3 Silver Juniors To Consider As Sentiment Towards “Gold’s Little Sister” Shifts

Gold’s little sister – silver – has “become increasingly attractive to investors looking for undervalued asset classes and safe-haven investments,” notes the author of today’s article. Anticipating a more supportive sentiment for the silver market this year, he proceeds to highlight a basket of three silver juniors with high leverage to the silver price to consider: one growth-oriented silver producer, one silver developer/explorer (and potential takeover target), and one early-stage gold/silver explorer. For more, CLICK HERE.

Positioning Your Portfolio For A Government Shutdown

President Trump recently indicated that he is willing to see the government shut down over the issue of funding his border wall with Mexico. While history suggests that a government shutdown is unlikely to have any substantial effect on the markets, today’s article notes that “there could be some minimal movements in some specific asset classes…which could prove to be gainful to investors.” For some specific funds that could be good buys – and some it may be best to avoid – in the event of a shutdown, CLICK HERE.

How’s Everybody Doing? (A Look At How Pretty Much Everything You Can Invest In Is Performing This Year)

Want an overview of how pretty much everything you can invest in is performing so far this year? Strategists at Bank of America Merrill Lynch have compiled just that – and while the author of today’s article notes that “this is a small snapshot…it’s still a good opportunity to reflect on how some of the biggest economic and political developments have shaped financial markets in 2017.” What are the best performing asset classes so far this year? Which countries’ equity markets are the biggest winners? Which equity sectors are leading the pack? CLICK HERE to find out.

6 Percent: As Good As Returns Will Get For The Next 5 Years?

2016-08-01 07_34_23-Morguefile.com free stock photosSix percent. This is the highest BlackRock Inc. expects for returns for any asset class in the next five years. In fact, as today’s article states, the global investment management corporation’s Chief Investment Strategist expects that most asset classes “won’t even scrape 5 percent”. For a chart depicting BlackRock’s five-year return assumptions by asset class – including the only two groups expected to crack 6 percent – as well as for the firm’s advice on playing emerging markets and commodities, CLICK HERE.