The “Perfect 10 Portfolio” For The Coming Year

The author of today’s article has compiled 16 “Perfect 10 Portfolios” (consisting of stocks that have a price/earnings ratio of 10) since 2000 – and the majority of them, including last year’s, have beaten the S&P 500. For the ten stocks that make up his Perfect 10 Portfolio for the coming year – including a company that could benefit from the Trump Administration’s tariffs on imported steel and aluminum and a company that “Almost no one on Wall Street follows…leaving some room for it to be ‘discovered’” – CLICK HERE.

The Best Drawdown Threshold: When To Avoid Volatility – And When To Stomach It

How much market downside are you willing to accept before being willing to miss out on potential upside? More specifically, the author of today’s article poses the following question: “How much would the market have to decline at its worst point in the next year for you to forgo investing in stocks (S&P 500) to invest in bonds (5-Year U.S. Treasuries)?” He proceeds to identify at what point an “Avoid Drawdowns” strategy begins to outperform “Buy & Hold” – and what drawdown threshold may provide the absolute best performance. For more, CLICK HERE.

A Lesson On Disruptive Investing From The World’s Newest Centi-Billionaire

There are currently only three centi-billionaires (individuals worth $100 billion or more) on earth – Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, and a much lesser-known man whose fortune just recently hit $100.4 billion. And, as today’s article observes, while Bezos and Gates made their fortunes “the regular way” (by “develop[ing] game-changing products that hundreds of millions of people use every day”), the world’s third-richest man “got rich in a whole different way” – and his path to the centi-billionaire club holds a lesson for disruption investors. For more, CLICK HERE.

Warren Buffett Went All-in With a Sector He Swore He’d Never Touch. Will you?

Buffett could see this new asset run 2,524% in 2019. And he’s not the only one… – Shark Tank Personality Mark Cuban says “it’s the most exciting thing I’ve ever seen.” – Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg threw down $19 billion to get a piece… – Microsoft Founder Bill Gates wagered $26 billion trying to control it… What is it? It’s not gold, crypto or any mainstream investment. But these mega-billionaires have bet the farm it’s about to become the most valuable asset on Earth. And if you act fast, you could earn as much as 2,524% before the year is up. Click here for immediate details.

Bulk Up Late-Cycle Income With A Credit Barbell Strategy

When it comes to earning income in the late stages of a credit cycle without taking on excessive risk, the authors of today’s article acknowledge that it’s no easy feat. As such, they proceed to highlight one income strategy that can be helpful during the later stages of a cycle: a credit barbell strategy. This strategy, they note, “has produced superior returns in such circumstances. In others, it has delivered downside protection.” For what exactly a credit barbell strategy entails, CLICK HERE.

Make Money By “Front-Running” Trump

“Whether you like Trump or don’t like Trump, how about putting your feelings aside and focus on making money off Trump,” suggests the author of today’s article, who declares the president “the biggest driver of financial markets in the world. Hands down.” And the great thing about a strategy based on Trump trades, according to the author? The president’s moves are easy to predict and he has made his position on just about every financial asset in the world very clear. For more on how to “front-run” Trump – including where he may turn his attention after the Fed – CLICK HERE.

History Suggests These Are The Best Stocks To Buy For The 7th Month (And The 3rd Quarter)

The drugmaker highlighted in today’s article may be one of the best stocks to buy for both July and the third quarter, if history is any indication. Why? Over the last 10 years, the stock in question has ended July higher 100% of the time (with an average gain of 10.68%) and has ended the third quarter higher 90% of the time (with an average gain of 13.63%). For the stock in question and how traders may want to go about exploiting this historical trend – as well as more top S&P 500 stocks in July and the third quarter – CLICK HERE.

A Billionaire Investor’s Favorite Trade, The Yield Curve Inversion & Oil

Billionaire investor Paul Tudor Jones has identified his favorite trade in the next 12 to 24 months, declaring it “has everything going for it” (and he’s not the only big-name investor who’s bullish on this trade). For the trade in question and why Tudor Jones declares “It will be the antidote for people with equity portfolios” – as well as some thoughts on the yield curve inversion and timing of a recession, and the development that could have a much more significant and long-term impact on oil and oil stocks than the recent attacks on two oil tankers near the Strait of Hormuz– CLICK HERE.

Reading – And Profiting From – The Diamond Cross

It has preceded every recession of the past 50 years, it has been rearing its head again of late – and, as today’s article explains, “it says a lot about what you should be doing with your money right now.” The indicator in question is the yield curve inversion – a.k.a. the Diamond Cross – and it was recently the most severe it’s been since prior to the Great Recession. However, while a recession may be coming, the Diamond Cross may actually be a positive indicator for stocks in the short term. How much longer does the Diamond Cross suggest stocks can be expected to climb – and what stocks may be smart buys? CLICK HERE.

Holdings, Buys And Sells Of The “Ultimate Stock-Pickers”

What stocks have top stock pickers (or the “Ultimate Stock-Pickers”) been holding, buying and selling with conviction in recent months? Today’s article delves into this question and identifies the top 10 high-conviction holdings, top 10 conviction purchases and top 10 conviction sales of the “Ultimate Stock-Pickers”. For more – including an in-depth examination of some of the names on the lists – CLICK HERE.