How To Predict The Next Recession – And Why It May Still Happen Sooner Than That

When it comes to identifying when the next recession will take place, the author of today’s article acknowledges that equity markets have not, historically, produced reliable signals. As such, he advocates using “three other indicators that have shown impressive power in predicting recessions. When these indicators simultaneously show stress, they signaled the last seven recessions with an average lead time of five to six months. They seek to integrate the interplay of the business cycle, market dynamics and monetary policy.” For these three signals, what they indicate about when the next recession might hit – and why the next recession could still happen before that – CLICK HERE.

Criteria For Screening Dividend Growth Stocks

How can one go about whittling down the universe of dividend growth stocks to a more manageable number that can then be subject to more in-depth evaluation? In today’s article, the author details the five screening criteria they use in order to identify quality dividend growth stocks for further consideration – criteria that seek to ensure that the stocks are not overvalued and that the dividend payments are sustainable and likely to see reliable growth. For more, CLICK HERE.

Mapping The Marijuana Market

Ahead of Canada’s legalization of recreational marijuana this week, today’s article maps the current state of the marijuana market – including pot stocks’ performance over the past year compared to the broad market, gold, and bitcoin, the key marijuana companies to know (in Canada, the U.S. and elsewhere), and an overview of the marijuana-focused exchange-traded funds now available to investors wanting exposure to the industry. For more, CLICK HERE.

“Smart Money” Indicators That Gold Is Set To Break Out

In today’s article, the author lays out the bullish case for gold right now, noting that one key gold ETF “has been trading within a relatively narrow range for about five years. This is an example of a pattern technical analysts call a basing pattern. Bases can set the stage for a large price move.” For more indicators that gold may have reached a floor and is poised to break out to the upside – including the buying behavior of central banks and commercials – and the unique opportunity this could present for investors, CLICK HERE.

Why You’re Not As Prepared For The Next Financial Crisis As You May Think – And What You Can Do About It

Think you’re ready for the next 2008-level financial crisis (which the author of today’s article believes we may be on the cusp of)? If your answer is ‘Yes’, today’s article may make you think twice, with the author advising that, while “you need to take prudent planful steps now, in advance of crisis… you also need to be mentally prepared for some elements of your preparation to unexpectedly fail when you need them most.” Have you stress-tested your portfolio under a variety of scenarios – and what else can you do to better prepare for the ugliness that may come? CLICK HERE.

Financial Independence Is Within Your Control – If You Use These Levers

When it comes to achieving financial independence, there are factors you have little control over (such as the returns the market will provide). However, having talked with many people who are working towards, or who have achieved, financial independence, the author of today’s article has identified a number of tools they use to get rich – tools that, importantly, are within their control. Moreover, the author warns that “If you ignore those levers…chances are that you may not reach your goals, even if you are a more talented stock picker than Warren Buffett.” For more, CLICK HERE.

Being Indispensable To Chip Makers Makes This Company A Compelling Pick

As artificial intelligence, autonomous vehicles and the Internet of Things become increasingly ingrained in everyday life, the growth prospects for the semiconductor industry will only increase. However, the author of today’s article suggests that “Instead of only betting on individual chipmakers, investors should also consider the companies that make the equipment these chipmakers need for their manufacturing processes” – and he proceeds to highlight one particularly interesting play in that regard: a company that produces diagnostic equipment that helps chip makers limit manufacturing defects. For more on what makes this stock a compelling pick right now, CLICK HERE.

5 Trends For Pot Stock Investors To Follow After Legalization In Canada

When it comes to marijuana stocks, all eyes are on Canada – and the opportunities presented by its legalization of recreational marijuana on October 17th. However, the author of today’s article advises that “there will be far more for investors to closely monitor in the post-legalization environment than just which pot stocks have the highest production capacity potential” – and he identifies five marijuana trends for investors in this space to follow over the coming year. For more, CLICK HERE.

Going Short? Consider These 4 ETFs

Analysts at Citigroup “are predicting a full-on bear market before the end of the year,” notes the author of today’s article. If you agree with their assessment, then it may be time to consider investments that short the market – and exchange-traded funds may be better suited for that purpose than individual stocks. As such, the author highlights four ETFs “to short significant [market] segments that have a reasonable chance of making a downturn or at least experience a correction within a bull market.” For these four ETFs, CLICK HERE.

5 Dividend Raisers That Seem To Have It All

In compiling his list of dividend stocks that may be worthy of consideration, the author of today’s article looked for companies that have recently increased their dividends (and which have lengthy track records of dividend increases), that appear able to sustain their dividend growth through earnings growth, and which have solid fundamentals and are available at attractive valuations. For the five dividend stocks – including two REITs – that met these criteria and made the list, CLICK HERE.