7 “Bright Spot” Biotech Stocks In The Spotlight

“With the scramble for viral and antibody testing kits, and the ultimate goal of finding a vaccine for Covid-19, many biotech companies are suddenly in the spotlight. Even those that aren’t directly working on a Covid-related solution look more attractive,” observes the author of today’s article, who also singles out biotech stocks as being the one possible bright spot in the current, challenging market environment. For seven biotech stocks he highlights as particularly well positioned for a nice payoff, CLICK HERE.

3 Top Stock Picks From The “Recession-Proof” Biotech Sector

It should come as no surprise that one of the top biotech stocks to consider right now, as identified by the author of today’s article, is a coronavirus play whose COVID-19 vaccine candidate has just been approved by the FDA for Phase II clinical trials: Moderna. For the author’s other two top picks from the “recession-proof” biotech sector – which he notes could grow to $775 billion by 2024 – CLICK HERE.

3 Under-$4 Biotech Stocks With Massive Growth Prospects

While the broader market has been all over the place over the past few months, one area that has performed significantly better than the S&P 500 is the biotech sector. Of course, while promising clinical trial results or regulatory approval of a treatment can serve as the catalyst that sends shares of biotech companies soaring, it’s critical to separate the biotechs poised for massive growth from those destined for failure. Today’s article highlights three biotech stocks that are all Buy-rated, trading under $4 a share, and have at least 50% upside potential. For more, CLICK HERE.

Why This Biotech’s Mixed Clinical Results Shouldn’t Discourage Investors With A High Risk Tolerance

The small-cap biotech highlighted in today’s article has had mixed clinical results when it comes to one of its novel cancer immunotherapy candidates. The author, however, advises that “Despite the uncertainty surrounding [the candidate], investors shouldn’t be dismayed. Usually, when investing in small-cap biotech stocks, what’s far more important in the decision-making process is to see whether the company is backed by institutional investors” – and not only does this firm have institutional backing, but it also has a number of research and development partnerships with big pharma players. For more on this stock that may appeal to biotech investors with a high risk tolerance – CLICK HERE.

Biotech’s Historic Month (And Whether It Can Last)

After three straight months of losses, April brought the S&P 500 health care sector its best one-month gain in twenty years, and today’s article notes that “The sector’s top performing stocks were diagnostic firms at the heart of the Covid-19 testing expansion.” Moreover, the biotech sector outpaced both the health care sector and the overall market, again with Covid-related biotech stocks being among the best performers. For more on biotech’s recent performance – and whether it can last – CLICK HERE.

3 Biotech Stocks Trading Under $2 With “Serious Upside Potential”

While the COVID-19 pandemic is far from over, there have been some small glimmers of hope in recent days – and the market responded accordingly. Against this backdrop, Wall Street pros argue that “those ready to take on some risk have been presented with exciting opportunities” – especially within the biotech space. For three biotech stocks trading under $2 with “serious upside potential” – including one biotech firm whose upside potential is related in part to its potential treatment for COVID-19, CLICK HERE.

Why The Biotech With The First Testable COVID-19 Vaccine Is A “Pronto” Sell

This biotech firm has the first testable vaccine for the novel coronavirus, but the author of today’s article argues that “If you’re looking for massive COVID-19 upside, this stock may not be the best opportunity.” In fact, he recommends selling the stock “pronto” if you purchased it for its vaccine prospects, both in terms of COVID-19 and one of its other major vaccine candidates. Why – and what other “pure COVID-19 play[s]” does he recommend instead? CLICK HERE.

As The COVID-19 Vaccine Competition Heats Up, Consider These Biotech Stocks & ETFs

As the number of those infected with COVID-19 goes up domestically and globally, the competition to develop a vaccine is heating up – and the author of today’s article observes that “The continuous competition to introduce vaccine for the COVID-19 is springing near-term opportunities, making the biotech sector a prospective space for investments.” For a number of specific biotech stocks and ETFs to consider for exposure to the sector, CLICK HERE.

The Coronavirus Stimulus Bill Could Stimulate These Beaten-Down Stocks

While some are clearly being hit harder than others, every sector is being impacted to some extent by the widespread disruptions caused by the coronavirus outbreak – and governmental responses to it. However, with Congress having passed – and the president having signed – an historic $2 trillion coronavirus stimulus bill, stocks in the most battered sectors could benefit in the near term. For five beaten-down stocks to consider buying on the passage of the coronavirus stimulus bill, CLICK HERE.

“What The Hell Is Going On?”

In recent days, the stock market has experienced both its worst – and best – days in decades, leading the author of today’s article to ask “What the hell is going on?” His answer? “The market is not broken, it is undergoing a paradigm shift. Buyers and sellers are violently disagreeing on a daily basis on a re-pricing of risk assets, and therefore you’re seeing huge down days followed by huge up days and vice versa. This is what happens in sick markets.” For more, CLICK HERE.