The “Vastly Improved” Investment Case For Emerging Markets – And Specific Recommendations From Big-Name Investors

After experiencing a rough 2018, today’s article notes that “the investment case for emerging markets has vastly improved” – and highlights some specific emerging market recommendations from some big-name investors. Among these recommendations is an Eastern European bank which one equity research firm notes “ranks first as the most undervalued name with outstanding profitability… and one of the highest dividend yields in the sector”. For more, CLICK HERE.

A High-Growth Dividend Stock With Forward-Looking Appeal

At 1.2%, the stock highlighted in today’s article does not have the most appealing dividend yield currently. However, for long-term buy-and-hold investors, the author sees it as “one of the best growth stocks in the entire market”, thanks to its strong brand, competitive advantages and growth potential. This stock has raised its dividend for 17 consecutive years (including a recent 10% increase), and the author advises that investors can be highly confident that another 10%+ increase in on tap for 2019 (and beyond). For the stock in question, CLICK HERE.

10 REITs That Have Been Movin’ On Up This Year

It’s no wonder that real-estate investment trusts are popular investments given, as today’s article notes, “Over 90% of REIT’s have higher dividend yields compared to the average S&P 500 company.” The article proceeds to highlight ten REITs that have gained at least 10% (and upwards of 50%) so far in 2018. For these ten REITs that have been movin’ on up this year – spanning mortgage REITs, data centre REITs and more – CLICK HERE.

Bigger May Indeed Be Better For These 2 High-Yielding Stocks

While the author of today’s article acknowledges that “bigger isn’t usually better when you’re talking about dividend yield,” he proceeds to highlight two high-yielding stocks where this may actually be the case. Specifically, these two stocks have dividend yields over 10% – and which appear to be safe. For these two stocks – a REIT that appears insulated from future rate increases and an energy firm that has undergone a re-shuffling in order to focus on growth – CLICK HERE.

This Twist On The Dogs Of The Dow Strategy Has Been Outperforming

The author of today’s article notes that the Dogs of the Dow strategy – investing in the Dow Jones Industrial Average stocks with the highest dividend yields – has not been performing as well in recent years as it once did. However, there is another strategy – a variant of the Dogs of the Dow strategy – that has been performing far better than the original strategy in recent years. To find out what this strategy is – and which stocks would carry it out now – CLICK HERE.

Mercury (And Dividend) Rising: 8 Stocks Likely To Increase Payouts This Summer

When it comes to dividends, the author of today’s article notes that – as a result of inflation – if they aren’t growing, they’re actually shrinking. As such, he proceeds to highlight a number of stocks – eight to be exact – that he expects will hike their dividends this summer. To find out what these eight stocks are – including the one that prompts the author to declare that, if it “doesn’t increase its payout this June, you should put in a call to the sun to see if it plans on rising anymore” – CLICK HERE.