Building Your Defensive Strategy For 2019

The market has been plummeting, the president is attacking the chairman of the Federal Reserve, a trade war is ongoing, U.S. debt is ballooning – and more. So is it time to go defensive with your investment strategy? If so, how? And when will it be time to get aggressive again? In examining these questions, today’s article highlights several specific defensive stocks to consider and outlines how to build your own defensive investment strategy for the coming year. For more, CLICK HERE.

Profit From The Continued Misfortunes Of Emerging Markets With These Inverse ETFs

Emerging markets have not been as kind to investors in 2018 as they were last year – and one global strategist cited in today’s article cautions that “”This is not over by any means…The longer the Federal Reserve (Fed) takes easing away, the more they’re tightening, the more trouble for emerging markets, and we haven’t seen the worst of it.” For traders looking to profit from the continued misfortunes expected for emerging markets, the author highlights three inverse exchange-traded funds to consider. For more, CLICK HERE.

An “Investment Game Plan” For This Rising Rate Environment

The Federal Reserve just raised interest rates again – and the current belief is that there may be another two or three rate hikes before the end of the year. So is your portfolio positioned for this rising rate environment? Noting that certain investments have, historically, performed better in this type of environment than others, the author of today’s article offers “an investment game plan to guide you through the oftentimes jolting transition from lower rates to higher rates.” To read more, CLICK HERE.

Income To Beat Bonds: 5 Undervalued Income Stocks Trading Under $5

2016-12-11-19_18_29-films-tvWhile the Federal Reserve is expected to raise interest rates several times before the end of next year – pushing short-term rates above 1% for the first time since the financial crisis – the author of today’s article notes that this will not be sufficient for many invested in longer-term securities: “investors will need income and many investors will need more income than Treasuries or many other fixed income investments provide.” The solution, according to the author? Income stocks. Five dividend paying stocks – each trading under $5 and representing companies that have been profitable over the last 12 months – are highlighted. To see what these five stocks – each of which the author believes are significantly undervalued – are, CLICK HERE.

The Next Golden Opportunity In Gold

2016-10-23 09_21_00-Morguefile free photographs for commercial useWhile its recent selloff has resulted in the loss of much of its post-Brexit gains, the author of today’s article points out that 2016 has been a good year for gold and he believes that “a new buying opportunity may be on the horizon.” This opportunity is tied to the likelihood of a December interest rate hike by the Federal Reserve and what the author believes the Fed is likely to do (or not do) in 2017. To read more about this potential gold buying opportunity and the rationale behind it, CLICK HERE.

Portfolio Positioning For A December Interest Rate Hike

2016-10-16 19_05_06-Action centerWith the market expecting a 25 basis points interest rate hike in December, today’s article looks at how – with a stock market that is flying high in large part due to the Fed’s easy money policy – investors may want to position themselves ahead of this event. Here’s what one analyst cited has to say: “It may make sense to take some risk out of a portfolio by exchanging some stocks or high-yield bonds for cash or perhaps selling some aggressive emerging market stocks and bulking up on blue chips.” To see what other rate hike positioning strategies are suggested – including increasing your allocation in alternative investments and hedging with gold – CLICK HERE.

The Rate Hike Welcomers: ETFs That Could Outperform When The Fed Moves

2016-09-18 18_02_00-Morguefile free photographs for commercial useWhether an interest rate hike by the Federal Reserve comes as early as this week or – as many are predicting – in December, the Fed will eventually have to raise interest rates. While investors may not be eagerly anticipating this development and its potential dampening effect on the markets, today’s article notes that “some market segments may flourish on the shift in monetary policy.” Specifically, the article looks at potential opportunities in exchange-traded funds, such as ETFs that track the price movement of the U.S. dollar against other currencies and ETFs focused on the financial sector. To read more about why these market segments may thrive with a rate hike, and to see which specific ETFs are highlighted, CLICK HERE.

Rate Hike Predictions Post August Jobs Report

2016-09-04 free stock photosWith the August jobs report coming in below expectations, how have the chances of a September rate hike by the Federal Reserve changed – if at all? Today’s article lays out where the chief analysts of some major Wall Street firms – including Goldman Sachs, BlackRock and JPMorgan– are now placing their respective rate hike bets in light of the most recent jobs numbers, and there are differing opinions on the expected impact of the August jobs report. To find out where each firm currently stands, CLICK HERE.

30 Three-Year “Buy And Hold” Franchises

2016-04-21 17_50_09-Microsoft Solitaire Collection“It’s mid-April and investors are focused on earnings season, oil prices and the Federal Reserve’s next move on interest rates, but for those willing to take a little bit of a longer view, Morgan Stanley offered up a list of 30 stocks…that are its best bets for the next three years.” Today’s article highlights Morgan Stanley’s assessment of “the best franchises for investors to get behind for the next three years”, based on factors such as competitive advantage, business model, growth and governance. For a complete listing of the 30 franchises that made the cut, as well as the firm’s scorecard for each, CLICK HERE.