These Small Stocks Are Seeing Big Interest From Hedge Funds

In regards to hedge funds, the author of today’s article notes that they “control trillions of dollars, all of the funds strive to outperform and their investment decisions can impact the prices of stocks, especially small stocks.” As such, the author screened for cheap (trading under $10), low market cap (less than $100 million) stocks that saw significant buying interest from hedge funds in the previous quarter. For the four stocks that passed this screen – and which may be deserving of further consideration – CLICK HERE.

4 “Forever” Stocks

The four stocks highlighted in today’s article have one common link (and one that the author believes should make them particularly appealing to long-term investors): “They enjoy an economic moat and are into businesses that should be around decades from now.” For these four “forever” stocks – a railway company, a waste management and environmental services company, and two payment processing companies – CLICK HERE.

Want To Build Your Dividend Machine? Start With Considering These 38 Dividend Champions

The author of today’s article screens the list of dividend champions every month looking for new prospective buys, noting that “By buying stock regularly, you are dollar cost averaging your way into building your dividend machine.” His current list of dividend champions worthy of further consideration (based on criteria such as a forward dividend payout ratio below 60% and an annual dividend growth rate over the past decade exceeding 4%/year) is comprised of 38 stocks. For these stocks, CLICK HERE.

4 Low-Priced Income Stocks With Strong Sales

When it comes to low-priced stocks, the author of today’s article suggests that sales, rather than earnings, could be the most important factor to success. As such, the author proceeded to screen for low-priced (trading under $10 a share) dividend-paying stocks, “requiring companies to have reported sales growth of at least 25% over the past five years.” For four stocks that passed this screen, and which could be worthy of further research, CLICK HERE.

ETFs To Take Advantage Of Record-Setting Share Buyback Action

Thanks to a combination of the new tax law and strong earnings, it was a record-setting first quarter for share buybacks, with S&P 500 companies repurchasing $178 billion worth of their own stock. Moreover, as today’s article notes, “first-quarter buybacks could possibly reach $186 billion, putting S&P 500 companies on track to return shareholders over $1 trillion for the first time in history, through dividends and buybacks, for this year.” For investors seeking to take advantage of this buyback action, the article highlights several ETFs to consider for that purpose. CLICK HERE.

These Sectors Are Most Likely To Shine From Here

How a sector performs depends in part on where we stand – in the economic cycle. As today’s article observes, “Some sectors, such as industrials and financials, tend to display strong performance early in the economic cycle when economic growth is accelerating. Other sectors, like utilities and consumer staples, tend to be strongest very late in the economic cycle when economic growth is weakest.” So where are we in the current economic cycle – and which sectors are most likely to shine as a result? CLICK HERE.

Precious Insights On Buying Precious Metals

“Every investor portfolio should contain an allocation to precious metals,” argues the author of today’s article. And having this allocation may be more important today than ever. But getting into the precious metals market is not always a simple process: Is gold or silver the better investment? Should you buy physical metals (e.g. bars and coins) or metals-focused financial products (e.g. ETFs)? If you do buy physical metals, are bars or coins better as an investment – and, if coins, which ones? And what is the best place to buy physical precious metals? For the author’s insights on these questions, CLICK HERE.

Options Abound When Using Options

When it comes to protecting your investment portfolio in anticipation of a major market correction as this bull market gets more than a little long in the tooth, there are a number of approaches to consider, including seeking out safe investment niches and buying gold. Today’s article focuses on an additional approach to protecting your portfolio: using options. For more on using options to protect your investments – as well as using them for cheap entry into investments and to generate a little extra money from them – CLICK HERE.

Timber Stocks Are Going Up

“It’s rare that I stumble across a chart or trend that completely catches me off-guard,” admits the author of today’s article. However, the chart that he proceeds to highlight – a chart depicting the performance of an exchange-traded fund focused on timber and forestry stocks over the last two years – had that very effect. For this chart, more on the ETF in question, and an additional ETF offering exposure to the impressive trend in timber stocks, CLICK HERE.

These Six Stocks Are Under $5 – And At Least 50% Below Their Target Price

Today’s article highlights six low-priced stocks that are in uptrends – and which analysts believe could double in value. Specifically, each of these six stocks is priced at less than $5 a share, is trading at least 50% below analysts’ target price for the stock, and is trading above its 200 day moving average. For these six cheap stocks with the potential to double – including a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company and a stock offering exposure to Brazil’s economic turnaround – CLICK HERE.