Is GM A Good Bet For The Long Haul?

It was once the king of the U.S. automakers – until it was pummeled and ended up filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. We’re talking about General Motors – and today’s article notes that, after its reorganization, “Any money invested in the new GM at the time of its IPO has doubled, counting dividends and stock appreciation.” So is now a good time to invest in GM for the long term? The author identifies the factors affecting the auto industry that are relevant to making this determination – and examines how GM is positioned in regards to each. For more, CLICK HERE.

3 Silver Juniors To Consider As Sentiment Towards “Gold’s Little Sister” Shifts

Gold’s little sister – silver – has “become increasingly attractive to investors looking for undervalued asset classes and safe-haven investments,” notes the author of today’s article. Anticipating a more supportive sentiment for the silver market this year, he proceeds to highlight a basket of three silver juniors with high leverage to the silver price to consider: one growth-oriented silver producer, one silver developer/explorer (and potential takeover target), and one early-stage gold/silver explorer. For more, CLICK HERE.

The Dividend Growth Success Stories Unfolding In Front Of Investors’ Eyes

When it comes to dividend growth investing, the author of today’s article advises that “It is not about chasing high yielders today, but more about finding the right stock that would grow distributions over time, and thus provide investors with inflation protection in their income.” He further advises that “Dividend investors should take the time to study these success stories as they unfold in front of their eyes and even consider adding some to their dividend portfolios” – and he highlights ten dividend growers that recently announced plans to increase payouts yet again. For these ten stocks – and the author’s guidance on when investors may want to consider buying – CLICK HERE.

The Cannabis Stocks This Firm Is Most Bullish On (And Why Some Popular Names Aren’t Among Them)

Pointing to a global cannabis market projected to be worth $630 billion by 2040 (with a potential $94 billion legal U.S. market), investment bank Seaport Global just initiated coverage on a dozen cannabis stocks – including nine with Buy ratings. Interestingly though, today’s article notes, “some of the most popular U.S. cannabis stocks are not among the firm’s top picks.” Which cannabis stocks is the firm most bullish on? CLICK HERE.

Why “Copper Is King”

“You’re going to need a telescope to see copper prices in 2021,” declares one major player in the mining industry cited in today’s article. One major reason behind the phenomenal growth expected for copper demand – and copper prices – in the coming years? The trend towards “copper-gobbling” renewable energy, the corporate purchasing of which more than doubled from 2017 to 2018. And then there’s the trend towards copper-gobbling electric vehicles, most notably in China. For more on why 2019 could be a crowning year for copper (and copper miners) – and some specific copper miners to consider for exposure – CLICK HERE.

Which Falling Knives Stocks Are Worth Grabbing?

Among the various possible ways to beat the market, according to one study, is with falling knives stocks – specifically, falling knives stocks “whose share prices have fallen more than 50% over the last 52 weeks [and which] are properly selected for financial strength” (low debt-equity ratios). Today’s article highlights three such falling knives stocks from the metal mining industry, as the author expects a low-yield environment going forward and declares that “ Metal mining companies are going to benefit from a low real yield environment more than any other company.” For more, CLICK HERE.

Improving Data: Stocks To Play The Data Center Rebound

After a rough go in 2018 (due in part to concerns over rising interest rates), data center stocks are staging a turnaround (due in part to the Fed’s more dovish tone on future rate hikes). Now available at lower valuations, and with long-term growth drivers still intact, data center stocks may be attractive plays. Today’s article highlights four data center stocks that appear to be especially compelling picks: three retail data centers and one document storage REIT that is moving into the data center space. For more, CLICK HERE.

The Core Case For Emerging Markets

If emerging markets are not already a core part of your portfolio, you may be missing out on what one analyst declares will be “the global growth powerhouse over the next 10 years” – not the developed economies of the U.S. or Europe, but rather the likes of Vietnam, Indonesia and others. For more on why “emerging markets have to be a core part of your portfolio” – and the risks that accompany the opportunities that emerging markets present, CLICK HERE.

3 Dividend Stocks With The Good Kind Of Deep Value

When is a dividend stock that the market is especially bearish on a deep value buying opportunity and when is it a yield/value trap? The Deep Value Dividend Growth Portfolio managed by the author of today’s article “is all about investing in quality dividend payers, at good to great prices, opportunistically when the market becomes extremely bearish on quality income producing assets” – and it recently added three stocks that are available at deep discounts, sport attractive yields and offer 18%+ long-term return potential. For more, CLICK HERE.

The Dividend Aristocrats Of 2019

“The dividend aristocrats index tends to shine during bear markets and low return environments. However, it also pulls its weight when we are in a bull market too. It is the best of both worlds really,” notes the author of today’s article, who proceeds to identify the 57 companies that make up the Dividend Aristocrats index for 2019 – and which may serve as a list of stocks for further research and consideration. For these stocks – including the four new additions to the index – CLICK HERE.