What To Buy To Play The Spring Selling Season

With mortgage rates on the decline, homebuilder confidence on the rise, home price growth slowing, and a number of other favorable-looking fundamentals, the U.S. housing market appears strong ahead of the spring selling season. Against this backdrop, today’s article highlights three homebuilder ETFs for “investors seeking to tap the solid trend in the homebuilder space” in a way that provides greater diversification than one can get from a single stock. For these three ETFs, CLICK HERE.

Get In The Door On Homebuilders’ “Spectacular Recovery”

Thank the Fed’s new-found dovishness towards rate hikes (among other factors): After housing stocks experienced their worst year in a decade in 2018, today’s article notes that “homebuilders have executed a spectacular recovery this year” and “are likely to snap up substantial gains”. For five specific homebuilder stocks that have posted significant gains so far this year – and which appear poised for even more – CLICK HERE.