A Promising Biotech IPO – And Its Potential Problems

Gossamer Bio is a San Diego-based biotech that is readying for an initial public offering – and with a diverse pipeline including potential treatments for a severe type of asthma, pulmonary arterial hypertension and inflammatory bowel disease, this IPO could be particularly appealing to investors. However, despite the promise associated with this biotech, there are also a number of potential problems that prospective investors should be aware of. For more, CLICK HERE.

The B-I-O-T-E-C-H Of Successful Biotech Investing

While the key to successful investing – regardless of what you are investing in – is minimizing risk while maximizing potential reward, how you go about accomplishing this can depend on what you are investing in. In particular, when it comes to investing in biotech stocks, the author of today’s article notes that they have their “own unique requirements” in this regard – and he proceeds to outline “seven essential rules” for biotech investing that can help increase one’s odds of success. CLICK HERE.