Is A “Rope-A-Dope Breakout” Setting Up In Gold And Silver?

With continued global economic expansion, gold and silver have largely become an after-thought for investors, but the authors of today’s article caution that those not paying attention to gold and silver risk missing out on a coming “rope-a-dope breakout”. They advise that “this price breakout may be less than 30 days away from now and the key to any potential move will originate in the global fear that may continue to grow as the world’s leading economies continue to spar over trade, economic cooperation and fair opportunities going forward.” For more, CLICK HERE.

Canada’s “Upcoming Dark Period” For Pot – And Trading Marijuana News In The U.S.

As Canada moves towards full legalization of marijuana, the author of today’s article notes that investors are demonstrating a mix of optimism and pessimism. One potential cause for concern? The possibility of a supply gap (or what one Canadian medical marijuana dispensary owner calls the “upcoming dark period”). For more on this possibility – and two options the author highlights “for investors in the US to trade marijuana related ideas” – CLICK HERE.

Why “All Is Not Lost” In The Housing Sector – And 3 ETFs Poised To Profit

U.S. housing data has been less than robust in recent months – and there are additional factors at play that could hurt the sector going forward, including the Trump Administration’s tariffs pushing prices of construction materials higher. Still, today’s article advises that “overlooking the [housing] sector will not be advisable, as the industry looks equally good for the balance of 2018 banking on strong fundamentals, signaling a profitable investment opportunity.” For more – including three construction ETFs “poised to gain from the upswing in the housing market” – CLICK HERE.

“The Most Convincing Evidence For Energy Stocks Now” – And 3 Picks Based On It

After their recent ascent – and subsequent steep declines from that ascent – where are oil and gas stocks headed from here, and what are energy stock investors to do? The author of today’s article believes that “the most convincing evidence for energy stocks now” is the insider buying that has taken place at energy companies in the past few weeks – and highlights three of those companies that may be among the best energy bets right now. For more, CLICK HERE.

How This Stock Picker Admired By Warren Buffett Sizes Up Stocks – And His 15 Current Holdings

Warren Buffett is a man greatly admired by many investors – and Lou Simpson is a man greatly admired by Warren Buffett. As such, today’s article details the criteria that Simpson, a former CEO at Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway and current chairman of SQ Advisors, looks for in stocks (and one factor he “assuredly does not rely on”) – as well as SQ Advisors’ 15 current stock holdings. For more, CLICK HERE.

Mega Reasons For Mega Caps Now

Small caps had their time in the spotlight the last several months, but today’s article makes the case that it may now be time to focus on mega caps – and highlights several mega-cap ETFs to consider for that purpose. What factors – both domestic and international – are coming together, leading to the outperformance of mega-cap stocks? How compelling are mega-cap stock valuations? And which mega-cap ETFs may be among the best picks right now? CLICK HERE.

Save A Bunch Under The New Tax Law By “Bunching”

One potential downside of the new tax law, as the author of today’s article points out, is that “The higher standard deduction…might mean that you can’t use some of your regular deductions, like for charity gifts, if they don’t meet the new, higher limit.” All may not be lost, however, as the author turns to a financial planner who outlines a way to get around this aspect of the tax law and save a bunch on taxes: bunching. For more on this strategy – and how to bunch different types of deductions – CLICK HERE.

These 7 Low-Priced, Profitable Stocks Could Be About To Break Out

Each of the seven stocks highlighted in today’s article as being worthy of further research is near a new 52-week high, “indicating the potential for a strong breakout.” In addition, each of these companies has been profitable over the past 12 month period and is expected to be profitable in the current year. And, finally, each of these stocks is low-priced, trading under $5 a share. For these seven stocks, CLICK HERE.

Summer REIT-ing: 3 High Growth REITs To Consider For The Months Ahead

“I believe that investors consistently reward growth in stocks, even with more income-oriented groups like REITs,” states the author of today’s article. As such, he proceeds to highlight three REITs – with dividend yields up to 10% – “with high expected average profit growth in 2018 and 2019, to help combat rising interest rates.” For more on these three REITs – including one that the author indicates is “uniquely positioned for rising interest rates” – CLICK HERE.

When Will A True Bull Market Begin For Gold?

While some believe that gold is currently in a bull market, the author of today’s article rejects this notion – and seeks to determine when the tide could indeed turn for gold, noting that “A quick study of Fed history with the context of current conditions is very instructive as to when Gold could begin a true bull market.” What does an analysis of Fed policy changes – and their impact on gold and gold stocks – indicate about the eventual catalyst for gold? CLICK HERE.