What To Buy To Play The Spring Selling Season

With mortgage rates on the decline, homebuilder confidence on the rise, home price growth slowing, and a number of other favorable-looking fundamentals, the U.S. housing market appears strong ahead of the spring selling season. Against this backdrop, today’s article highlights three homebuilder ETFs for “investors seeking to tap the solid trend in the homebuilder space” in a way that provides greater diversification than one can get from a single stock. For these three ETFs, CLICK HERE.

Why “All Is Not Lost” In The Housing Sector – And 3 ETFs Poised To Profit

U.S. housing data has been less than robust in recent months – and there are additional factors at play that could hurt the sector going forward, including the Trump Administration’s tariffs pushing prices of construction materials higher. Still, today’s article advises that “overlooking the [housing] sector will not be advisable, as the industry looks equally good for the balance of 2018 banking on strong fundamentals, signaling a profitable investment opportunity.” For more – including three construction ETFs “poised to gain from the upswing in the housing market” – CLICK HERE.

An Under-The-Radar Homebuilder To Play Continued Growth In The Housing Market

While investors have been wary of the housing sector since the Great Recession, the author of today’s article surveys the comeback that has been seen in the housing market and argues that “with the right company, you can still make some solid profits on a trend that’s still got ample room to run…” They proceed to highlight an under-the-radar homebuilder company to play continued growth in the housing market. To find out what this company is – the leading producer of a product that has been taking over the North American market (and the only producer of it in South America) – CLICK HERE.