“Priced To Move”: 4 Discounted Stocks With Above-Average Growth Prospects

While the stock market has experienced some recent sell-offs, valuations remain stretched. So what’s a value investor to do? Today’s article highlights four of the fastest-growing companies “that combine strong earnings outlooks with valuations that remain far below nosebleed territory.” For these four stocks that are priced at a discount despite significantly better-than-average growth prospects – including a pharmaceutical company with a potential billion-dollar drug that has been shown to alleviate symptoms of ADHD within a week – CLICK HERE.

The Dividend Yield Sweet Spot – And 6 Funds That Hit It

How can you go about getting safer, higher income? Consider high dividend stocks that hit the yield sweet spot, which one fund researcher cited in today’s article suggests is “higher than the market average — but not so high that it climbs into higher-yield, higher-risk territory…about 3% to 4.5%.” He proceeds to highlight a number of mutual funds and ETFs worth considering that focus on stocks in this high dividend, low risk “intermediate zone”. For more, CLICK HERE.

Get “A Second Bite At The Apple” With These 2 Digital Health Stocks

The two digital health stocks highlighted in today’s article both surged when they went public in late July, only to then get dragged down as part of the recent market sell-off. But one market watcher believes that it’s time to begin gradually buying quality stocks now available at a discount – and investors who missed out on these two IPOs can now get “a second bite at the apple”. For these two digital health stocks, CLICK HERE.

Current Holdings Of The “Sane Portfolio”

Decent profitability, a reasonable price, earnings growth averaging at least 5% in the past five years, market value of at least $1 billion, and debt less than stockholders’ equity. These are the criteria that must be met for a stock to qualify for inclusion in the author of today’s article’s “Sane Portfolio” – “a middle-of-the-road, slightly conservative group of stocks” that he has compiled most years since 1999. For the 12 stocks that make up the most recent iteration of the Sane Portfolio – six returning stocks and six new inclusions – CLICK HERE.

A Bold, Contrarian Investment Thesis For The Coming Decade

If you were to invest for the coming decade based on the prevailing beliefs in the market today, how will your investments have performed come 2030? Not as well as you might expect, suggests the author of today’s article, who outlines his belief that “investments following the prevailing groupthink of today will underperform other areas – such as emerging markets and commodities – over the next decade” – and lays out an “investment thesis for the 2020s [that] is bold and likely at odds with anyone who has been lulled into the idea that cycles are antiquated.” For more, CLICK HERE.

Bullish Indicators For Gold Even More Bullish For Silver

China is buying more gold as the trade war drags on, Russia’s gold reserves topped $100 billion after it added 600,000 ounces in June, and billionaire hedge fund manager Ray Dalio is predicting that gold will be a top investment during an upcoming “paradigm shift” in global markets – and if history is any indicator, all these bullish signs for gold are even more bullish for silver, with today’s article declaring that “silver is set to outperform gold based on gold/silver ratio, and silver mining companies present excellent entry points.” For more – including a specific silver miner that investors may want to familiarize themselves with – CLICK HERE.

These Stocks Have Crashed The Most Since Investors’ Rate-Cut Party Was Crashed

When the Fed lowered interest rates last week, it gave investors what they had wanted – sort of. While rates were cut, Fed Chairman Jerome Powell was non-committal regarding future rate cuts – and the market responded unfavorably. Then President Trump announced another round of tariffs on imports from China, producing further declines. For the Dow, S&P 500 and Nasdaq-100 stocks that have declined the most in the wake of these developments, CLICK HERE.

The 10% Income Solution

With bond yields very low, solid yields from common stocks limited to the mid-single-digit range, and pass-through securities such as master limited partnerships and real estate investment trusts offering higher, but not necessarily reliable, payments, is there a way to earn reliable 10% annual income without taking on too much risk? The author of today’s article states that there certainly is, advising that “Although you cannot earn 10% in dividend income by owning stocks, there is a reliable way to generate that much income off the stocks you own.” For this 10% income strategy – which the author notes “is remarkably consistent, regardless of which way the stock market is going” – CLICK HERE.

The Case For Sinking Your Teeth Into Apple

Due in large part to declining iPhone sales, among other concerns, the author of today’s article notes that “some investors are starting to get cold feet regarding Apple and talking about taking profits off the table” – a move he sees as a big mistake, arguing that “Just because Apple isn’t posting the kind of jaw-dropping numbers we saw roughly a decade ago after the initial iPhone launch doesn’t mean this near-$1-trillion stock is no longer a powerhouse well worth holding on to, or perhaps even adding to your portfolio.” For the seven key reasons he is bullish on Apple, CLICK HERE.

A 7-Step Trading Checklist

The author of today’s article calls it “a vital part of the trading process because it helps traders to stay disciplined, stick to the trading plan, and builds confidence”: creating a trading checklist and utilizing it before each and every trade. Separate from your trading plan, a trading checklist, he notes, “focuses on each individual trade and the conditions that must be met before the trade can be made.” For seven questions that can be used to form a complete trading checklist, CLICK HERE.