Hunting For ETF Bargains Amongst China’s Trade War Wreckage

Nobody knows how much of an impact the trade dispute between the U.S. and China will have on the U.S. – or China. In regards to the potential fallout in China, the author of today’s article notes that “This uncertainty is being reflected in stock prices. It’s also likely there are bargains among the wreckage, and investors might be able to pick up solid companies at a discount.” As such, he proceeds to highlight three China ETFs that may be credible value plays right now. For more, CLICK HERE.

What The Trade War Could Have In Store For Oil

After tanking in the final months of 2018, oil was having a strong 2019 – that is, until the recent escalations in the U.S.-China trade dispute. And this turn of events for oil should not be surprising: as today’s article observes, “The U.S. has only experienced a handful of trade wars over the last 100 years and each has negatively impacted oil.” Moreover, the author notes that the current “trade war is more encompassing and damaging for the global economy than previous trade wars so the impact on oil should be even more significant.” So what could be in store for oil depending on how the trade dispute plays out from here? CLICK HERE.

5 Under-The-Radar “Get High” Stocks

Now that we are a few years into the marijuana “megatrend” – and with a number of the more popular names in the space having shown signs of stress of late – where does the best opportunity lie in marijuana stocks? Today’s article highlights “the big potential in lesser-known stocks that haven’t gotten too far ahead of themselves” – and offers up five such “under-the-radar” pot stocks to consider. For more, CLICK HERE.

Insights On Trading And Investing (And Precious Metals) From A 50-Year Vet

Every week for almost 50 years Jake Bernstein has published The Weekly Capital Markets Report. In today’s article, he shares some of the lessons and insights on trading and investing that he has acquired over his 50 years of experience, including the best lesson he has learned that would be beneficial to other traders and investors, his advice for new traders and investors, the most common mistake he sees traders make, and his advice on how to increase returns in the natural resource space. For more – including why Bernstein states he “would much rather own platinum than gold” – CLICK HERE.

Do As The Canadians Do With Bank Stocks

Regulations on banks are much more stringent north of the border. As a result, Canadian banks as a group are viewed as safer than U.S. banks. In evidence of this, the author of today’s article notes “In the last century, while tens of thousands of U.S. banks have failed, only three Canadian banks have gone under!” He proceeds to provide an overview of the three largest Canadian banks – including which bank is considered the safest – and why, when investing in Canadian banks, it may be best to follow the strategy employed by many Canadians. For more, CLICK HERE.

Stay This May – And Consider This Strategy Instead

May is here, so, according to the old maxim, it’s time to sell and go away… right? Not according to the author of today’s article, who asserts that, while the sell-in-May strategy has shown some marginal outperformance over the past several decades, “there are far better strategies to be found…And with each passing year, the sell-in-May strategy works less and less well.” Why is the sell-in-May strategy losing its effectiveness – and which strategies might be better choices right now? CLICK HERE.

How Many Stocks To Own For Just The Right Amount Of Diversification (And To Beat The Market)

Too little diversification is a bad thing, but so is too much diversification. One influential stock picker cited in today’s article once observed that “Investors have been so oversold on diversification that fear of having too many eggs in one basket has caused them to put far too little into companies they thoroughly know and far too much in others which they know nothing about.” So is there an ideal number of stocks for active investors to own in order to help them beat the market? It turns out there may be. For more, CLICK HERE.

Is Gold Golden Until 2030?

In 1981 the author of today’s article predicted a 20-year bear market for gold based on his cycle analysis – and what followed was a 20-year bear market for the yellow metal. At that same time, however, his analysis indicated that the 20-year bear market would be followed by a 30-year bull market for gold. As such, the author notes that “If the forecast [he] made in 1981 still holds true, gold could have a continued secular bull market until 2030.” For more on the bullish prospects for gold, CLICK HERE.

Overcoming Bad Luck In The “Life Cycle Of Wealth”

A number of factors contribute to determining the extent of your wealth, some of which you have no control over such as the market’s sequence of returns – and even the year in which you were born. Today’s article highlights the “life cycle of wealth” posited by researchers from the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis and examines how the year in which you were born impacts your wealth. It also identifies “the best way” to make up for bad luck when it comes to sequence of returns and when you were born. For more, CLICK HERE.

What “The Walmart Of The Mining World” Is Signaling About Gold Mining Stocks

A joint venture in Nevada between two mining giants – creating the single-largest gold producing operation in the world (and one with the potential to become what the author of today’s article refers to as “the ‘Walmart’ of the mining world”) – could be a major sign that gold miners are anticipating a bull run in gold prices. And with gold mining stocks still greatly undervalued relative to the market, now may be the time to consider investing in gold miners. For more, CLICK HERE.