The Right Sector Right Now – And A Safe 6.9% Dividend

While earnings are declining, the author of today’s article points out an important fact about the decline: it’s being largely driven by companies that rely on foreign markets for the majority of their sales, while earnings of companies that generate the majority of their sales domestically are actually rising. As a result, he argues, “the overall earnings decline isn’t a sign of a recession—and it isn’t reason to sell out of stocks…In fact, now is a great time to buy—so long as you do so selectively.” He proceeds to highlight one particular sector that may be a wise selection right now – and a specific fund paying a safe 6.9% dividend. For more, CLICK HERE.

Building A Successful Dividend Investing Strategy

While it may seem complicated to the uninitiated, the author of today’s article declares that “Dividend growth investing is one of the most straightforward and powerful ways to build long-term wealth” – and he proceeds to outline a “blueprint for successful dividend investing” comprised of four key principles. For this blueprint – including what he identifies as “One of the most common mistakes that dividend growth investors make” – CLICK HERE.

Lessons In Dividend Investing

If you want to improve as a dividend investor over time, the author of today’s article advises that “The thing that helps in this department is objectively evaluating [your] investments, studying mistakes and successes…This review should identify potential improvement points related to companies you are investing in, and potentially common success factors prior to investing in a stock. It could also help identify common denominator problems that could be avoided in the future.” He proceeds to share a number of lessons he has learned from his own review process that can help in becoming a better dividend investor. For more, CLICK HERE.

The Unique, Profitable Tech Stock That’s Beating Expectations

One of the favorite investing destinations of the author of today’s article is Australia – and as such he proceeds to highlight a unique – and profitable – Australian technology stock that trades in the U.S. The company in question “provides team collaboration and productivity software solutions worldwide”, is unique in several respects (including the fact that it has always been profitable), and has been beating analyst expectations. For more on this company – including what may be its most unique aspect – CLICK HERE.

Dividend Champions: Screening For The Cream Of The Crop

Not all dividend champions are created equal. In order to identify dividend champions worthy of further research, the author of today’s article screened the list of dividend champions, focusing on valuation, dividend safety and dividend growth sustainability, as well as “review[ing] the trends in fundamentals for each of the companies, and taking out those that didn’t seem promising enough.” For the screen employed and the 39 “solid” dividend champions that passed the screen, CLICK HERE.

Two Quality Dividend Stocks To Consider Buying On A Dip

“The beauty of quality companies is that you need to get one decision right – that is the ability to identify their business model, and then buy those companies in the first place without overpaying for them,” states the author of today’s article, before proceeding to highlight two specific quality companies that he has on his radar to buy when they become attractively valued on a dip. Both of these companies are market leaders in their space – and both have been increasing their dividends for years. For these two companies – and at what price the author believes they would be attractively valued – CLICK HERE.

4 Income Stocks For The Incoming Year

2016-12-29-18_03_19-morguefile-free-photographs-for-commercial-use“Whether it’s an up market or a down market, there’s always a place for dividend investing,” declares today’s article. However, noting that picking the right dividend stocks (and avoiding possible dividend duds) can be a daunting task requiring a cautious strategy, the authors attempted to screen for the best income stocks for 2017. The screen employed yielded four stocks. To see what these four stocks are – each offering a dividend yield of at least 3% and steady 5-year historical dividend growth – CLICK HERE.