Lessons In Dividend Investing

If you want to improve as a dividend investor over time, the author of today’s article advises that “The thing that helps in this department is objectively evaluating [your] investments, studying mistakes and successes…This review should identify potential improvement points related to companies you are investing in, and potentially common success factors prior to investing in a stock. It could also help identify common denominator problems that could be avoided in the future.” He proceeds to share a number of lessons he has learned from his own review process that can help in becoming a better dividend investor. For more, CLICK HERE.

The Event That Could Disrupt The Oil Market

What oil industry experts do agree on is that the oil market “is becoming ever more sensitive to a sudden or unexpected disruption”, which is cause for concern. What they don’t agree on, however, is what the biggest risk to the oil market currently is: Unrest in Libya? Iran sanctions? Something else? Today’s article lays out “what oil traders and analysts view as potentially the most disruptive event” – including what may turn out to be a black swan event . For more, CLICK HERE.

A Lesson On Micro-Cap Stocks From The College Admissions Scandal

You’re probably familiar with the college admissions scandal that has been making headlines of late, but did you know that that story actually started out as a stock market story involving an over-the-counter micro-cap stock called CURE Pharmaceutical? Today’s article tells the sordid story of CURE – and highlights the important lessons it holds on the opportunities and pitfalls associated with investing in micro-cap stocks. For more, CLICK HERE.

Is Gold Golden Until 2030?

In 1981 the author of today’s article predicted a 20-year bear market for gold based on his cycle analysis – and what followed was a 20-year bear market for the yellow metal. At that same time, however, his analysis indicated that the 20-year bear market would be followed by a 30-year bull market for gold. As such, the author notes that “If the forecast [he] made in 1981 still holds true, gold could have a continued secular bull market until 2030.” For more on the bullish prospects for gold, CLICK HERE.

A Crash Course For Your Portfolio, Literally

Black Monday, the tech bubble bursting, the housing bust, the Great Recession, and Japan’s three-decade bear market: the author of today’s article has experienced five major market crashes – and he has learned something from each of them, which he shares. For more – including why, even though he believes it’s “extraordinarily unlikely that the U.S. stock market will be the next Japan” you should still “imagine what the consequences would be for your portfolio—and for your ability to meet your financial goals” were that to occur – CLICK HERE.

Marijuana, Genomics & China: The Best-Performing ETFs Of 2019 So Far (And Their Potential From Here)

A strong first quarter for the stock market has created a plethora of exchange-traded funds with impressive gains so far this year. Today’s article highlights the three best-performing ETFs of 2019 thus far – one focused on marijuana stocks, one focused on genomic stocks and one focused on Chinese stocks – and examines whether each has more room to run throughout the remainder of the year. For more, CLICK HERE.

Overcoming Bad Luck In The “Life Cycle Of Wealth”

A number of factors contribute to determining the extent of your wealth, some of which you have no control over such as the market’s sequence of returns – and even the year in which you were born. Today’s article highlights the “life cycle of wealth” posited by researchers from the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis and examines how the year in which you were born impacts your wealth. It also identifies “the best way” to make up for bad luck when it comes to sequence of returns and when you were born. For more, CLICK HERE.

Rigged For Success: 3 Ways To Play The Oil Rally, From Aggressive To Conservative

One of the pleasant surprises of the first quarter was the rally in oil prices – and thus the energy sector. And the good times for the energy sector may just be getting started. Noting that “different slices of the energy sector offer different risks and rewards if you want to get more tactical with your trade,” the author of today’s article highlights three ways investors can play the oil rally depending on their risk tolerance. For more – including what the author points to as being “the real Big Oil play” – CLICK HERE.

Investment Ideas From Credit Suisse’s Buffett-Focused Research Team

When it comes to analyzing Warren Buffett’s approach to evaluating potential investments – and acquisition targets – the HOLT team at Credit Suisse have made it their mission to do just that. By evaluating companies using many of the same metrics Buffett would use to find attractive investment opportunities, the HOLT team has identified 141 “Buffet Ideas” – and today’s article highlights a number of those ideas, spanning various sectors, for investors to consider for their portfolios. For more, CLICK HERE.

5 Plays To Consider As Semiconductor Stocks Get A Boost

Thanks to a confluence of factors – including a recovery in the smartphone market, promising technological trends such as the Internet of Things and 5G wireless, stronger growth in China, and greater optimism regarding U.S./China trade talks – semiconductor stocks are getting more juice after a poor performance in 2018. Against this bullish backdrop, today’s article highlights five “solid semiconductor stocks” to consider for gains in the near term. For more, CLICK HERE.