Two “Off-The-Radar Dividend Plays” Blending Income And Growth

“When most investors think of dividend-paying companies, they think of stodgy blue chips. And that makes sense…But there are a number of smaller companies that can blend growth with current income as well, thanks to the relative size of their industry,” notes the author today’s article, who proceeds to highlight two “off-the-radar dividend plays” that offer this combination of safe income and growth potential. For these two dividend stocks – and the author’s strategy suggestions for both investors and speculators – CLICK HERE.

Insights From The Newest “Asset Allocation Quilt”

“If you lost money last year I don’t know what to tell you,” states the author of today’s article after unveiling the updated version of his favorite performance chart – an “asset allocation quilt” which shows the returns (and respective rankings) for each asset class for each of the past 10 years. What asset allocation insights can be gained from the quilt, which is now updated to include 2019’s returns? CLICK HERE.

Bear Hunting In A Bull Market

With stock markets getting more and more expensive, what options are there for investors who have new money to deploy in the markets right now? The author of today’s article notes that there’s good news for these folks: “there will always be a bear market somewhere, even when the broader market is killing it.” He proceeds to examine three beaten-down asset classes that bargain hunters may be considering right now – and some lessons to keep in mind when deciding whether to wade into them. For more,  CLICK HERE.

Industrial-Sized Value, Growth and Momentum

Which stocks currently offer the best value, fastest earnings growth and most momentum in the industrial sector? Today’s article identifies the three industrial stocks in the S&P 500 with the lowest 12-month trailing price-to-earnings ratio (best value), the three industrial stocks in the S&P 500 with the highest year-over-year earnings per share growth for the most recent quarter (fastest earnings growth), and the three industrial stocks in the S&P 500 that had the greatest price change over the past 12 months (most momentum). For more, CLICK HERE.

Reviewing (And Ranking) The Best Income-Producing Investments For 2020

Although income-seeking investors will likely have to lower their expectations this year, there’s still a wide array of income-producing investments to consider. Today’s article examines 12 income-producing parts of the market – overseas dividend stocks, U.S. telecom stocks, tax-exempt (and taxable) municipal bonds, pipeline operators and more – and ranks them in order of preference for 2020, mentioning a number of specific names from each sector in the process. For more, CLICK HERE.

A “Dark Horse” Mattress Seller And 8 Other Names For Your 2020 IPO Watch List

From well-known names that have been on investors’ IPO radars for a while now (e.g. Airbnb, Robinhood) to names that are lesser-known (or unheard of) to the investment community, today’s article identifies “nine highly anticipated IPOs to watch for in 2020.” For these nine expected or speculated IPOs for your watch list – including a company dubbed the “Uber of China” and a company that “might not be a household name but it could prove to be a dark horse IPO in 2020” – CLICK HERE.

A Revealing Vision Of The 2020s – And “The Trade Of The Decade”

In today’s article, the author outlines a vision of what may be to come in the 2020s – a vision that includes the S&P 500 ending the decade 50% to 60% lower than where it began. If this scenario does come to pass, is there a “trade of the decade” that can help lock in your wealth? The author believes there is. What is it? For the answer – and for more of his revealing look at the 2020s (including what will happen in both the 2020 and 2024 presidential elections) – CLICK HERE.

How A Hard Correction This Year Could Set The Stage For A “Significant Paradigm Shift” To Hard Assets

As the prices of stocks, bonds and real estate rose over the past decade, gold and other precious metals lagged behind, resulting in the asset class being largely disregarded by American investors. But the man considered to be the “Warren Buffett of the precious metals space” anticipates that a recession could arrive this year and that, as a result, “the stage is set for a significant paradigm shift over the next decade” from paper assets to hard assets. For more, CLICK HERE.

Picking Decade-Long Winners For The 2020s

“As we enter 2020, long term investors are thinking of investments for the next decade rather than just for the next year,” notes the author of today’s article. So what/where are the investments that are likely to be decade-long winners? The author identifies one foreign location that may end up being home to some of the best investments for the 2020s – and also looks at whether the big winners of the 2010s are likely to continue winning this decade and where the “smart investment money” is going. For more, CLICK HERE.