Building A Successful Dividend Investing Strategy

While it may seem complicated to the uninitiated, the author of today’s article declares that “Dividend growth investing is one of the most straightforward and powerful ways to build long-term wealth” – and he proceeds to outline a “blueprint for successful dividend investing” comprised of four key principles. For this blueprint – including what he identifies as “One of the most common mistakes that dividend growth investors make” – CLICK HERE.

Why Real Estate Is Better Than Stocks (And Why Stocks Are Better Than Real Estate)

While he acknowledges that “Both have proven worthy of building great wealth over time” and that, at least during a bull market, “The choice between investing in real estate or stocks is like choosing between eating a chocolate cake or a hot fudge sundae”, the author of today’s article has an expressed preference for real estate over stocks. He proceeds to outline the many ways in which real estate is better than stocks, the many ways in which stocks are better than real estate, and which investment is better suited for who. For more, CLICK HERE.

The Future Appears Brightest For These Solar Companies

With 11.2 gigawatts’ worth of projects announced in the first six months of 2019 alone, the biggest driver of growth for the solar industry over the next few years won’t be rooftop solar but rather utility-scale solar projects – and with tens of billions of dollars at stake, the author of today’s article notes that “developers and solar manufacturers have a lot riding on who is winning projects.” So which companies are likely to emerge as winners in the solar market? CLICK HERE.

Large-Cap Quality Plus Small-Cap Growth Make These A “Best Of Both Worlds” Investment

They offer large-cap-like quality combined with small-cap-like growth – and yet these strong performers are underrepresented in investors’ portfolios. We’re talking about mid-cap stocks, which one mid-cap fund manager cited in today’s article sees as offering “the best of both worlds”. Why might now be an especially good time to consider mid-caps – and what are some specific mid-cap stocks (including the largest player in the companion animal diagnostic testing space) and funds worth considering? CLICK HERE.

A Whole New Market Is Giving This Cancer-Testing Stock A Boost

Shares of Exact Sciences – the company behind the at-home colon-cancer test Cologuard – got a boost recently when the FDA approved (earlier than expected) the use of Cologuard among average-risk individuals aged 45 and older. As the test had previously only been approved for people aged 50 and older, this development significantly increases the potential market for the test – and analysts are updating (and upgrading) their prospects for the company as a result. For more, CLICK HERE.

The Next “Big Short” – And The Case For Closed-End Funds

Michael Burry – the man who made a fortune by betting against the housing bubble in the 2000s (as depicted in the movie The Big Short) – now sees a bubble forming in passive funds (which he claims have a “dirty secret”). The author of today’s article, however, is a big fan of actively managed closed-end funds (CEFs), stating that they can actually be a powerful tool in a market downturn. He highlights one particular CEF with an impressive 8.5% dividend yield to consider. For more, CLICK HERE.

Winning Short Sellers’ Next Bets To Drop

The author of today’s article conducts an annual short-selling contest in which participants pick a stock they expect to decline in the ensuing 12 months. The individual whose chosen stock drops the most wins the contest. The winner of the contest that ran from last October to this September picked a landline phone company that fell 95% over that time period – and he (as well as the individual who placed second in the contest) have identified the stocks they believe are good bets to drop – and thus good stocks to sell short – for the coming year. For more, CLICK HERE.

“This Is Nuts”: Why This Analysis Of How Best To Invest A Windfall Is A “Game-Changer”

When it comes to the findings of this analysis of how best to invest a wad of cash, even the man who performed the analysis declared “This is nuts”, as his findings fly in the face of conventional investing wisdom. For what exactly his analysis – which looked at the relative performance of investing an amount of money all at once (lump sum) or at regular intervals over a period of time (dollar-cost averaging) – found, and why those findings have been described as a “game-changer”, CLICK HERE.

Establish A Strategic Risk Range – And Avoid “Getting Whipsawed By The Market”

“It’s important to not overreact to short-term market noise,” advises the author of today’s article. The problem, of course, is that overreacting to short-term market volatility is exactly what far too many investors do, and they end up exiting the market at the worst possible time. If you want to avoid “getting whipsawed by getting too bearish at the wrong time”, the author outlines a solution: employ a strategic risk range. For more, CLICK HERE.