“The Most Blatant Warning” For The Stock Market That’s Being Overlooked

From the yield curve inversion (which has preceded every recession since the end of World War II) to the very high – and rising – levels of corporate debt and more, there are a number of warning signs flashing for the stock market. However, the author of today’s article suggests that “The most blatant warning that the stock market may be on the verge of a problem” is one that Wall Street is overlooking – and it has to do with the surprising nature of some of this year’s outperformers . For more, CLICK HERE.

“Similar But Not The Same”: How To Maintain Upside Exposure While Taking Advantage Of Year-End Tax Loss Selling

“While it should never be the driver of investment decisions one needs to always keep an eye on tax implications as they can have a significant impact on the final total returns”, notes the author of today’s article. So with the end of the year fast approaching, how can investors take advantage of the benefits of tax loss selling while also working around the restrictions of the “wash sale rule” that prohibits the purchase of a “substantially identical” stock within 30 days of a sale? For some strategies, CLICK HERE.

The Right Sector Right Now – And A Safe 6.9% Dividend

While earnings are declining, the author of today’s article points out an important fact about the decline: it’s being largely driven by companies that rely on foreign markets for the majority of their sales, while earnings of companies that generate the majority of their sales domestically are actually rising. As a result, he argues, “the overall earnings decline isn’t a sign of a recession—and it isn’t reason to sell out of stocks…In fact, now is a great time to buy—so long as you do so selectively.” He proceeds to highlight one particular sector that may be a wise selection right now – and a specific fund paying a safe 6.9% dividend. For more, CLICK HERE.

What’s Crippling The IPO Unicorns?

There was much excitement surrounding the IPO market heading into 2019, particularly when it came to the stable of “unicorns” set to IPO this year – and while a number of unicorns that IPO-ed in the first half of the year (e.g. Beyond Meat, CrowdStrike) saw their share prices surge in the first few months of trading (and still remain above the IPO price), the author of today’s article observes that “the same can’t be said for more recent listings such as Uber, Lyft and Peloton which sank on their first day and continued on a downward path.” What does he point to as “the main issue underlying the recent troubles” – and what’s the lesson for IPO investors? CLICK HERE.

A Clinical Look At Successful Biotech Investing

When it comes to the biotechnology sector, the author of today’s article notes that it’s “an investment sector where you can become rich and it can be where you lose everything.” The key to maximizing your chances of achieving the former outcome (and minimizing your chances of falling victim to the latter outcome), he asserts, is knowing how to evaluate biotechnology investments – and he proceeds to outline how to do just that. For more, CLICK HERE.

Some Intriguing ETFs Uncovered “Off The Beaten Path”

“Today, you can use ETFs not just to gain quick one-trade exposure to ‘the market,’ but you can also use them for all sorts of interesting and exotic ideas that were once the sole province of individual stocks,” notes the author of today’s article, who went on the hunt for some “off-the-beaten path” ETFs using a screen that included, among other criteria, a combination of weak relative strength but strong money flow. For some intriguing “unsung” ETFs that the author uncovered through this search, CLICK HERE.

Why The World’s Greatest Investor Isn’t A Person – And How To Follow It To Big Profits

Many individual investors attempt to achieve outsized returns by mimicking the moves of genius professional investors such as Warren Buffett. In doing so, however, they may be overlooking one of the greatest investors – if not the greatest investor – in the world. The author of today’s article “guarantee[s] you know this investor’s name. But…can almost guarantee you don’t think of him as a great investor” despite the fact that, “When it comes to early stage disruptive stocks and IPOs, [this] investor beats all others, hands down.” Who (or what) is this investor – and how can individual investors follow it to big profits? CLICK HERE.

2 Good Stocks For When Things Go Bad

Stocks that help protect your wealth during a market downturn are good, but stocks that actually help grow your wealth during a market downturn are even better – and today’s article highlights two such stocks to consider for the next downturn (whenever it may be), including the stock of a company that “profits from the increased trading that often occurs during periods of market turbulence.” For these two stocks, CLICK HERE.

3 Healthcare Stocks That Could Go From Oversold To Outperforming

“One sector that looks terrible right now, but could likely beat the market going forward, is the healthcare space. A perfect storm is weighing on prices, but the sector is doing fine—and is even shaping up to beat the market going forward,” states the author of today’s article, who proceeds to highlight three picks from the oversold space that could be poised to outperform going forward, despite currently being weighed down by, among other things, lawsuits and patent issues. For these three stocks, CLICK HERE.