Outlook For Gold, Silver – And A Potential Global Debt Bubble Collapse – In 2019

In summing up its market and economic outlook for 2019, today’s offering declares the following: “Hope for the best but be prepared for the worst by increased allocations to cash, silver and gold.” Might 2019 see a global debt bubble collapse? How much might investors want to be invested in gold? Is silver or bitcoin a better investment option for 2019? And what could bring about a global financial crisis this year? For a discussion of these topics and more, CLICK HERE.

“Smart Money” Indicators That Gold Is Set To Break Out

In today’s article, the author lays out the bullish case for gold right now, noting that one key gold ETF “has been trading within a relatively narrow range for about five years. This is an example of a pattern technical analysts call a basing pattern. Bases can set the stage for a large price move.” For more indicators that gold may have reached a floor and is poised to break out to the upside – including the buying behavior of central banks and commercials – and the unique opportunity this could present for investors, CLICK HERE.

All Aboard The (Gold) Love Trade?

Demand for gold amongst the people of India and China – who often give the yellow metal as a gift at weddings and during holidays and festivals – has been referred to by some as the “Love Trade”. And with it looking like the Love Trade will be strong in 2018, the author of today’s article suggests that now may be an ideal entry point for gold. For more – including how India’s monsoon season could be good news for the Love Trade this year – CLICK HERE.

Checking In On Gold And Resource Companies: Which Might Be Strong Buys?

In today’s article, the author examines recent developments at a number of gold and resource companies – and what those developments indicate about the attractiveness of their stock at current levels. Included in the discussion is a company whose “recent underperformance has less to do with its performance…than with the broad market sell-off in late January, early February”, according to the author, and therefore could present a great buying opportunity. For more, CLICK HERE.

What Do Further Interest Rate Hikes Mean For Gold?

Are rising interest rates good or bad for the price of gold? Given that more interest rate hikes are coming, this is a critical question for investors right now. The author of today’s article acknowledges that “there are typically two sides to the debate on the impact of gold from the change in interest rates. There are those who see rising interest rates as good for gold, and there are those that see rising interest rates as harmful to the price of gold.” So which side, if any (or both?), is correct – and what are the implications for investors? CLICK HERE.

Gold Forecast – And Top Picks – From The Editor Of A Top Performing Precious Metals Newsletter

What is the state of play in the gold market right now – and what are some top stock picks? In today’s article, these questions are put to Brien Lundin, editor of one of the most respected – and top performing – newsletters: Gold Newsletter. For Lundin’s insights on where gold is headed in the next year or two, how his newsletter selects companies, and some specific companies – in an unlikely location – that he is particularly excited about right now, CLICK HERE.

Why It May Be Time To Pare Your Position In Gold

It has been an unusual year for gold, with the author of today’s article noting that the hedge investment “is up in an environment in which investors have had little reason to hedge; any market pullback has been both mild and fleeting.” Going into the final weeks of 2017, and the early part of 2018, he advises that it may be time to reduce – but not eliminate – one’s position in the yellow metal. Why? CLICK HERE.

Why Cryptocurrencies Are Not – And Will Never Be – A Financial Hedge

More and more people seem to be investing in cryptocurrencies for the same reason that many invest in gold: they see it as an effective hedge against fiat currencies. So could cryptocurrencies ultimately replace gold as the go-to financial hedge? The author of today’s article argues that, “despite what the crypto-evangelists will tell you, digital tokens will never and can never replace gold as your financial hedge” – and he outlines six reasons why. To read more – including why cryptocurrencies may be more similar to fiat currencies than you think – CLICK HERE.