of India and China – who often give the yellow metal as a gift at weddings and during holidays and festivals – has been referred to by some as the “Love Trade”. And with it looking like the Love Trade will be strong in 2018, the author of today’s article suggests that now may be an ideal entry point for gold. For more – including how India’s monsoon season could be good news for the Love Trade this year – CLICK HERE.

Using The Graham Number Technique To Identify Value Stocks (Such As These Under-$10 Plays)

When it came to identifying investment opportunities, Benjamin Graham – considered by many to be the father of value investing – sought out stocks with low price to earnings ratios and low price to book values. However, the author of today’s article notes that Graham “also explained a technique to combine these two metrics into a single number, the Graham Number.” After outlining how to calculate a stock’s Graham Number, the author highlights a number of stocks currently trading below $10 a share that have a Graham Number below 1 – which indicates value. For more, CLICK HERE.

What’s The Best Way To Play The Oil Rally?

Rising geopolitical tensions, supply constraints and steady global economic growth have helped bring about a surge in the price of oil, making it a top-performing asset class in 2018. For investors looking to get in on the oil rally now, what may be the best way to do so: Energy equities? Crude itself? Energy-related debt? The author of today’s article identifies which option may offer the most appeal – as well as some potential risks to the oil rally. For more, CLICK HERE.

Tackling An Atypical Bull

“This is not playing out like a typical cycle.” This is how the head of global asset allocation strategy at Wells Fargo Investment Institute characterizes the current late stage of the bull market in today’s article, noting, for example, that two of the three sectors that typically perform best late in the cycle are not doing so now. So how are investors to contend with this atypical cycle? She offers some guidance on how investors can position themselves – and some warning signs to be on the lookout for that may indicate the end is near. For more, CLICK HERE.

What Kind Of Bear Will It Be?

The author of today’s article believes we are now in bear market territory – and when it comes to how the bear market will unfold, he is betting on a sharp crash. However, he also acknowledges the potential for another bear market scenario, one which “would produce a trader’s market with short- and medium-term positions the most likely to succeed. Rather than the whole market crashing in sync, separate entities would have their own versions out of sync with others opening up possibilities to buy individual stock dips or sectorial slumps.” For more, CLICK HERE.