Buy Tomorrow’s Dividend Aristocrats (Such As These 3 Stocks) At A Bargain Today

Dividend Aristocrats are great, but as the author of today’s article notes, “everyone already knows these firms are great. And as a result, their stocks are now overpriced and these well-run firms are producing mere also-ran returns.” Fortunately, he has a solution to this problem: Buying tomorrow’s Dividend Aristocrats today. By doing so, he explains, “we are buying better growth prospects at a bargain.” He proceeds to highlight three dividend stocks that are “shoe-ins” to become Aristocrats in the coming years – and thus may be worth considering today. For more, CLICK HERE.

5 Undervalued Dividend Stocks For Investors Who Prefer Growing (As Opposed To The Highest) Yields

The five dividend-paying stocks highlighted in today’s article are not for dividend investors looking for the highest yields, but they are for dividend investors looking for reliable dividend growth, as they have all increased their payouts for at least five consecutive years – and are poised to continue to increase their payouts. For these five dividend stocks – which are currently undervalued – CLICK HERE.

The 7 New Members Of Dividend Aristocracy

Dividend Aristocrats (S&P 500 companies that have increased their dividend payouts for 25 consecutive years or more) tend to outperform the broader market over time – and their outperformance tends to be especially notable during down months. As such, it is worth having a look at the newest members of dividend aristocracy: the seven companies that have been added to the Dividend Aristocrats in its latest annual rebalancing. For more, CLICK HERE.

3 Dividend Stocks With Attractive Yields For A Certain – Or Uncertain – Market

Whether markets continue to shrug off uncertainty, or become pervaded by it, the three dividend stocks highlighted in today’s article could prove to be good picks. That’s because they not only offer attractive yields supported by growing cash flows, but because all three come from the beaten-down energy sector, there is the potential for impressive total return should that sector make a comeback. For these three dividend stocks – including “one of the best investments for MLP investors” – CLICK HERE.

Two “Off-The-Radar Dividend Plays” Blending Income And Growth

“When most investors think of dividend-paying companies, they think of stodgy blue chips. And that makes sense…But there are a number of smaller companies that can blend growth with current income as well, thanks to the relative size of their industry,” notes the author today’s article, who proceeds to highlight two “off-the-radar dividend plays” that offer this combination of safe income and growth potential. For these two dividend stocks – and the author’s strategy suggestions for both investors and speculators – CLICK HERE.

This Laggard Medical-Device Stock Could Get A Shot In The Arm

While the medical-device stock highlighted in today’s article is up nearly 20% this year, it lags the S&P 500 and the core medical-device exchange-traded fund. Why? The firm faces several headwinds, including a strong U.S. dollar and heightened scrutiny surrounding one of its products. But these headwinds may be causing investors to overlook a solid company poised to outperform, with one analyst saying the following: “Put up double-digit earnings, add the dividend yield, and you’ll end up with a return in the low double digits to low teens. That’s what this stock is set up to do.” For more, CLICK HERE.

No Signs Of The “Retail Apocalypse” With These Dividend Payers

Behind the high-profile bankruptcy stories and talk of a “retail apocalypse” as more and more buying takes place online, the author of today’s article notes that brick-and-mortar retail sales have actually shown steady growth over the last decade – and are poised to continue growing steadily for the foreseeable future. Moreover, he points out that “select corners of brick-and-mortar retail are absolutely thriving” – and highlights two dividend-paying retail stocks that have been beating the market. For more – including what the author identifies as “the best way to invest in retail” for generous yields – CLICK HERE.

The Right Sector Right Now – And A Safe 6.9% Dividend

While earnings are declining, the author of today’s article points out an important fact about the decline: it’s being largely driven by companies that rely on foreign markets for the majority of their sales, while earnings of companies that generate the majority of their sales domestically are actually rising. As a result, he argues, “the overall earnings decline isn’t a sign of a recession—and it isn’t reason to sell out of stocks…In fact, now is a great time to buy—so long as you do so selectively.” He proceeds to highlight one particular sector that may be a wise selection right now – and a specific fund paying a safe 6.9% dividend. For more, CLICK HERE.

The Next “Big Short” – And The Case For Closed-End Funds

Michael Burry – the man who made a fortune by betting against the housing bubble in the 2000s (as depicted in the movie The Big Short) – now sees a bubble forming in passive funds (which he claims have a “dirty secret”). The author of today’s article, however, is a big fan of actively managed closed-end funds (CEFs), stating that they can actually be a powerful tool in a market downturn. He highlights one particular CEF with an impressive 8.5% dividend yield to consider. For more, CLICK HERE.