The Decline Of The Dividend

The importance attributed to dividends has changed over time, with the author of today’s article noting that “In the past, dividends were the only reason investors placed their money in equities. Now, dividends play a much smaller role, for better or worse, in the overall stock market.” One of the biggest factors behind the shrinking importance of dividends? The increase in stock buybacks, as corporations found another way to return money to shareholders. But it’s not the only factor. For more – including what this shift means for dividend strategies – CLICK HERE.

The “Vastly Improved” Investment Case For Emerging Markets – And Specific Recommendations From Big-Name Investors

After experiencing a rough 2018, today’s article notes that “the investment case for emerging markets has vastly improved” – and highlights some specific emerging market recommendations from some big-name investors. Among these recommendations is an Eastern European bank which one equity research firm notes “ranks first as the most undervalued name with outstanding profitability… and one of the highest dividend yields in the sector”. For more, CLICK HERE.

A Hot Stock Tip From The World’s Greatest Investor

A look at the top holdings of Berkshire Hathaway’s equity portfolio makes it clear that Warren Buffett is very bullish on the U.S. financial sector – and while Buffett himself has not provided a specific reason as to why that is, the author of today’s article believes it’s because we have entered a “golden age for American banks”, with many years of rising earnings and rising share prices ahead. Why might this be the case – and what are the two newest financial additions to Berkshire’s portfolio? CLICK HERE.

3 Investment Ideas For What Q2 Has In Store

Continued global economic expansion. Inflation picking up – leading to further interest rate hikes by the Fed. More muted returns – and higher volatility. And a reduced reward for risk. These features sum up the economic backdrop that Blackrock strategists see ahead for the second quarter and beyond – and underlie the three investment ideas highlighted in today’s article. Where might investors want to focus their attention when it comes to equities, fixed income and commodities? CLICK HERE.

The Best Performing Stocks Offering Bitcoin Exposure

The author of today’s article observes that 2017 may well go down in the history books as “the year of the cryptocurrency.” However, despite the staggering gains seen by bitcoin, bitcoin cash, Ethereum, and other digital currencies, he acknowledges that “decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges…aren’t for everyone.” For those looking to acquire bitcoin exposure through the stock market, he proceeds to highlight the best performing equities of 2017 with direct and/or indirect ties to bitcoin. For these three stocks – and why the top bitcoin-tied stock may also be the most dangerous – CLICK HERE.