Bullish Indicators For Gold Even More Bullish For Silver

China is buying more gold as the trade war drags on, Russia’s gold reserves topped $100 billion after it added 600,000 ounces in June, and billionaire hedge fund manager Ray Dalio is predicting that gold will be a top investment during an upcoming “paradigm shift” in global markets – and if history is any indicator, all these bullish signs for gold are even more bullish for silver, with today’s article declaring that “silver is set to outperform gold based on gold/silver ratio, and silver mining companies present excellent entry points.” For more – including a specific silver miner that investors may want to familiarize themselves with – CLICK HERE.

Why The Best Buy For A Gold Bull Market May Actually Be Silver

If a bull market in gold has just begun in earnest, as the author of today’s article believes to be the case, his advice is to buy silver, not gold, noting that “Silver is extremely undervalued relative to Gold and if history is anything to go by, Silver will soon begin to outperform Gold and ultimately pass it by in terms of gains.” For more – including what the author identifies as “a high beta play” on this “buy silver, not gold” strategy – CLICK HERE.


After falling off a cliff – and off many people’s radars – late last year, Bitcoin has been staging a comeback recently – and, as a result, so has the gold versus Bitcoin debate (including the launching of a #DropGold marketing campaign by Bitcoin bulls and a countering report by gold bugs). So who comes out on top in the gold versus Bitcoin debate today? The author of today’s article makes his pick – and lays out the three primary reasons behind it. For more, CLICK HERE.

Why Gold Is The Second Best Performing Asset (And Why The “Average Investor” Is The Worst)

For the 20-year period ending December 31, 2018, which asset class had the second highest annualized returns (real estate investment trusts posted the best returns)? Gold. Which group found itself dead last in annualized returns over the same 20-year period? The “average investor”. Today’s article examines both of these results – the strong investment case for gold and why “everyday retail investors regularly lag the market, in good times and in bad, by an alarmingly wide margin.” For more, CLICK HERE.

Is Gold Golden Until 2030?

In 1981 the author of today’s article predicted a 20-year bear market for gold based on his cycle analysis – and what followed was a 20-year bear market for the yellow metal. At that same time, however, his analysis indicated that the 20-year bear market would be followed by a 30-year bull market for gold. As such, the author notes that “If the forecast [he] made in 1981 still holds true, gold could have a continued secular bull market until 2030.” For more on the bullish prospects for gold, CLICK HERE.

35/55/3/3/4: The Gold Standard Of Portfolio Construction?

“You can have a portfolio that returns a lot, with a lot less risk,” declares the author of today’s article. He has long advocated a 35/65 portfolio (35% stocks, 65% bonds) in this regard, but after experimenting with variations on the 35/65 portfolio he has devised a portfolio – 35/55/3/3/4 – that offers “almost the return of the 80/20 portfolio with half the risk”. For more on this potentially ultimate portfolio – and how its attractive risk/return profile hinges largely on gold – CLICK HERE.

What “The Walmart Of The Mining World” Is Signaling About Gold Mining Stocks

A joint venture in Nevada between two mining giants – creating the single-largest gold producing operation in the world (and one with the potential to become what the author of today’s article refers to as “the ‘Walmart’ of the mining world”) – could be a major sign that gold miners are anticipating a bull run in gold prices. And with gold mining stocks still greatly undervalued relative to the market, now may be the time to consider investing in gold miners. For more, CLICK HERE.

Why 2019 Could Be Golden For Gold

“This could be gold’s year,” declares one precious metals analyst cited in today’s article on how the yellow metal, the price of which has been hitting eight-month highs, could flirt with the $1,400 per ounce price level by the end of this year – a level it has not touched since 2013. For more on the confluence of factors that has led to a changing demand dynamic – and prospects – for gold this year, CLICK HERE.

The “Best Bet” In (And The Bullish Case For) Gold

What’s the best bet right now when seeking money in gold equities: Gold juniors? Seniors? Intermediates? Explorers? Developers? Royalty companies? Gold itself? What’s the bullish case for gold right now – and why might commodities present a strong buying opportunity? Today’s article delves into each of these questions – and presents a useful (and interactive) “Periodic Table of Commodity Returns”, updated with 2018’s returns. For more, CLICK HERE.

Is A “Rope-A-Dope Breakout” Setting Up In Gold And Silver?

With continued global economic expansion, gold and silver have largely become an after-thought for investors, but the authors of today’s article caution that those not paying attention to gold and silver risk missing out on a coming “rope-a-dope breakout”. They advise that “this price breakout may be less than 30 days away from now and the key to any potential move will originate in the global fear that may continue to grow as the world’s leading economies continue to spar over trade, economic cooperation and fair opportunities going forward.” For more, CLICK HERE.