The “Vastly Improved” Investment Case For Emerging Markets – And Specific Recommendations From Big-Name Investors

After experiencing a rough 2018, today’s article notes that “the investment case for emerging markets has vastly improved” – and highlights some specific emerging market recommendations from some big-name investors. Among these recommendations is an Eastern European bank which one equity research firm notes “ranks first as the most undervalued name with outstanding profitability… and one of the highest dividend yields in the sector”. For more, CLICK HERE.

Meaningful Stock Investment Ideas From Market-Beating Money Managers – Who Name Names!

The author of today’s article laments the fact that – in discussing stock investment ideas for 2018 – many top money managers talk about broad investing themes expected to be profitable but are unwilling to name specific stock names. As such, he went on the hunt for meaningful stock investing ideas for this year – ideas from market-beating managers who were willing to name specific names and not just broad themes. What did he find in that regard? CLICK HERE.

Potential Winning Tax Reform Trades

Tax reform is now a done deal. While this development is generally bullish for the stock market, today’s article notes that some sectors and companies will be bigger winners than others – with analysts expecting that the consumer goods sector will be the biggest sector winner. Given this, the author screened for low-priced (and profitable) consumer goods stocks that could be potential winners from tax reform. For the five stocks that passed the screen – and a sector by sector review of the expected impact of tax reform on earnings – CLICK HERE.

Some “Quite Contrarian” Stock Picks For 2018

In identifying stock picks for 2018, the author of today’s article is looking abroad and “in unloved sectors like telecom, broadcasting, Italian banking, and French car manufacturing” – and while these areas may seem risky, he notes that the specific companies he is targeting in those spaces appear strong (and that even otherwise ‘safe’ stocks are not currently without risk due to elevated prices). For the specific “quite contrarian positions” he highlights, CLICK HERE.