Why The Case For Investing In Real Estate Just Got A Big Boost

“The case for real estate just improved,” declares the author of today’s article, citing the findings of a new study which indicate that, as an investment, real estate is both safer and a better performer than previously thought. Specifically, the author notes that the study’s “striking finding is that housing returns are about equal to equity returns, and furthermore housing as an investment is significantly less risky than equities.” For more – including the implications of the study for investors (and the catch) – CLICK HERE.

How To Use This “Read The Lines” Indicator To Your Advantage When Shorting Stocks

When it comes to shorting stocks, the author of today’s article advises that penny promotions may be the best candidates, noting that “The problem with a momentum stock is that it might not come down as far as you like, and unless you caught the exact peak it might be hard to make a good profit. Promotions artificially inflate a stock to extreme levels so they are the best candidates for shorting.” How can you know when a reversal has set in – maybe even a bit before it becomes apparent to others? The author highlights one indicator to consider using to your advantage. For more, CLICK HERE.

Get Reliable Income From Telecom Stocks

Investors have long looked to consumer staple and utility stocks for reliable income. Now telecom stocks can be added to the mix, with today’s article noting that, while “in decades past, telecom stocks may not have been considered in the same class as low-risk utility investments that provide reliable performance even in tough times…now, communication is vital to American businesses and families – and thus a nearly sure-thing investment for your portfolio.” For seven telecom stocks with attractive dividends to consider – including a “$200 billion telecom with big income potential that remains undiscovered by most U.S. investors” – CLICK HERE.

Meet (And Beat?) “The Four Horsemen Of The Personal Finance Apocalypse”

Forget the biblical version – the author of today’s article points out that “many more of us risk meeting a different Four Horsemen, those of the Personal Finance Apocalypse.” What does he identify as the “Four Horsemen of the Personal Finance Apocalypse” (including what he describes as “the single most widespread addiction in the US, yet it has no diagnosis, prescription, or rehab center”) – and what steps can you take to beat them? CLICK HERE.

A Hot Stock Tip From The World’s Greatest Investor

A look at the top holdings of Berkshire Hathaway’s equity portfolio makes it clear that Warren Buffett is very bullish on the U.S. financial sector – and while Buffett himself has not provided a specific reason as to why that is, the author of today’s article believes it’s because we have entered a “golden age for American banks”, with many years of rising earnings and rising share prices ahead. Why might this be the case – and what are the two newest financial additions to Berkshire’s portfolio? CLICK HERE.

The Next Financial Crisis: Right On Schedule?

Unemployment is at historic lows, both small-business and consumer confidence are high, and the stock market has been on a tear. So what’s not to like about the current economic situation? The author of today’s article cautions that “Beneath the surface, the frantic goosing has planted seeds of financial crisis which have sprouted and are about to blossom with devastating effect” – and he uses two concepts to shed light on what he sees as the coming (and “right on schedule”) crisis. For more, CLICK HERE.

10 REITs That Have Been Movin’ On Up This Year

It’s no wonder that real-estate investment trusts are popular investments given, as today’s article notes, “Over 90% of REIT’s have higher dividend yields compared to the average S&P 500 company.” The article proceeds to highlight ten REITs that have gained at least 10% (and upwards of 50%) so far in 2018. For these ten REITs that have been movin’ on up this year – spanning mortgage REITs, data centre REITs and more – CLICK HERE.

3 Small-Cap Stocks Trading Below Their Fair Value Estimates

Whether it’s to be attributed to their greater insulation from ongoing trade tensions, their greater benefit from last year’s tax cuts, a combination of those factors and/or other factors, small-cap stocks are currently in fashion – and today’s article highlights three small-cap stocks that appear to be undervalued may be worthy of consideration. For these three “small caps on sale” – an entertainment technology company, a developer of human interface hardware and software, and a producer of ready-mixed concrete – CLICK HERE.

ETFs To Navigate A Potentially Sinister September

We are currently in what has historically been the worst month of the year for stocks – and this September has already proven that there is no lack of issues for investors to concern themselves with – be they political, economic or other. As such, the author of today’s article advises that it’s all the more “important to pin point ETFs that have the power to navigate such threats” – and she proceeds to highlight six that may fit the bill. For these six ETFs – ranging from a marijuana play to a “full-fledged defensive ETF” – CLICK HERE.

Best Of The Best: Outperforming ETFs & Stocks In The Best-Performing Sectors

While nine of the eleven S&P 500 sectors are performing well, the information technology sector has been leading the pack, followed by the consumer discretionary and healthcare sectors. Today’s article highlights one outperforming ETF and one outperforming stock to consider for exposure to each of these three best-performing sectors. For these six potentially “best of the best” ETF and stock picks, CLICK HERE.