Investment Ideas From Credit Suisse’s Buffett-Focused Research Team

When it comes to analyzing Warren Buffett’s approach to evaluating potential investments – and acquisition targets – the HOLT team at Credit Suisse have made it their mission to do just that. By evaluating companies using many of the same metrics Buffett would use to find attractive investment opportunities, the HOLT team has identified 141 “Buffet Ideas” – and today’s article highlights a number of those ideas, spanning various sectors, for investors to consider for their portfolios. For more, CLICK HERE.

3 Silver Juniors To Consider As Sentiment Towards “Gold’s Little Sister” Shifts

Gold’s little sister – silver – has “become increasingly attractive to investors looking for undervalued asset classes and safe-haven investments,” notes the author of today’s article. Anticipating a more supportive sentiment for the silver market this year, he proceeds to highlight a basket of three silver juniors with high leverage to the silver price to consider: one growth-oriented silver producer, one silver developer/explorer (and potential takeover target), and one early-stage gold/silver explorer. For more, CLICK HERE.

This “Heads We Win, Tails We Still Win” Pharmaceutical Distributor Stock Is “Incredibly Cheap”

In regards to the stock of this high-quality pharmaceutical distributor, the author of today’s article declares that it “is not just cheap – it’s incredibly cheap.” But what about concerns the market currently has about this stock – namely Amazon’s entrance into the drug distribution space and White House rhetoric on drug prices? The author lays out how, under even the worst-case scenario for this company, it’s a “heads we win, tails we get less, but we still win” scenario for investors. For more, CLICK HERE.

“When A Tie Is A Win”: How You Can Beat The Market Just By Meeting The Market

“When it comes to these funds, matching the market means you’re actually beating the market,” declares the author of today’s article in regards to closed-end funds (CEFs). So how can CEFs actually beat the market just by technically meeting the market? The answer, he notes, will not be found in any chart on Yahoo or Google – and he argues that “that’s why so many people ignore CEFs: they’re looking at less than half the real story!” For more, CLICK HERE.

Why This Top Money Manager Just Made A High-Conviction Bet On India – And How You Can Play The Opportunity

One of the best-performing hedge fund managers of the past 20 years just made a high-conviction bet on India, with 40% of his fund now invested in that emerging nation (and just 0.1% invested in the U.S.). What particular segment of Indian stocks does this money manager (who has generated a cumulative return of 967% since 2000) see an opportunity in (and why) – and what’s one way that those with little-to-no knowledge about investing in India can play this opportunity? CLICK HERE.

3 Slick Oil Stocks

With oil prices surging of late (including topping $75 for the first time since 2014), today’s article highlights three stocks that may be particularly good opportunities in the energy sector, with the author noting that, in addition to all three stocks having strong fundamentals, “Two of the stocks…have the potential to benefit from rising energy prices. [The third], as a refiner, can make a profit regardless of the volatility in the oil industry and is a good hedge if the price of oil retreats going into the fall months.” For more, CLICK HERE.

ETFs To Take Advantage Of Record-Setting Share Buyback Action

Thanks to a combination of the new tax law and strong earnings, it was a record-setting first quarter for share buybacks, with S&P 500 companies repurchasing $178 billion worth of their own stock. Moreover, as today’s article notes, “first-quarter buybacks could possibly reach $186 billion, putting S&P 500 companies on track to return shareholders over $1 trillion for the first time in history, through dividends and buybacks, for this year.” For investors seeking to take advantage of this buyback action, the article highlights several ETFs to consider for that purpose. CLICK HERE.

Options Abound When Using Options

When it comes to protecting your investment portfolio in anticipation of a major market correction as this bull market gets more than a little long in the tooth, there are a number of approaches to consider, including seeking out safe investment niches and buying gold. Today’s article focuses on an additional approach to protecting your portfolio: using options. For more on using options to protect your investments – as well as using them for cheap entry into investments and to generate a little extra money from them – CLICK HERE.

These Oil And Gas Sector Value Stocks Are Worth Noting

Today’s article highlights a number of potential value stocks in the oil and gas sector – specifically those oil and gas value plays that the author finds to be the most intriguing and worthy of further research. For these four stocks – three master limited partnerships and an independent oil and gas company (the latter of which, the author notes, has seen a recent uptick in insider buying which could be a bullish indicator) – CLICK HERE.

Best-In-Category ETFs

With the number of exchange-traded funds trading in the U.S. approaching 2,000, how are investors to make fund selections from this vast array of options? Today’s article notes that “While the ETF landscape is big and growing by the day, some funds can be considered the best in their respective categories, and have the potential to maintain those perches over the long term” – and proceeds to highlight what may be the best-in-category funds from across an array of asset classes. For more, CLICK HERE.