Low Interest Rate Sensitivity Makes This An Attractive ETF For Income Investors

The ETF highlighted in today’s article may be a particularly appealing pick right now. Why? In addition to its very low credit risk and predictable dividend, this fund – which invests in short-term U.S. treasury bonds which will expire within 1 year – is not sensitive to interest rate changes, all of which leads the author to declare this “a good vehicle for income investors to preserve capital while earning some interest income.” For more, CLICK HERE.

The “Groundbreaking Investment Idea” Alternative To Hedge Funds, Fixed Income And Gold

With hedge funds, bonds and gold all having potential drawbacks as long-term investments, the author of today’s article highlights “a groundbreaking investment idea” for those who might otherwise invest in those assets ¬– an investment that offers high single-digit returns, has a low correlation to the stock market, and which, until recently, would only have been available to the most affluent investors: shares of artwork by blue-chip artists. For more on this investment opportunity – including the New York-based startup making it possible and why art may be a better investment than gold – CLICK HERE.

The Dividend Yield Sweet Spot – And 6 Funds That Hit It

How can you go about getting safer, higher income? Consider high dividend stocks that hit the yield sweet spot, which one fund researcher cited in today’s article suggests is “higher than the market average — but not so high that it climbs into higher-yield, higher-risk territory…about 3% to 4.5%.” He proceeds to highlight a number of mutual funds and ETFs worth considering that focus on stocks in this high dividend, low risk “intermediate zone”. For more, CLICK HERE.

Follow The Leaders: 3 Stocks Top Investors Are Betting On Right Now

What stocks are some of the top investors currently buying – and why? Today’s article highlights three stocks that have gotten the attention of top investors of late: a blood diagnostic upstart with a $45 million investment from Microsoft, and a natural gas producer and a gold miner, both of which are picks of top-earning hedge fund managers. For the stocks in question and what is drawing these top investors to them, CLICK HERE.

How This ETF Looks Beyond Yield To Find Quality, Undervalued, Safe Dividend Stocks

The author of today’s article seeks out quality dividend paying ETFs – and in today’s article he highlights one such fund: “an ETF that invests in higher-quality stocks than its benchmark. This ETF also finds companies with safer dividend yields.” For the ETF in question and how it goes beyond just looking at dividend yield or dividend growth rates to find quality, undervalued companies with sustainable yields, CLICK HERE.

The Stock Bull Market: Here’s To Another 10 Years?

Having already achieved the distinction of being the longest in U.S. history, and now hitting the 10-year mark, calls regarding the end of the current stock bull market are only intensifying. However, noting that “business cycles do not die from old age alone”, the author of today’s article doesn’t see “any reason why this bull run can’t last another 10 years” – and advocates staying invested in stocks even if one anticipates a recession or bear market this year or next. For more – including the specific type of fund the author recommends now – CLICK HERE.

Investing Ideas, On The Contrary

“It’s tough to go against the crowd when your money’s on the line. Herding–or following said crowd–is much easier to do. Buying what others aren’t, or when others aren’t, takes a special constitution. The constitution of a contrarian.” With that said, the author of today’s article proceeds to identify what may be some of the best investing ideas for contrarians right now – specific funds and stocks from categories and sectors with the worst year-to-date returns. For more, CLICK HERE.

“When A Tie Is A Win”: How You Can Beat The Market Just By Meeting The Market

“When it comes to these funds, matching the market means you’re actually beating the market,” declares the author of today’s article in regards to closed-end funds (CEFs). So how can CEFs actually beat the market just by technically meeting the market? The answer, he notes, will not be found in any chart on Yahoo or Google – and he argues that “that’s why so many people ignore CEFs: they’re looking at less than half the real story!” For more, CLICK HERE.

A Contrarian Opportunity In The Facebook Panic

In the wake of Facebook’s recent earnings-driven plunge, panic spread to other FAANG stocks. The author of today’s article sees an opportunity for contrarians in the Facebook panic – and highlights a somewhat under-the-radar (and benchmark-beating) fund as potentially being the best way to take advantage of it. For the fund in question, what makes it a potentially great buy – and the author’s insights on timing a buy – CLICK HERE.

Why It May Pay To Be A Contrarian With ETFs

Exchange-traded funds have grown exponentially in number and popularity. After a refresher on ETFs (and their benefits over mutual funds), the author of today’s article turns to the following question: Is there a best time to put your money into an ETF? The answer, according to the findings of a study by Deutsche Bank, is yes there is. What did the investment bank find – and why might it pay to be a contrarian when it comes to ETFs? CLICK HERE.