A Hot Stock Tip From The World’s Greatest Investor

A look at the top holdings of Berkshire Hathaway’s equity portfolio makes it clear that Warren Buffett is very bullish on the U.S. financial sector – and while Buffett himself has not provided a specific reason as to why that is, the author of today’s article believes it’s because we have entered a “golden age for American banks”, with many years of rising earnings and rising share prices ahead. Why might this be the case – and what are the two newest financial additions to Berkshire’s portfolio? CLICK HERE.

Profit From Modest Stock Moves With This Options Strategy

“Most options investors screw it up,” argues the author of today’s article. How do they screw it up? By not knowing how to profit from more modest stock moves – “the more typical daily moves you’re going to see over most of your investment life”. So how can options investors profit from more modest stock moves? The author lays out one strategy to do just that. For more, CLICK HERE.

A High-Growth Dividend Stock With Forward-Looking Appeal

At 1.2%, the stock highlighted in today’s article does not have the most appealing dividend yield currently. However, for long-term buy-and-hold investors, the author sees it as “one of the best growth stocks in the entire market”, thanks to its strong brand, competitive advantages and growth potential. This stock has raised its dividend for 17 consecutive years (including a recent 10% increase), and the author advises that investors can be highly confident that another 10%+ increase in on tap for 2019 (and beyond). For the stock in question, CLICK HERE.

Why This Fast-Growing Dividend Stock May Be The Best (And Lowest Risk) Way To Profit From Cannabis

There’s no question that, despite the risks inherent in the cannabis space, there’s a fortune to be made by investors who make smart stock picks. Such as? According to the author of today’s article, “you might be surprised to learn that the best (and lowest risk) way to profit from the cannabis boom isn’t one of the well-known (and massively overpriced) growers but rather one of the fastest growing dividend stocks in America.” For the stock in question and why the author believes it is “hands down the best way to profit from cannabis,” CLICK HERE.

A New (And Free!) Fund Screening Tool For The Coming SRI “Tsunami”

Socially responsible investors with a focus on gender equality now have a new – and free! – screening tool at their disposal that enables them to easily do what would have been difficult – if not impossible – before: evaluate the true gender equality of mutual funds and ETFs containing hundreds (or thousands) of stocks. Specifically, this tool “enables investors to view and compare the gender equality score of the 5,000 most commonly-held U.S. mutual funds and ETFs in U.S. 401(k) plans.” For more on this tool – including where to find it – CLICK HERE.

Investing Ideas, On The Contrary

“It’s tough to go against the crowd when your money’s on the line. Herding–or following said crowd–is much easier to do. Buying what others aren’t, or when others aren’t, takes a special constitution. The constitution of a contrarian.” With that said, the author of today’s article proceeds to identify what may be some of the best investing ideas for contrarians right now – specific funds and stocks from categories and sectors with the worst year-to-date returns. For more, CLICK HERE.

Solid Dividend Stocks For Divided (i.e. Deadlocked) Government

When Democrats officially retake control of the House in January, the U.S. will return to divided – and likely deadlocked – government. The author of today’s article notes that “a deadlocked government means that stocks will be evaluated more on their fundamentals, and not on whether new government policies will help or hurt. It will be a good time to be a dividend focused investor.” He proceeds to highlight three income stocks that are each poised to benefit from an ongoing economic trend – including the continued raising of interest rates. For more, CLICK HERE.

“When A Tie Is A Win”: How You Can Beat The Market Just By Meeting The Market

“When it comes to these funds, matching the market means you’re actually beating the market,” declares the author of today’s article in regards to closed-end funds (CEFs). So how can CEFs actually beat the market just by technically meeting the market? The answer, he notes, will not be found in any chart on Yahoo or Google – and he argues that “that’s why so many people ignore CEFs: they’re looking at less than half the real story!” For more, CLICK HERE.

These Beaten-Down Biotechs’ Pipelines Are Available For Practically Free

“You don’t usually get the chance to pick up the entire research-and-development arm of a major company for free,” acknowledges the author of today’s article – but he proceeds to highlight how, in the aftermath of the stock market rout, shares of some biotech companies have been pushed down to the point where investors get those companies’ pipelines “just about for free.” For two such biotechs – as well as a third which may still be a good deal despite having rebounded – CLICK HERE.

Profit From The Continued Misfortunes Of Emerging Markets With These Inverse ETFs

Emerging markets have not been as kind to investors in 2018 as they were last year – and one global strategist cited in today’s article cautions that “”This is not over by any means…The longer the Federal Reserve (Fed) takes easing away, the more they’re tightening, the more trouble for emerging markets, and we haven’t seen the worst of it.” For traders looking to profit from the continued misfortunes expected for emerging markets, the author highlights three inverse exchange-traded funds to consider. For more, CLICK HERE.