SPY-ing “Monster Gains”, After Hours

The trading strategy highlighted in today’s article, which uses the world’s largest exchange-traded fund (the SPDR S&P 500 ETF, or SPY) “has yielded more than 670%, excluding dividends, since 1993, according to Bespoke Investment Group.” And while this strategy had not been performing so well in the first half of this year, the outlook for it from here appears more favorable. For the strategy in question – the success of which hinges on what happens after hours – CLICK HERE.

Why The British Stock Market Could Be A Smart Contrarian Play

Thanks in large part to concerns surrounding Brexit and new prime minister Boris Johnson, British stocks are cheap right now — but are they cheap for very good reason or could they be a contrarian play for value investors? The author of today’s article, who has been “throwing money at the British stock market”, outlines a bullish case for British stocks (including why “the London stock market is not really about Britain at all) and how U.S. investors wanting to bet on British stocks can do so. For more, CLICK HERE.

The Best Of The Dividend Kings

When it comes to reliable, safe, and growing dividends, nothing trumps the Dividend Kings – a group of just 26 stocks that have managed to increase their dividends for at least 50 consecutive years. Of these 26 stocks, the authors of today’s article highlight four “that are among the highest-quality companies in the list of Dividend Kings that we see as providing investors with rising dividend income for many years to come” – even in the event of a recession. For more, CLICK HERE.

Follow The Leaders: 3 Stocks Top Investors Are Betting On Right Now

What stocks are some of the top investors currently buying – and why? Today’s article highlights three stocks that have gotten the attention of top investors of late: a blood diagnostic upstart with a $45 million investment from Microsoft, and a natural gas producer and a gold miner, both of which are picks of top-earning hedge fund managers. For the stocks in question and what is drawing these top investors to them, CLICK HERE.

An Options Strategy To Profit From Record M&A Activity

2019 is setting up to be a record year for mergers and acquisitions, both in terms of the number of deals and the dollar amounts involved, as a lack of organic revenue growth spurs companies to look to other avenues for growth. So how can individuals go about trying to profit from all this M&A activity without taking on too much risk? Today’s article looks at “how options can be used to take a more conservative approach to capturing value if a merger does occur and minimize the losses if it doesn’t.” For the specific strategy, CLICK HERE.

Crisis-Proofing Your Portfolio: What Are “The Best Strategies For The Worst Of Times”?

With the current bull market already the longest on record and increasing concerns over a looming recession, investors may be particularly interested right now in hedging the equity risk in – or “crisis-proofing” – their portfolios. But what defensive strategies are the best? A recent paper “analyzed the performance of a number of defensive strategies, both active and passive, between 1985 and 2018, with a particular emphasis on the eight worst drawdowns (the instances where the S&P 500 Index fell by more than 15 percent) and three U.S. recessions (8 percent of the full period).” For what the authors found, CLICK HERE.

10%+ Growth For 5+ Years: A Special Class Of Dividend-Paying Stocks

Which companies are positioned to be able to keep raising their dividends by 10% (or more) for the next five years (or longer) even if the economy takes a turn for the worse? Today’s article identifies 10 companies that are likely to achieve this feat, with the author noting that “For a company to safely raise its dividend for five more years, it has to have tolerable payout ratios of dividends to total earnings. Such companies also have to be able to grow their income ahead, and they must not be under unmanageable debt loads or too much regulatory scrutiny.” For more, CLICK HERE.

Picking Stocks (And Creating Wealth) In A World Of Duds

“Two years ago, an Arizona State University professor made waves with a study showing all the wealth created by U.S. stocks is the result of gains in a weirdly small group of companies,” reminds the author of today’s article – and now that same researcher is back with a new study whose findings paint an even bleaker picture for stock pickers than his previous study did. What are those findings – and what are their implications when it comes to wealth creation? CLICK HERE.

9 Recent – And Consistent – Dividend Raisers For Further Consideration

The nine companies highlighted in today’s article recently raised their dividends – and each has been increasing its annual dividend for at least 10 consecutive years (44 years in one case!). In order to identify potentially attractive picks among these stocks, the author reviews the dividend growth of each of these companies, along with trends in their earnings per share (“in order to determine the likelihood of future dividend increases”) and their valuations. For more, CLICK HERE.

The “Perfect 10 Portfolio” For The Coming Year

The author of today’s article has compiled 16 “Perfect 10 Portfolios” (consisting of stocks that have a price/earnings ratio of 10) since 2000 – and the majority of them, including last year’s, have beaten the S&P 500. For the ten stocks that make up his Perfect 10 Portfolio for the coming year – including a company that could benefit from the Trump Administration’s tariffs on imported steel and aluminum and a company that “Almost no one on Wall Street follows…leaving some room for it to be ‘discovered’” – CLICK HERE.