20/20: The Best-Performing Stocks Of The Past Year – And The Past Decade

The end of 2019 provides an opportunity to not only identify the best-performing stocks of this past year but also the best- performing stocks of the past decade – and today’s article does both. The best-performing S&P 500 stock of the past decade, by far, has been Netflix, with a total return from the end of 2009 through early December of this year of 3,767% – but other best-performers of the past decade are surprising, lesser-known names that have particular advantages in their respective industries. For the 20 best-performing S&P 500 stocks of the 2010s – and the 20 best-performing stocks of 2019 – CLICK HERE.

“Election Apocalypse”: Why Are Investors Hedging (At A Historical Level) Against Something Bad A Year From Now?

The strategist cited in today’s article calls it “unprecedented apprehension” on the part of investors, who appear to be hedging big-time against something really bad happening a year from now. And given where we’ll be in the calendar a year from now, it’s reasonable to assume that this potential very negative event causing worry for investors has something to do with the 2020 election, perhaps even what that strategist describes as an “election apocalypse”. For more on how investors are hedging at a historical level, CLICK HERE.

Lessons From “The Most Successful Money Maker In The History Of Modern Finance”

The author of today’s article declares him “the most successful money maker in the history of modern finance” – and with a track record of crushing both the S&P 500 and big-name investors like Warren Buffett and George Soros, that designation seems appropriate. And while it’s nearly impossible for individual investors to adopt the mathematical, computer-oriented trading approach of hedge-fund star Jim Simons, the author believes that “there are lessons every investor can learn from Simons’s successes and failures – even those who trade using traditional techniques”. For more, CLICK HERE.

2 Small-Cap Plays Offering High Income Now & Future Growth Potential Later

Selloffs (such as the one the market has experienced in recent days) offer income-seeking investors an opportunity to pick up income stocks at more reasonable prices – and the author of today’s article notes that “For those joining in the income crowd, there are a number of smaller investment plays that can provide high income now, along with future growth potential later.” For two such small-cap income plays to consider right now – one real-estate investment trust and one business development company – CLICK HERE.

“Mega-Winners”, “Ten-Baggers” & “Widow-Makers”: Listing Stock Winners And Losers

Which 21 stocks have at least doubled in price since the start of this year (“mega-winners”) – and how did an energy company make the list? Which 10 stocks have gained at least 6,000% since the 2009 market bottom (“ten-baggers”) – and which two have gained over 25,000%? Which 10 stocks have gained the most since the election of President Trump – and which one has managed to gain over 3,000% in that time? And which stocks have lost at least 80% of their value since the 2009 market bottom (“widow-makers”)? For these lists, CLICK HERE.

An Investing Spin On “Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus”

While there are very few female-managed mutual funds, today’s article notes that those female-managed funds that do exist are very similar to those run by men when it comes to both returns and the amount of risk taken. However, as highlighted in a recent research note from Goldman Sachs, an interesting difference emerges when it comes to the types of stock bets women make compared to men, leading analysts at the firm to suggest an investing alternative to the “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus” adage. For more, CLICK HERE.

3 “Bear Market” Areas Of Opportunity

For those with money to deploy in a market that’s just getting more and more expensive, the author of today’s article points out that “there will always be a bear market somewhere, even when the broad stock market is killing it.” He proceeds to highlight “three areas of the market that have been left behind to some extent during this bull market” — and which could present opportunities to those with money sitting on the sidelines. For more, CLICK HERE.

Are Further Gains Ahead For Japanese Stocks In 2020?

Japanese stocks are up nearly 20% so far this year – and despite the fact that economic growth in Japan is expected to be weak (and possibly zero) next year, today’s article highlights how three investment banks (Morgan Stanley, UBS and Nomura) are predicting further gains for Japanese equities in 2020, “driven by a recovery in corporate earnings.” For which Japanese stocks these banks are recommending, CLICK HERE.

8 Stocks Most Likely To Outperform Over The Next 3 To 5 Years

When it comes to stocks most likely to outperform the market over the next three to five years, analysts at Rosenblatt Securities – who focus on a wide range of technology sub-industries from Internet and media to semiconductors – have identified their top ideas in the firm’s “Top Core Holdings Ideas” report, which was released this week. For the eight stocks chosen by the firm’s analysts as most likely outperformers over the next few years – and the implied upside potential for each – CLICK HERE.

Why Small Cap Stocks May Never “Recapture Their Magic”

Small cap stocks have lagged for some time – and the author of today’s article argues that these stocks, which historically have seen long periods of outperformance relative to large cap stocks, may be destined to underperform indefinitely. More specifically, he states that “there may have been structural changes in the economy and the way investment dollars are allocated that suggest small caps may never recapture their magic.” What are these structural changes that may have permanently hindered the performance of small caps? CLICK HERE.