Reflections On The Market Turmoil

“This is why you own bonds,” declares the author of today’s article as part of his thoughts on the current state of the markets – and he’s got the chart that puts this point in stark relief. What has caused the recent market volatility (and what hasn’t)? Why does he state that buy low and sell high “may not be the best advice for the majority of investors” (and what may be the better advice for most)? For this and more, CLICK HERE.

A “Ground Level” Assessment Of Stocks Right Now – And 2 Attractively Valued Picks To Consider

Amid the current market turmoil, what are investors to do? The author of today’s article notes that most market analysts are talking at an abstract level and “hardly any are talking at ground level—that is, talking about individual stocks and practical actions to be taken” – so he gets down to ground level and highlights two specific stocks currently trading at discounts to consider. For more, CLICK HERE.

Building Your Defensive Strategy For 2019

The market has been plummeting, the president is attacking the chairman of the Federal Reserve, a trade war is ongoing, U.S. debt is ballooning – and more. So is it time to go defensive with your investment strategy? If so, how? And when will it be time to get aggressive again? In examining these questions, today’s article highlights several specific defensive stocks to consider and outlines how to build your own defensive investment strategy for the coming year. For more, CLICK HERE.

What Really Matters When Investing In Marijuana Stocks?

When investing in marijuana stocks, what really matters? The author of today’s article advises that “what a lot of folks overlook is that there’s more to investing in pot stocks and analyzing the marijuana industry than just aggregate cannabis production. If peak production were all that mattered, Aurora Cannabis…would clearly be the largest marijuana stock by market cap, trailed by Canopy Growth…and Aphria. Of course, that’s not how things have shaped up…” He proceeds to outline five things that may be more important when investing in marijuana stocks. What are they? CLICK HERE.

What Makes These 9 Stocks “Triple Threats”?

Wide economic moats, forward dividend yields in excess of 5%, and trading below their fair value estimates: these are the three features that make the nine stocks identified in today’s article “triple threats”. For these nine stocks – and an in-depth look at three of them (a leading producer of minerals, an energy transportation company, and a multinational manufacturer and marketer of branded consumer foods) – CLICK HERE.

Get Stable Growth From These 10 “Rising Sun” Stocks

“Investors looking for stable growth stocks can get ideas from the holdings of equity funds that are focused on large-cap investing and only long stocks,” advises the author of today’s article, who proceeds to highlight 10 stocks that saw the most buying among long-only large-cap funds in the third quarter, as identified by RBC (which calls these stocks “rising suns” due to the fact that “they usually climb gradually after being bought”). For these 10 stocks, CLICK HERE.

From Most Bearish To Super Bullish: Top Wall Street Strategists’ S&P 500 Forecasts For 2019

“As investors, we must properly forecast the future AND put our money where our forecasts are,” acknowledges the author of today’s article. He proceeds to outline what some of Wall Street’s top strategists are forecasting in terms of price targets for the S&P 500 in 2019, from the most bearish target (Morgan Stanley) to the most volatile target (Bank of America) to the super bullish target (Credit Suisse). For more, CLICK HERE.

5 Stocks With Upside Potential As Big As Their Prices Are Small

Low-priced stocks offer investors – especially more aggressive traders – the opportunity to not only make a decent profit in the event of even relatively small price moves, but also to buy more shares than they would be able to of large-cap stocks. As such, today’s article highlights five stocks trading under $10 that the authors believe “could provide investors with some solid upside potential.” For these five stocks – including an “off-the-radar small cap [that] has been hammered this fall” – CLICK HERE.

Getting Vertical With Marijuana Stocks

In regards to the marijuana market, with its sky-high valuations, the author of today’s article seeks to answer the following question: “With so much potential upside in the marijuana stock market, which companies are continuing to meet their goals?” He proceeds to highlight two cannabis companies with the potential to meet their high projections, including one company the author notes “has been able to completely overhaul what it means to be a weed company” thanks to its vertical integration business model. For more, CLICK HERE.

How To Trade In Treachery

“When investing becomes dangerous what are your best choices?” This is the question that the author of today’s article poses – and proceeds to answer from various perspectives. In particular, he highlights advice from Mad Money host Jim Cramer – who recently exclaimed that “This market isn’t just volatile, it’s treacherous” – to pick “individual stocks that are not tied to trade with China, are not tied to the welfare of general economy, and have both high dividend yields and strong financial positions.” For some specific sector and stock recommendations in that regard, CLICK HERE.