Buy Tomorrow’s Dividend Aristocrats (Such As These 3 Stocks) At A Bargain Today

Dividend Aristocrats are great, but as the author of today’s article notes, “everyone already knows these firms are great. And as a result, their stocks are now overpriced and these well-run firms are producing mere also-ran returns.” Fortunately, he has a solution to this problem: Buying tomorrow’s Dividend Aristocrats today. By doing so, he explains, “we are buying better growth prospects at a bargain.” He proceeds to highlight three dividend stocks that are “shoe-ins” to become Aristocrats in the coming years – and thus may be worth considering today. For more, CLICK HERE.

3 Dividend Stocks With Attractive Yields For A Certain – Or Uncertain – Market

Whether markets continue to shrug off uncertainty, or become pervaded by it, the three dividend stocks highlighted in today’s article could prove to be good picks. That’s because they not only offer attractive yields supported by growing cash flows, but because all three come from the beaten-down energy sector, there is the potential for impressive total return should that sector make a comeback. For these three dividend stocks – including “one of the best investments for MLP investors” – CLICK HERE.

Two “Off-The-Radar Dividend Plays” Blending Income And Growth

“When most investors think of dividend-paying companies, they think of stodgy blue chips. And that makes sense…But there are a number of smaller companies that can blend growth with current income as well, thanks to the relative size of their industry,” notes the author today’s article, who proceeds to highlight two “off-the-radar dividend plays” that offer this combination of safe income and growth potential. For these two dividend stocks – and the author’s strategy suggestions for both investors and speculators – CLICK HERE.

Reviewing (And Ranking) The Best Income-Producing Investments For 2020

Although income-seeking investors will likely have to lower their expectations this year, there’s still a wide array of income-producing investments to consider. Today’s article examines 12 income-producing parts of the market – overseas dividend stocks, U.S. telecom stocks, tax-exempt (and taxable) municipal bonds, pipeline operators and more – and ranks them in order of preference for 2020, mentioning a number of specific names from each sector in the process. For more, CLICK HERE.

9 Recent – And Consistent – Dividend Raisers For Further Consideration

The nine companies highlighted in today’s article recently raised their dividends – and each has been increasing its annual dividend for at least 10 consecutive years (44 years in one case!). In order to identify potentially attractive picks among these stocks, the author reviews the dividend growth of each of these companies, along with trends in their earnings per share (“in order to determine the likelihood of future dividend increases”) and their valuations. For more, CLICK HERE.

Inside The Dangerous “Cult of Dividends”

In the low interest rate environment of the last 10 years, have dividend stocks become a cult of sorts for income-hungry investors who have been unable to rely on bonds? That’s the argument made by the author of today’s article, who asserts that, today, “if you own companies that pay dividends then you are a “serious” investor, while if dividends are not a centerpiece of your investment strategy you are a heretic…” More importantly, he warns that there is danger associated with this cult of dividends and treating dividend-paying stocks as bond substitutes. For more, CLICK HERE.

3 Dividend Stocks With The Good Kind Of Deep Value

When is a dividend stock that the market is especially bearish on a deep value buying opportunity and when is it a yield/value trap? The Deep Value Dividend Growth Portfolio managed by the author of today’s article “is all about investing in quality dividend payers, at good to great prices, opportunistically when the market becomes extremely bearish on quality income producing assets” – and it recently added three stocks that are available at deep discounts, sport attractive yields and offer 18%+ long-term return potential. For more, CLICK HERE.

Why This Fast-Growing Dividend Stock May Be The Best (And Lowest Risk) Way To Profit From Cannabis

There’s no question that, despite the risks inherent in the cannabis space, there’s a fortune to be made by investors who make smart stock picks. Such as? According to the author of today’s article, “you might be surprised to learn that the best (and lowest risk) way to profit from the cannabis boom isn’t one of the well-known (and massively overpriced) growers but rather one of the fastest growing dividend stocks in America.” For the stock in question and why the author believes it is “hands down the best way to profit from cannabis,” CLICK HERE.

Solid Dividend Stocks For Divided (i.e. Deadlocked) Government

When Democrats officially retake control of the House in January, the U.S. will return to divided – and likely deadlocked – government. The author of today’s article notes that “a deadlocked government means that stocks will be evaluated more on their fundamentals, and not on whether new government policies will help or hurt. It will be a good time to be a dividend focused investor.” He proceeds to highlight three income stocks that are each poised to benefit from an ongoing economic trend – including the continued raising of interest rates. For more, CLICK HERE.