Consider Caterpillar Before It Comes Crawling Back

“Fewer than half of analysts who cover the stock recommend buying it. Consider doing so just the same,” advises the author of today’s article in regards to Caterpillar stock. While the company’s earnings per share are expected to decline this year, there is reason for optimism – and investors may be wise to build a position in the stock now before Caterpillar comes crawling back. For more, CLICK HERE.

Buy Tomorrow’s Dividend Aristocrats (Such As These 3 Stocks) At A Bargain Today

Dividend Aristocrats are great, but as the author of today’s article notes, “everyone already knows these firms are great. And as a result, their stocks are now overpriced and these well-run firms are producing mere also-ran returns.” Fortunately, he has a solution to this problem: Buying tomorrow’s Dividend Aristocrats today. By doing so, he explains, “we are buying better growth prospects at a bargain.” He proceeds to highlight three dividend stocks that are “shoe-ins” to become Aristocrats in the coming years – and thus may be worth considering today. For more, CLICK HERE.

Chasing After The No. 1 Stock Of 2020

What will end up being the best-performing stock of 2020? Nobody can say for sure. But looking at last year’s best-performing stocks may provide some clues as to what this year’s best-performing stock is likely to look like. So what insights can be gleaned from looking at last year’s best performers – and, based on those insights, what stocks may be in the running to be this year’s top stock? CLICK HERE.

Want To Protect Your Gains AND Your Upside Exposure? “Replace Rather Than Remove”!

If you’re sitting on shares with healthy profits and you want to protect your gains from a potential downturn, but you also want to maintain upside exposure should the market enter a new leg higher, how can you achieve this? Today’s article outlines one approach: employ a stock replacement strategy “in which one swaps owning shares of the underlying for being long call options.” For more on implementing a stock replacement strategy – including its two main advantages and some rules of thumb – CLICK HERE.

A Dozen Stocks With Attractive Growth AND Value Characteristics

Growth stocks have been the better performers in recent years. Meanwhile, when it comes to value investing, some have declared value dead, while others believe it’s poised to make a comeback. But why choose between growth and value when you don’t have to? Today’s article identifies a dozen S&P 500 stocks “that exhibit characteristics often sought out by both growth and value investors. They’re cheap on one key metric, but also expected to increase earnings faster than their peers this year.” For these 12 stocks, CLICK HERE.

Which $1,000+ Stocks Are Worth The Price Of Admission?

Just five S&P 500 stocks trade for more than $1,000 a share. Among these five stocks are some well-known names (e.g. Amazon) and some lesser-known names (e.g. home construction company NVR). But which ones, if any, are worth their hefty price tags right now? In today’s article, two traders identify the two stocks from this group that they believe may be worth the high price of admission. For more, CLICK HERE.

5 Undervalued Dividend Stocks For Investors Who Prefer Growing (As Opposed To The Highest) Yields

The five dividend-paying stocks highlighted in today’s article are not for dividend investors looking for the highest yields, but they are for dividend investors looking for reliable dividend growth, as they have all increased their payouts for at least five consecutive years – and are poised to continue to increase their payouts. For these five dividend stocks – which are currently undervalued – CLICK HERE.

Epidemics, Pandemics & Portfolios

When it comes to the panic surrounding the novel coronavirus, the author of today’s article states “Because I am not an epidemiologist, I won’t opine on whether this level of panic is warranted…Nevertheless, what I can do is discuss how coronavirus might affect your portfolio” – and he proceeds to do just that by looking at how markets have performed during three modern epidemics (and a historical pandemic), using a different approach than that employed by previous analyses. What does this examination suggest about the potential impact of the coronavirus on the market – and your portfolio? CLICK HERE.

Time’s Not Up For Tech

For investors who see concerning parallels between the recent run-up in tech stocks and the dot-com bubble of the late 1990s/early 2000s, a recent analysis from Goldman Sachs urges a different perspective. In fact, not only does Goldman argue that such a comparison is faulty, but it is recommending, contrary to conventional wisdom, increasing exposure to tech – particularly companies in the subcategory of software and services. For more – including 16 names from that category that Goldman sees as offering “high and stable sales growth, high [return on equity], and trade at reasonable valuations” – CLICK HERE.

How Going On “Autopilot” Causes Stocks To Soar

How has Microsoft stock been able to post incredible returns for years, with gains of 600%+ over the past decade, when it missed every major technological disruption of the 2000s? As the author of today’s article explains, it did so by making the “Switch of the Century” and becoming an “autopilot stock”. In fact, Microsoft became the premiere autopilot stock – and the author notes that “Each time normal companies transform into autopilot stocks, investors make tons of money.” For more, CLICK HERE.