Bubble In The Clouds?

They get far less attention than the FAANG stocks, and they don’t have the clever acronym (although the author of today’s article proposes PUTIN, among other suggestions), but stocks of cloud software companies are flying high – perhaps too high – with the author warning that “a category of typically fast-growing cloud software firms have stretched their valuations so far that they’re vulnerable to a meltdown. If you’re looking for a bubble, this might be it.” For more, CLICK HERE.

The Unique, Profitable Tech Stock That’s Beating Expectations

One of the favorite investing destinations of the author of today’s article is Australia – and as such he proceeds to highlight a unique – and profitable – Australian technology stock that trades in the U.S. The company in question “provides team collaboration and productivity software solutions worldwide”, is unique in several respects (including the fact that it has always been profitable), and has been beating analyst expectations. For more on this company – including what may be its most unique aspect – CLICK HERE.

A Contrarian Opportunity In The Facebook Panic

In the wake of Facebook’s recent earnings-driven plunge, panic spread to other FAANG stocks. The author of today’s article sees an opportunity for contrarians in the Facebook panic – and highlights a somewhat under-the-radar (and benchmark-beating) fund as potentially being the best way to take advantage of it. For the fund in question, what makes it a potentially great buy – and the author’s insights on timing a buy – CLICK HERE.

Time To De-FAANG? Here Are 3 Large-Cap Growth Stocks With More Compelling Valuations

The FAANG stocks have had an incredible year – but the fund manager highlighted in today’s article believes that, while “a lot of attention has been focused on very large-cap companies selling above 30 multiples…there are others that are reasonably priced.” He proceeds to identify three large-cap growth companies that he believes sport attractive valuations. For these three stocks – two semiconductor companies and a retailer that is unique among the brick-and-mortar crowd – CLICK HERE.

How FAANG Fare In September

Despite the excitement surrounding the unveiling of its new iPhones, history suggests that traders may want to steer clear of Apple stock this month – over the past 36 years the stock has had an average September loss of 4.18%. Conversely, two FAANG stocks have historically been top performers in September, with one generating the highest average September returns and another having the highest September win rate – ending the month higher 77% of the time. To read more, CLICK HERE.

“Stealth Rally”: This Year’s Best-Performing (But Little Talked About) Tech Stock

While tech stocks have been grabbing a lot of headlines of late, most of the attention has been on the so-called FAANG stocks. However, today’s article notes that the best-performing tech stock of 2017 thus far – a video game name up 76% – has received far less attention. What is the tech stock in question – and is its “stealth rally” likely to continue (and even accelerate) from here, or should traders proceed with caution? CLICK HERE for more.