Hunting For ETF Bargains Amongst China’s Trade War Wreckage

Nobody knows how much of an impact the trade dispute between the U.S. and China will have on the U.S. – or China. In regards to the potential fallout in China, the author of today’s article notes that “This uncertainty is being reflected in stock prices. It’s also likely there are bargains among the wreckage, and investors might be able to pick up solid companies at a discount.” As such, he proceeds to highlight three China ETFs that may be credible value plays right now. For more, CLICK HERE.

Leaders & Laggards In ETFs

The first quarter of 2019 saw the best return for the S&P 500 of the last 21 years. It should not be surprising, then, that the exchange-traded funds that have performed the best thus far in 2019 have been ETFs that track large-cap stocks. Which other groups of ETFs have been leaders so far this year (and are likely to remain leaders, according to the author of today’s article, as the trends underlying their performance continue)? And which groups of ETFs have been the biggest laggards so far this year (and, again, are likely to continue lagging)? CLICK HERE.

What To Buy To Play The Spring Selling Season

With mortgage rates on the decline, homebuilder confidence on the rise, home price growth slowing, and a number of other favorable-looking fundamentals, the U.S. housing market appears strong ahead of the spring selling season. Against this backdrop, today’s article highlights three homebuilder ETFs for “investors seeking to tap the solid trend in the homebuilder space” in a way that provides greater diversification than one can get from a single stock. For these three ETFs, CLICK HERE.

Why This New (And Unique) Online Retail ETF Is Poised For “Uninterrupted Success”

While the revolution from traditional retail to online retail has been underway for quite some time in developed markets, emerging markets are now seeing significant increases in e-commerce sales – and there’s a new ETF available to investors looking to tap into this momentum. For more on this ETF, which has an exclusive focus on international online retailing and which today’s article declares “should see uninterrupted success”, CLICK HERE.

A New (And Free!) Fund Screening Tool For The Coming SRI “Tsunami”

Socially responsible investors with a focus on gender equality now have a new – and free! – screening tool at their disposal that enables them to easily do what would have been difficult – if not impossible – before: evaluate the true gender equality of mutual funds and ETFs containing hundreds (or thousands) of stocks. Specifically, this tool “enables investors to view and compare the gender equality score of the 5,000 most commonly-held U.S. mutual funds and ETFs in U.S. 401(k) plans.” For more on this tool – including where to find it – CLICK HERE.

Profit From The Continued Misfortunes Of Emerging Markets With These Inverse ETFs

Emerging markets have not been as kind to investors in 2018 as they were last year – and one global strategist cited in today’s article cautions that “”This is not over by any means…The longer the Federal Reserve (Fed) takes easing away, the more they’re tightening, the more trouble for emerging markets, and we haven’t seen the worst of it.” For traders looking to profit from the continued misfortunes expected for emerging markets, the author highlights three inverse exchange-traded funds to consider. For more, CLICK HERE.

Going Short? Consider These 4 ETFs

Analysts at Citigroup “are predicting a full-on bear market before the end of the year,” notes the author of today’s article. If you agree with their assessment, then it may be time to consider investments that short the market – and exchange-traded funds may be better suited for that purpose than individual stocks. As such, the author highlights four ETFs “to short significant [market] segments that have a reasonable chance of making a downturn or at least experience a correction within a bull market.” For these four ETFs, CLICK HERE.

ETFs To Navigate A Potentially Sinister September

We are currently in what has historically been the worst month of the year for stocks – and this September has already proven that there is no lack of issues for investors to concern themselves with – be they political, economic or other. As such, the author of today’s article advises that it’s all the more “important to pin point ETFs that have the power to navigate such threats” – and she proceeds to highlight six that may fit the bill. For these six ETFs – ranging from a marijuana play to a “full-fledged defensive ETF” – CLICK HERE.

Best Of The Best: Outperforming ETFs & Stocks In The Best-Performing Sectors

While nine of the eleven S&P 500 sectors are performing well, the information technology sector has been leading the pack, followed by the consumer discretionary and healthcare sectors. Today’s article highlights one outperforming ETF and one outperforming stock to consider for exposure to each of these three best-performing sectors. For these six potentially “best of the best” ETF and stock picks, CLICK HERE.

Why It May Pay To Be A Contrarian With ETFs

Exchange-traded funds have grown exponentially in number and popularity. After a refresher on ETFs (and their benefits over mutual funds), the author of today’s article turns to the following question: Is there a best time to put your money into an ETF? The answer, according to the findings of a study by Deutsche Bank, is yes there is. What did the investment bank find – and why might it pay to be a contrarian when it comes to ETFs? CLICK HERE.