The Good Kind Of Cheap

Cheap investments are not necessarily good investments – but sometimes they can be the best investments. With the valuation gap between the most expensive stocks and the cheapest stocks currently the largest it has been in 70 years, today’s article examines when cheap investments are indeed the best investments, noting that “when valuations surge to extreme levels, the value stocks whose prices have been left behind tend to outperform in the coming six to twelve months.” For more on when cheap investments are the best investments – including a number of cheap (under $5) stocks that could see significant price appreciation – CLICK HERE.

These 14 Stocks Have Created The Most Market Wealth Since 1924. Which Are Still Good Investments Today?

2017-02-12-19_05_31-silver-round-coins-%c2%b7-free-stock-photoHere’s a truly amazing statistic: It turns out that just 14 stocks have generated 20% of all stock market gains over the last 93 years! Today’s article identifies these 14 stocks that have made the most money over the long term and then seeks to determine which of them are still relevant – and thus good investments – today, and which aren’t. To find out which of these stocks may be “long term cash cows to fund your retirement”, CLICK HERE.