COVID & Psychedelics: 3 Biotech Penny Stocks To Watch In August

“With coronavirus cases climbing in the U.S., this is likely going to be a clear focus for quite some time,” declares the author of today’s article in regards to the biotech sector. They proceed to highlight three biotech penny stocks to watch as August gets underway: two COVID-related plays as well as “one of the few listed penny stocks to have a foot in the emerging psychedelics industry.” For more, CLICK HERE.

Options For An Uncertain Earnings Season

With second-quarter earnings season getting underway against what the author of today’s article acknowledges is “one of the most uncertain backdrops ever”, he advises that “It’s a good time to review some options strategies to manage risk in the age of coronavirus.” He proceeds to do just that, reviewing the key options strategies of long calls, vertical call spreads, bearish put spreads and covered calls. For more, CLICK HERE.

Market Volatility Could Be Exacerbated This Week (And Beyond) – And Not Just Because Of Coronavirus

The stock market could be in for an especially volatile time this week and into July – and while the acceleration in new coronavirus cases would be a major factor driving that volatility, it would not be the only factor. As the author of today’s article explains, “there are a number of factors that also have the potential to exacerbate volatility in financial markets next week and into July” – and he outlines seven of them. For more, CLICK HERE.

A Loss Of Goodwill: Why It May Be Best To Avoid These 2 Healthcare Stocks

When it comes to acquisitions, “goodwill”, as the author of today’s article explains, “represents the premium an acquiring company paid over an acquisition target’s net book value, and can face massive writedowns if the underlying business goes bad.” He proceeds to flag two healthcare companies that, due to acquisitions that ended up being poorly timed thanks to the effects of the novel coronavirus, are at high risk of substantial writedowns – and thus whose stock it may be best to avoid. For more, CLICK HERE.

5 “Alternative” ETFs To Protect Against Losses – Or Make Money – Amid The Market Mayhem

For those investing for the long-term, the best thing to do in response to current market turmoil, driven by fears surrounding the novel coronavirus, may be to do nothing and wait for the market’s inevitable recovery. But for those who want to (or need to) protect against losses – or who want to make money amid the current market mayhem – today’s article highlights five exchange-traded funds that follow alternative strategies that could be useful in that regard. For these five ETFs and their respective alternative strategies, CLICK HERE.

Epidemics, Pandemics & Portfolios

When it comes to the panic surrounding the novel coronavirus, the author of today’s article states “Because I am not an epidemiologist, I won’t opine on whether this level of panic is warranted…Nevertheless, what I can do is discuss how coronavirus might affect your portfolio” – and he proceeds to do just that by looking at how markets have performed during three modern epidemics (and a historical pandemic), using a different approach than that employed by previous analyses. What does this examination suggest about the potential impact of the coronavirus on the market – and your portfolio? CLICK HERE.

3 Stocks For Solid Growth With Low Risk

Markets have hit new highs this year but have also experienced sharp declines, especially in response to worrisome developments concerning the new coronavirus. Against this backdrop, investors may be unsure about whether to buy growth stocks. However, the author of today’s article notes that “Fortunately, there are stocks that give investors ways to profit from strong growth trends with less risk than what comes with other companies that tend to be considered growth stocks” – and he highlights three such stocks to consider. For more, CLICK HERE.