If Past Is Prologue, This Is One Of The Best ETFs To Buy For July

The tech ETF highlighted in today’s article may be one of the best ETFs – if not the best ETF – to buy for July, if past is prologue. Why? The fund in question has ended July higher 100% of the time (with an average July gain of about 4%) in each of the last 10 years – the only ETF to do so! For the ETF in question – and how traders may want to go about exploiting this historical trend – CLICK HERE.

How This ETF Looks Beyond Yield To Find Quality, Undervalued, Safe Dividend Stocks

The author of today’s article seeks out quality dividend paying ETFs – and in today’s article he highlights one such fund: “an ETF that invests in higher-quality stocks than its benchmark. This ETF also finds companies with safer dividend yields.” For the ETF in question and how it goes beyond just looking at dividend yield or dividend growth rates to find quality, undervalued companies with sustainable yields, CLICK HERE.

Navigate Market Turbulence With Low-Volatility ETFs

With increased market turbulence of late, today’s article highlights one way that investors can hedge against wild market swings: exchange traded funds focused on lower volatility stocks. For some specific low-volatility ETFs to consider for this purpose – with one ETF expert noting ““Both of them have actually done much better than the broad U.S. market over the last year. They do what they say they’re going to do. When we have drawdowns like we saw in the fourth quarter of last year — they keep you out of trouble a little bit” – CLICK HERE.

Why This New (And Unique) Online Retail ETF Is Poised For “Uninterrupted Success”

While the revolution from traditional retail to online retail has been underway for quite some time in developed markets, emerging markets are now seeing significant increases in e-commerce sales – and there’s a new ETF available to investors looking to tap into this momentum. For more on this ETF, which has an exclusive focus on international online retailing and which today’s article declares “should see uninterrupted success”, CLICK HERE.

Shopping For Holiday Season Outperformance Among Stocks & ETFs

History suggests that stocks are expected to rise over the coming weeks – with small cap stocks expected to outperform. The author of today’s article notes that “The outperformance of the small-caps seems to hold true this year given that these pint-sized stocks are well insulated from international headwinds, which we are currently seeing. These are considered safe and better plays if any political issue or economic turmoil creeps into the picture.” For five small-cap ETFs and five small-cap stocks expected to outperform this holiday season, CLICK HERE.

“Smart Money” Indicators That Gold Is Set To Break Out

In today’s article, the author lays out the bullish case for gold right now, noting that one key gold ETF “has been trading within a relatively narrow range for about five years. This is an example of a pattern technical analysts call a basing pattern. Bases can set the stage for a large price move.” For more indicators that gold may have reached a floor and is poised to break out to the upside – including the buying behavior of central banks and commercials – and the unique opportunity this could present for investors, CLICK HERE.

A Garbage Stock – And 2 Other Investments You May Be Overlooking

Today’s article highlights three investments that are probably not on your radar but which you may want to consider. The first is a stock that is (literally) garbage, the second is a group of exchange-traded funds, and the third is a stock that is a leader in its industry, currently sports an attractive valuation, and could benefit from a key rival suffering a setback. For more on these three potential investments, CLICK HERE.

Cash In On European Chaos With This ETF

Facing slowing economic growth, political turbulence, international trade conflicts and more, the author of today’s article notes that “It is possible the European stock markets could fall even as the stock market in the U.S. and other countries rally” – and proceeds to highlight a trade to potentially profit from a European decline. For more on this trade idea – including the specific ETF involved and options for carrying it out – CLICK HERE.

Why “All Is Not Lost” In The Housing Sector – And 3 ETFs Poised To Profit

U.S. housing data has been less than robust in recent months – and there are additional factors at play that could hurt the sector going forward, including the Trump Administration’s tariffs pushing prices of construction materials higher. Still, today’s article advises that “overlooking the [housing] sector will not be advisable, as the industry looks equally good for the balance of 2018 banking on strong fundamentals, signaling a profitable investment opportunity.” For more – including three construction ETFs “poised to gain from the upswing in the housing market” – CLICK HERE.

Precious Insights On Buying Precious Metals

“Every investor portfolio should contain an allocation to precious metals,” argues the author of today’s article. And having this allocation may be more important today than ever. But getting into the precious metals market is not always a simple process: Is gold or silver the better investment? Should you buy physical metals (e.g. bars and coins) or metals-focused financial products (e.g. ETFs)? If you do buy physical metals, are bars or coins better as an investment – and, if coins, which ones? And what is the best place to buy physical precious metals? For the author’s insights on these questions, CLICK HERE.