Why This Top Money Manager Just Made A High-Conviction Bet On India – And How You Can Play The Opportunity

One of the best-performing hedge fund managers of the past 20 years just made a high-conviction bet on India, with 40% of his fund now invested in that emerging nation (and just 0.1% invested in the U.S.). What particular segment of Indian stocks does this money manager (who has generated a cumulative return of 967% since 2000) see an opportunity in (and why) – and what’s one way that those with little-to-no knowledge about investing in India can play this opportunity? CLICK HERE.

5 Stocks The Big Money Is Buying For “The Changing World Order”

A Japanese tire maker, a French bank, a Brazilian software company, an Indian consumer-goods purveyor and an Indian provider of telecom tower infrastructure make up the five foreign stocks highlighted in today’s article as being ones that fund managers are buying “for the changing world order” on the belief that these stocks “already reflect the [global] risks ahead, are more insulated from them — or both.” For more, CLICK HERE.

From Ali Baba To Twitter: Trading “The Second Round Of FANG Stocks” In August & September

Consider them “the second round of FANG stocks”: Baidu, Twitter, Tesla and Ali Baba. In today’s article, the author highlights what the price cycles of these four companies indicate about how to trade them during the remainder of August and into September. What do the charts have to say about what to buy, what to sell – and when? CLICK HERE to find out.

A Different Take On “Must-Have” Stocks – And 3 To Consider

When it comes to identifying “must-have” stocks, the author of today’s article takes a different approach from many, “look[ing] for stocks in companies that have products or services deeply embedded in their customers’ strategy and operations. They play such a vital role that customers perceive their products or services as “must-have” in their business operations.” He proceeds to identify what he sees as the “three major buckets of must-have companies” – and an exemplar company from each bucket. CLICK HERE.

A Contrarian Opportunity In The Facebook Panic

In the wake of Facebook’s recent earnings-driven plunge, panic spread to other FAANG stocks. The author of today’s article sees an opportunity for contrarians in the Facebook panic – and highlights a somewhat under-the-radar (and benchmark-beating) fund as potentially being the best way to take advantage of it. For the fund in question, what makes it a potentially great buy – and the author’s insights on timing a buy – CLICK HERE.

What Market History Suggests About Facebook’s Short-Term Fortunes

In light of its recent selloff – the biggest one-day loss by a company in U.S. stock market history – what’s next for Facebook? With its valuation having been driven down, is this an opportunity for investors who missed out on the stock’s earlier ascent to get in ahead of a rebound – or is caution warranted? Today’s article looks at what happened with other stocks that, as with Facebook, suffered large one-day declines after hitting new 52-week highs – and what that history suggests about Facebook’s likely path in the short-term. CLICK HERE.

3 Big Pharma Buy-And-Holds

When it comes to identifying stocks that you can buy and hold for years, the author of today’s article points to three important criteria: attractive valuations, great (and growing) dividends, and solid long-term growth prospects. He proceeds to highlight three big pharma stocks that appear to meet all three criteria – and which therefore could be solid long-term bets. For these three stocks – and some of the promising drug candidates in their pipelines – CLICK HERE.

Trading The FANGs Of August

Against the backdrop of Facebook’s recent – and historic – rout, today’s article examines the price cycles of Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix and Google – and what they indicate about how to trade the FANG stocks in August. What do the charts have to say about what to buy, what to sell – and when? Which FANG stock does the author point to as seemingly being the most attractive right now? CLICK HERE to find out.

Why It May Pay To Be A Contrarian With ETFs

Exchange-traded funds have grown exponentially in number and popularity. After a refresher on ETFs (and their benefits over mutual funds), the author of today’s article turns to the following question: Is there a best time to put your money into an ETF? The answer, according to the findings of a study by Deutsche Bank, is yes there is. What did the investment bank find – and why might it pay to be a contrarian when it comes to ETFs? CLICK HERE.