35/55/3/3/4: The Gold Standard Of Portfolio Construction?

“You can have a portfolio that returns a lot, with a lot less risk,” declares the author of today’s article. He has long advocated a 35/65 portfolio (35% stocks, 65% bonds) in this regard, but after experimenting with variations on the 35/65 portfolio he has devised a portfolio – 35/55/3/3/4 – that offers “almost the return of the 80/20 portfolio with half the risk”. For more on this potentially ultimate portfolio – and how its attractive risk/return profile hinges largely on gold – CLICK HERE.

Preserving Wealth When “Nothing Is Safe”

With research showing that 70% of wealthy families lose their wealth by the second generation (and 90% losing their wealth by the third generation), the author of today’s article examines how wealth can be preserved over decades or even centuries – if it can be at all. He does this by tackling the following question: “How would you invest…$1 million to preserve its buying power until 2119?” U.S. Treasury Bills? Gold? Stocks? Land? For the author’s insights on preserving wealth over generations when “nothing is safe”, CLICK HERE.

Become A Pennystocking Master

Interested in trading penny stocks but concerned about the volatility associated with them (the same volatility that makes penny stocks potentially amazing opportunities)? The author of today’s article – a veteran of trading penny stocks – provides a comprehensive guide to pennystocking, spanning topics from how to trade penny stocks to key penny stock chart patterns to how to develop your own penny stock trading strategy. For more, CLICK HERE.

5 Airline Stocks Set To Take Off Amid Clearer Skies (And Higher Revenues)

After a dismal 2018 for airline companies, airline stocks have been trending higher this year – and with travel volume on the rise, clearer skies (and higher revenues) appear to lie ahead for airline companies. Today’s article posits that “Banking on such positives, it will be prudent to take a look at these red-hot airline stocks that are seeing the maximum upside” – and highlights five such stocks for consideration. For more, CLICK HERE.

Who’s On The Other Side Of The Trade? (And “The Four Sources of Alpha”)

When it comes to finding sources of alpha, today’s article suggests that the key is understanding who is on the other side of a given trade: “If you are buying, who is selling, and why? Knowing the answer to this question is one key to understanding where excess return comes from.” For more – including the behavioral errors that can be taken advantage of in a trade and “the four sources of alpha” – CLICK HERE.

Mutual Admiration: Which Mutual Funds Have The Distinction Of Being The Best?

The inability of many mutual funds to beat the market has been remarked on quite a bit recently. There are, of course, exceptions – such as the winning funds highlighted in today’s article. These stock funds and bond funds have outperformed over short-, mid- and long-term time frames, beating their respective benchmark indexes over the past one, three, five and ten years. For more on the best mutual funds to invest in (both domestic and international), what to do if a mutual fund you already own didn’t make the list, and why not a single value fund made the cut, CLICK HERE.

Why The Case For Investing In Real Estate Just Got A Big Boost

“The case for real estate just improved,” declares the author of today’s article, citing the findings of a new study which indicate that, as an investment, real estate is both safer and a better performer than previously thought. Specifically, the author notes that the study’s “striking finding is that housing returns are about equal to equity returns, and furthermore housing as an investment is significantly less risky than equities.” For more – including the implications of the study for investors (and the catch) – CLICK HERE.

Digging Into The Upside Potential Of Precious Metals

Of platinum, palladium, silver and gold, which may be the best long-term investment and also the best trade this year? Which may be the worst precious metal to own this year? And where might the remaining two metals rank? In today’s article, the author employs technical analysis to arrive at an answer to these questions. For more – including which precious metal the author states “could very easily start a new mega-rally at any time” and his thoughts on how to trade and invest in metals – CLICK HERE.

Avoiding The Next GE (And Could This Popular Stock Be It?)

Just as important to investors as being on the lookout for the next big success is being on guard against the next big disaster, such as the extended sell-off experienced by General Electric. What stock might be the next GE? Noting that many investors held onto GE stock despite its decline due to an emotional attachment, the author of today’s article suggests that “In looking for the next GE, it can be useful to look for a stock that many investors have an emotional tie to.” Which popular stock could be the next GE? CLICK HERE.

Interest Rates No Higher, Bank Stocks On Fire?

With the Federal Reserve having just signaled that no interest rate hikes are now expected this year (down from the two hikes that were previously forecast for 2019), why would this be a bullish environment for bank stocks (given that higher interest rates tend to be a boon for those that lend money)? Today’s article looks at why, while “this isn’t often a bullish backdrop for big bank stocks…it is now.” For more on this potential “banks on fire” trade, CLICK HERE.