After falling off a cliff – and off many people’s radars – late last year, Bitcoin has been staging a comeback recently – and, as a result, so has the gold versus Bitcoin debate (including the launching of a #DropGold marketing campaign by Bitcoin bulls and a countering report by gold bugs). So who comes out on top in the gold versus Bitcoin debate today? The author of today’s article makes his pick – and lays out the three primary reasons behind it. For more, CLICK HERE.

Apple, Pot, Oil And More: Bold Predictions To Help Prepare Your Trades For The Year Ahead

Apple’s stock price doesn’t recover, pot stocks experience a bitcoin-like implosion, and the price of oil remains under $75 all year. These are some of the “bold and perhaps unpopular” market predictions the author of today’s article is making for the year ahead – and while he acknowledges that some of these predictions may be sources of disagreement, he notes that they each highlight important issues for investors and hopefully cause the reader to “at least think about the other side of the trade and prepare your portfolio accordingly for the year ahead.” For more, CLICK HERE.

Sitting On A Bitcoin Windfall? Consider This “Regret Minimization” Selling Strategy

If you own bitcoin – and are sitting on a sizable windfall as a result – you may well be struggling with the question of when to sell. As the author of today’s article notes, for many bitcoin owners, “the sheer speed of bitcoin appreciation and the scale of the windfall have them paralyzed, afraid to make a decision — any decision — that might be wrong.” For those who find themselves in this position, he proceeds to outline a “regret minimization” strategy for when to sell bitcoin. To read more, CLICK HERE.

Which Alt-Coins Could See Bitcoin-Beating Gains In The Coming Years?

For those who are crypto believers and who feel they missed out on bitcoin’s astonishing rally, which of the more than 1,300 alt-coins – if any – have the potential to be the next bitcoin (or even better)? Today’s article notes that many crypto analysts believe there could be bitcoin-level (or bitcoin-beating) gains in some of the lesser-known coins in the coming years – and highlights seven cryptocurrencies that analysts believe may be worth watching next year. To read more, CLICK HERE.