After falling off a cliff – and off many people’s radars – late last year, Bitcoin has been staging a comeback recently – and, as a result, so has the gold versus Bitcoin debate (including the launching of a #DropGold marketing campaign by Bitcoin bulls and a countering report by gold bugs). So who comes out on top in the gold versus Bitcoin debate today? The author of today’s article makes his pick – and lays out the three primary reasons behind it. For more, CLICK HERE.

Outlook For Gold, Silver – And A Potential Global Debt Bubble Collapse – In 2019

In summing up its market and economic outlook for 2019, today’s offering declares the following: “Hope for the best but be prepared for the worst by increased allocations to cash, silver and gold.” Might 2019 see a global debt bubble collapse? How much might investors want to be invested in gold? Is silver or bitcoin a better investment option for 2019? And what could bring about a global financial crisis this year? For a discussion of these topics and more, CLICK HERE.

Another Crypto Concern: Fake Bitcoin Wallets

As if bitcoin’s rapid rise – and the possibility that it is a bubble waiting to burst – wasn’t concerning enough, you can add another worry to your list of crypto concerns: fake bitcoin wallets being created by hackers to steal your money. Here’s what the author of today’s article has to say: “If someone hacks the computers of your bank you can still get your money back via the FDIC. If hackers hit your virtual currency, you are toast.” To read more about how hackers are seeking to take advantage of people new to bitcoin, CLICK HERE.

Sitting On A Bitcoin Windfall? Consider This “Regret Minimization” Selling Strategy

If you own bitcoin – and are sitting on a sizable windfall as a result – you may well be struggling with the question of when to sell. As the author of today’s article notes, for many bitcoin owners, “the sheer speed of bitcoin appreciation and the scale of the windfall have them paralyzed, afraid to make a decision — any decision — that might be wrong.” For those who find themselves in this position, he proceeds to outline a “regret minimization” strategy for when to sell bitcoin. To read more, CLICK HERE.

Which Alt-Coins Could See Bitcoin-Beating Gains In The Coming Years?

For those who are crypto believers and who feel they missed out on bitcoin’s astonishing rally, which of the more than 1,300 alt-coins – if any – have the potential to be the next bitcoin (or even better)? Today’s article notes that many crypto analysts believe there could be bitcoin-level (or bitcoin-beating) gains in some of the lesser-known coins in the coming years – and highlights seven cryptocurrencies that analysts believe may be worth watching next year. To read more, CLICK HERE.

The Best Performing Stocks Offering Bitcoin Exposure

The author of today’s article observes that 2017 may well go down in the history books as “the year of the cryptocurrency.” However, despite the staggering gains seen by bitcoin, bitcoin cash, Ethereum, and other digital currencies, he acknowledges that “decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges…aren’t for everyone.” For those looking to acquire bitcoin exposure through the stock market, he proceeds to highlight the best performing equities of 2017 with direct and/or indirect ties to bitcoin. For these three stocks – and why the top bitcoin-tied stock may also be the most dangerous – CLICK HERE.

Bitcoin At $100 Billion: The Catalysts That Could Propel It – And The “Speed Bumps” That Could Prevent It

The aggregate value of cryptocurrencies is up 876% year to date, with the most popular cryptocurrency – bitcoin – up almost 500%. With its market cap having recently touched $97 billion, will bitcoin soon reach a market cap of $100 billion? Today’s article looks at seven factors that have been behind bitcoin’s incredible rally thus far – and which could be the catalysts to propel it to the $100 billion mark – as well as three “speed bumps” that could upend the digital currency’s momentum. CLICK HERE.

Not Invested In Bitcoin? You Could Still Be Collateral Damage In A Crypto Crash

Think that a bursting of the bitcoin bubble won’t affect you because you aren’t investing in bitcoin? Think again. Today’s article looks at the sectors – and some specific stocks within those sectors – that could end up being collateral damage in the event of a crash in the price of leading cryptocurrencies. To read more – including why one market observer warns that the approval of an exchange-traded fund based on bitcoin futures could “sow the seeds for a market crisis” – CLICK HERE.

Better Than Bitcoin? 5 Oil & Gas Stocks To Consider

Are there oil and gas stocks that offer investors more value than the current crypto craze of Bitcoin? The author of today’s article notes that, while many sectors have seen significant rallies since November 8, “energy stocks have not quite kept up with the market as a whole since the November election results” – and he proceeds to highlight five oil and gas stocks that could represent potential value plays. To find out what these stocks are, CLICK HERE.