Less Efficient, But More Effective: Some “Counter-Intuitive Financial Advice”

“When it comes to personal finance there are plenty of cases where the most effective solution isn’t necessarily the most efficient,” asserts the author of today’s article, who proceeds to outline some examples where inefficient financial strategies can be beneficial, from paying off debt (Why would you not pay off your highest interest debt first?) to increasing savings (Why would you pay high fees to help you save?). For more on how some inefficiency might help you become more effective with your finances, CLICK HERE.

Change Your Personal Finance Fortunes With These 2019 Resolutions

“One of the best pieces of financial advice I ever received was this one from a mentor just prior to my marriage,” reveals the author of today’s article in regards to Resolution #7 of the ten personal finance resolutions he outlines as being the best ones to make for 2019. For what this piece of advice was – and for the other nine top personal finance resolutions for 2019 – CLICK HERE.