Apple, Pot, Oil And More: Bold Predictions To Help Prepare Your Trades For The Year Ahead

Apple’s stock price doesn’t recover, pot stocks experience a bitcoin-like implosion, and the price of oil remains under $75 all year. These are some of the “bold and perhaps unpopular” market predictions the author of today’s article is making for the year ahead – and while he acknowledges that some of these predictions may be sources of disagreement, he notes that they each highlight important issues for investors and hopefully cause the reader to “at least think about the other side of the trade and prepare your portfolio accordingly for the year ahead.” For more, CLICK HERE.

Is Apple Stock Now A Screaming Buy? Here’s What This “Wonky But Essential” Stat Indicates

Apple’s stock price plummeted after the company slashed revenue guidance, in large part due to slumping sales in China. So is Apple stock, which today’s article notes is now one-third cheaper than it was at its apex (when it was still regarded as a great value stock), now a screaming buy? The author advises that in order to “assess whether Apple is truly a bargain, [we need to] analyze the underlying trends that will determine its future fortunes, using a wonky but essential measure…” For more, CLICK HERE.

1 Winning (And 1 Losing) Investment Based On Apple’s New Strategy

Apple recently unveiled its newest line of phones – as well as the newest version of its Apple Watch, which reflects the company’s aggressive push into the healthcare space. In today’s article, the author examines the investment implications of Apple’s newest products and its strategy going forward. Specifically, he highlights which firm may be the biggest winner from Apple’s strategy – and which may be the biggest loser. For more, CLICK HERE.

Trading The FANGs Of August

Against the backdrop of Facebook’s recent – and historic – rout, today’s article examines the price cycles of Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix and Google – and what they indicate about how to trade the FANG stocks in August. What do the charts have to say about what to buy, what to sell – and when? Which FANG stock does the author point to as seemingly being the most attractive right now? CLICK HERE to find out.

Why Apple Shouldn’t Fall If The Market Does

More and more voices are expressing concern over a market correction – or full-on crash. With tech stocks having been out front in the market’s rise, one might expect them to suffer the biggest hit in a correction or crash. However, the author of today’s article outlines why one tech leader – Apple – will go unscathed. What does he see as “the biggest reason that Apple will not tank in a market correction”? Could Apple still pass the trillion dollar mark this year even if a crash occurs? And what’s one thing the author believes could alter Apple’s prospects in the event of a correction? CLICK HERE.

This Tiny Tech Stock Is Surging. Here’s Why This May Just Be The Beginning

The tiny tech stock highlighted in today’s article is not the recipient of the level of attention given to the likes of Apple, Google and others, but it has soared 582% over the last five years – and that impressive surge may just be the beginning of an upside explosion. The author explains how the company in question has something in common with Qualcomm that makes them both highly profitable companies – and why this company is poised to explode just as Qualcomm did in the early 2000s. CLICK HERE.

Want To Get A Bite Of Apple’s iPhone Suppliers? This Fund May Be The Best Way

As the release date for Apple’s high-end iPhone X nears, today’s article notes that “international investors are ramping up bets on suppliers for the device, whose shares can rise and fall on the latest rumors swirling around the iconic gadget.” The authors proceed to highlight what may be the best way to bet on these Apple suppliers ahead of the rollout – an exchange-traded fund that tracks Taiwanese stocks. For more on this fund – and why it beats other funds investors use to gain exposure to Apple suppliers – CLICK HERE.

How FAANG Fare In September

Despite the excitement surrounding the unveiling of its new iPhones, history suggests that traders may want to steer clear of Apple stock this month – over the past 36 years the stock has had an average September loss of 4.18%. Conversely, two FAANG stocks have historically been top performers in September, with one generating the highest average September returns and another having the highest September win rate – ending the month higher 77% of the time. To read more, CLICK HERE.