Why 2019 Could Be Golden For Gold

“This could be gold’s year,” declares one precious metals analyst cited in today’s article on how the yellow metal, the price of which has been hitting eight-month highs, could flirt with the $1,400 per ounce price level by the end of this year – a level it has not touched since 2013. For more on the confluence of factors that has led to a changing demand dynamic – and prospects – for gold this year, CLICK HERE.

When Will A True Bull Market Begin For Gold?

While some believe that gold is currently in a bull market, the author of today’s article rejects this notion – and seeks to determine when the tide could indeed turn for gold, noting that “A quick study of Fed history with the context of current conditions is very instructive as to when Gold could begin a true bull market.” What does an analysis of Fed policy changes – and their impact on gold and gold stocks – indicate about the eventual catalyst for gold? CLICK HERE.

Checking In On Gold And Resource Companies: Which Might Be Strong Buys?

In today’s article, the author examines recent developments at a number of gold and resource companies – and what those developments indicate about the attractiveness of their stock at current levels. Included in the discussion is a company whose “recent underperformance has less to do with its performance…than with the broad market sell-off in late January, early February”, according to the author, and therefore could present a great buying opportunity. For more, CLICK HERE.

Gold Forecast – And Top Picks – From The Editor Of A Top Performing Precious Metals Newsletter

What is the state of play in the gold market right now – and what are some top stock picks? In today’s article, these questions are put to Brien Lundin, editor of one of the most respected – and top performing – newsletters: Gold Newsletter. For Lundin’s insights on where gold is headed in the next year or two, how his newsletter selects companies, and some specific companies – in an unlikely location – that he is particularly excited about right now, CLICK HERE.

Amid Recent “Hot” Inflation Readings, Can Gold And Silver Protect Your Wealth?

Inflation concerns are rising – and not without good reason. Today’s article notes, for example, that the Consumer Price Index climbed more than expected in January in terms of both the headline rate and the core rate (which excludes more volatile components such as food and energy). Against the backdrop of this “hot” inflation data, the author points out that “what is important about inflation is that it erodes the value of the assets you own, especially if your earnings are fixed.” What role can gold and silver play in offsetting this erosion? CLICK HERE.

Why It May Be Time To Pare Your Position In Gold

It has been an unusual year for gold, with the author of today’s article noting that the hedge investment “is up in an environment in which investors have had little reason to hedge; any market pullback has been both mild and fleeting.” Going into the final weeks of 2017, and the early part of 2018, he advises that it may be time to reduce – but not eliminate – one’s position in the yellow metal. Why? CLICK HERE.

3 Overlooked Stocks Worth Looking Over

2017-01-07-19_21_57-morguefile-free-photographs-for-commercial-useAfter examining the trends in stocks, bonds and gold, the author of today’s article concludes that “the real opportunities in 2017 appear to be in individual places, not sector-wide. That means finding companies that are unloved, out of favor, and ideally ones that missed the market’s end of year rally.” He proceeds to highlight three such opportunities – all large cap, dividend paying stocks. To find out what these three out of favor or overlooked stocks – an athletic apparel manufacturer, a pharmaceutical company and a retail giant – are, and why they may be worthy of a second look, CLICK HERE.

Are These 3 Gold Stocks Shrewd Plays On The Precious Metal?

2016-12-18-18_35_46-films-tvWith gold stocks currently struggling, today’s article looks at three that the author believes “look particularly compelling from a long-term perspective.” To see what these three gold stocks are – including one company with an “offbeat business model” that allows it to enjoy both incredibly low costs and significantly low risks (and which has increased its dividends for 16 years straight) – as well as for an analysis of each, CLICK HERE.

The Post-Election Landscape For Gold

2016-11-20-19_27_22-morguefile-free-photographs-for-commercial-useToday’s article examines what lies ahead for gold in the post-election landscape. Specifically, the author seeks to determine whether the two conditions he believes need to be satisfied when considering investing in gold (or any investment) – that it have a low correlation to existing investments in order to provide diversification, and that there be an expectation of a positive return – will be the case going forward. What is the author’s long-term view for gold as a diversifier? Which Trump policies, if enacted, would likely result in positive returns on gold – and which would likely be negative for the yellow metal? CLICK HERE to read more.

Mining For Bargains Among Gold Miners: 4 Stocks To Consider

2016-10-23 09_23_20-New notificationWhile many investors prefer to invest in gold directly, today’s article is for those who prefer to invest in the yellow metal indirectly – through publicly-traded stocks of gold miners. The author notes that “buying miners when gold prices are low can lead to large gains when the price of the metal recovers” and that, with gold having experienced a recent selloff, “now is the time to look for bargains in the mining sector.” The author highlights four miners with positive cash flows and low prices, and thus the potential of delivering large gains when the price of gold ascends. For an analysis of each of these gold mining stocks, as well as the author’s recommended action to take, CLICK HERE.