Market Volatility Could Be Exacerbated This Week (And Beyond) – And Not Just Because Of Coronavirus

The stock market could be in for an especially volatile time this week and into July – and while the acceleration in new coronavirus cases would be a major factor driving that volatility, it would not be the only factor. As the author of today’s article explains, “there are a number of factors that also have the potential to exacerbate volatility in financial markets next week and into July” – and he outlines seven of them. For more, CLICK HERE.

Make Money By “Front-Running” Trump

“Whether you like Trump or don’t like Trump, how about putting your feelings aside and focus on making money off Trump,” suggests the author of today’s article, who declares the president “the biggest driver of financial markets in the world. Hands down.” And the great thing about a strategy based on Trump trades, according to the author? The president’s moves are easy to predict and he has made his position on just about every financial asset in the world very clear. For more on how to “front-run” Trump – including where he may turn his attention after the Fed – CLICK HERE.

Why Your Best Investment For 2018 May Not Even Be In The Markets

Your best investment option for 2018 may not even involve the financial markets. That investment? Paying down debt. The author of today’s article examines how three factors – the new tax law, the market’s risk/return ratio going forward, and the economic cycle – make paying down debt seem “especially savvy right now – and especially if you’re married.” For more – including the money moves the author advises making before paying down debt – CLICK HERE.

All The Best, All The Worst: The 2017 “Financial Markets Awards”

What were the biggest market winners of the past year (excluding cryptocurrencies) – and what were the biggest market losers? What was the year’s most frequently offered (and consistently disproven) narrative about the market? What was 2017’s “Comeback Player of the Year” – and what was the year’s best financial markets fight? The author of today’s article gives his take on the aforementioned and bestows his “Financial Markets Awards” for 2017. For more, CLICK HERE.