29 Chinese Stocks Poised To Benefit From The “Phase One” Trade Deal

The so-called “Phase One” trade deal between the U.S. and China has been completed, and President Trump has announced he will officially sign the deal in a matter of weeks. That being the case, Morgan Stanley has identified 29 Chinese stocks that are most likely to benefit from this development, with today’s article noting that “Nearly half of them are from the information technology sector, which has been hit by the trade war as those companies have been on tariff lists.” For all 29 stocks flagged by the investment bank, CLICK HERE.

The Best-Performing Stock Of 2019 You Likely Didn’t Own At The Beginning Of The Year (And Why You Shouldn’t Be Too Hard On Yourself)

The best-performing S&P 1500 stock of 2019 gained more than 450% this year – and most likely you didn’t own it at the beginning of the year. Moreover, the top 10 best-performing S&P 1500 stocks this year had an average gain of over 200% – and you probably didn’t own any of those at the beginning of the year either. The author of today’s article advises “Don’t be too hard on yourself if you didn’t own any of them at the beginning of the year, however. None of the investment newsletters whose portfolios I monitor did either” – and, unfortunately, identifying at the beginning of the year the stocks that will be among that year’s best performers is likely to become even more difficult in the future. For more, CLICK HERE.

Are Energy Stocks – The Biggest Losers Of The Past Year (And The Past Decade) – The New Vice Stocks?

The biggest losers (as far as stocks go) of the past year – and the past decade? Energy stocks. In fact, today’s article notes that the two worst-performing S&P 500 stocks this decade are from the energy sector. And while the defining challenge the energy industry faced this decade was excess supply (with one analyst concluding that “Shale oil companies were a victim of their own success”), in the coming decade the industry could face a different defining challenge: climate change. Are energy stocks becoming a new category of vice stocks like alcohol and tobacco? For more, CLICK HERE.

This Laggard Medical-Device Stock Could Get A Shot In The Arm

While the medical-device stock highlighted in today’s article is up nearly 20% this year, it lags the S&P 500 and the core medical-device exchange-traded fund. Why? The firm faces several headwinds, including a strong U.S. dollar and heightened scrutiny surrounding one of its products. But these headwinds may be causing investors to overlook a solid company poised to outperform, with one analyst saying the following: “Put up double-digit earnings, add the dividend yield, and you’ll end up with a return in the low double digits to low teens. That’s what this stock is set up to do.” For more, CLICK HERE.

10 Out-Of-Favor Value Plays For 2020

“Everything you would not want to buy in a stock, this has all of that,” declares the editor of a top-ranked stock newsletter of one of his two value stock recommendations for 2020. He is one of three value investors with top-performing newsletters who share their out-of-favor value stock ideas – as well as market outlooks – for next year in today’s article. For their nine value stock recommendations – as well as one from the author – CLICK HERE.

Giving The Gift Of Stock

With gift-giving season upon us, can you gift stock you own directly to someone (i.e. without having to sell it first)? Absolutely! Should you? Well that’s another question – and one that the author of today’s article tackles, outlining important considerations for both the stock giver and stock receiver such as possible capital gains tax implications and gift tax rules. For more, CLICK HERE.

Are We In The Bottom Of The 9th – Or The Top Of The 5th – Of The Bull Market?

With the current bull market now more than 10 years old, it must be nearing its final stages…right? Perhaps not. The author of today’s article asks “what if we’re not in the bottom of the ninth but the top of the 5th? What if the past 10 years were unbelievable for U.S. stock market investors but the next 10 years are just as good or better?” – and he lays out some historical context indicating that bull markets can last much longer than most investors believe. For more, CLICK HERE.

No Signs Of The “Retail Apocalypse” With These Dividend Payers

Behind the high-profile bankruptcy stories and talk of a “retail apocalypse” as more and more buying takes place online, the author of today’s article notes that brick-and-mortar retail sales have actually shown steady growth over the last decade – and are poised to continue growing steadily for the foreseeable future. Moreover, he points out that “select corners of brick-and-mortar retail are absolutely thriving” – and highlights two dividend-paying retail stocks that have been beating the market. For more – including what the author identifies as “the best way to invest in retail” for generous yields – CLICK HERE.

“A Tilt Toward Value”: Barron’s 10 Top Stocks Picks For 2020

Each December over the past decade, Barron’s has identified 10 top stock picks for the coming year – and today’s article delves into its picks for 2020, a list which “takes a tilt toward value”. Among the picks are the well-known parent company of Google (being Alphabet) and the far lesser-known parent company of U-Haul, which the author notes “remains a well-kept secret because there is virtually no analyst coverage”. For more, CLICK HERE.

JPMorgan’s Top Trades For 2020

Analysts at JPMorgan Chase see 2020 recession risks on the decline and a likely boost to stocks next year – including a “Great Rotation II” into stocks from bonds. As a result, equities are part of the bank’s list of top trade picks for next year – a list which also includes a pick driven by the apparent de-escalation in the protracted U.S.-China trade war and some hedges against next year’s presidential election. For more, CLICK HERE.