Establish A Strategic Risk Range – And Avoid “Getting Whipsawed By The Market”

“It’s important to not overreact to short-term market noise,” advises the author of today’s article. The problem, of course, is that overreacting to short-term market volatility is exactly what far too many investors do, and they end up exiting the market at the worst possible time. If you want to avoid “getting whipsawed by getting too bearish at the wrong time”, the author outlines a solution: employ a strategic risk range. For more, CLICK HERE.

5 Stocks Trading Under $10 For Big Share Counts – And Big Upside Potential

Two potential takeover targets – one public relations related company and one biopharmaceutical company focused on the development of therapies for patients suffering from life-threatening diseases – are among the five low-priced (trading under $10) stocks highlighted in today’s article as having big upside potential to analysts’ price targets. For these five stocks, which may appeal to aggressive traders looking to “get some solid share leverage [and] make money on a much smaller share price move,” CLICK HERE.

Bullish Indicators For Gold Even More Bullish For Silver

China is buying more gold as the trade war drags on, Russia’s gold reserves topped $100 billion after it added 600,000 ounces in June, and billionaire hedge fund manager Ray Dalio is predicting that gold will be a top investment during an upcoming “paradigm shift” in global markets – and if history is any indicator, all these bullish signs for gold are even more bullish for silver, with today’s article declaring that “silver is set to outperform gold based on gold/silver ratio, and silver mining companies present excellent entry points.” For more – including a specific silver miner that investors may want to familiarize themselves with – CLICK HERE.

The 10% Income Solution

With bond yields very low, solid yields from common stocks limited to the mid-single-digit range, and pass-through securities such as master limited partnerships and real estate investment trusts offering higher, but not necessarily reliable, payments, is there a way to earn reliable 10% annual income without taking on too much risk? The author of today’s article states that there certainly is, advising that “Although you cannot earn 10% in dividend income by owning stocks, there is a reliable way to generate that much income off the stocks you own.” For this 10% income strategy – which the author notes “is remarkably consistent, regardless of which way the stock market is going” – CLICK HERE.

A 7-Step Trading Checklist

The author of today’s article calls it “a vital part of the trading process because it helps traders to stay disciplined, stick to the trading plan, and builds confidence”: creating a trading checklist and utilizing it before each and every trade. Separate from your trading plan, a trading checklist, he notes, “focuses on each individual trade and the conditions that must be met before the trade can be made.” For seven questions that can be used to form a complete trading checklist, CLICK HERE.

The Best Of The Dividend Kings

When it comes to reliable, safe, and growing dividends, nothing trumps the Dividend Kings – a group of just 26 stocks that have managed to increase their dividends for at least 50 consecutive years. Of these 26 stocks, the authors of today’s article highlight four “that are among the highest-quality companies in the list of Dividend Kings that we see as providing investors with rising dividend income for many years to come” – even in the event of a recession. For more, CLICK HERE.

10%+ Growth For 5+ Years: A Special Class Of Dividend-Paying Stocks

Which companies are positioned to be able to keep raising their dividends by 10% (or more) for the next five years (or longer) even if the economy takes a turn for the worse? Today’s article identifies 10 companies that are likely to achieve this feat, with the author noting that “For a company to safely raise its dividend for five more years, it has to have tolerable payout ratios of dividends to total earnings. Such companies also have to be able to grow their income ahead, and they must not be under unmanageable debt loads or too much regulatory scrutiny.” For more, CLICK HERE.

Picking Stocks (And Creating Wealth) In A World Of Duds

“Two years ago, an Arizona State University professor made waves with a study showing all the wealth created by U.S. stocks is the result of gains in a weirdly small group of companies,” reminds the author of today’s article – and now that same researcher is back with a new study whose findings paint an even bleaker picture for stock pickers than his previous study did. What are those findings – and what are their implications when it comes to wealth creation? CLICK HERE.

The “Perfect 10 Portfolio” For The Coming Year

The author of today’s article has compiled 16 “Perfect 10 Portfolios” (consisting of stocks that have a price/earnings ratio of 10) since 2000 – and the majority of them, including last year’s, have beaten the S&P 500. For the ten stocks that make up his Perfect 10 Portfolio for the coming year – including a company that could benefit from the Trump Administration’s tariffs on imported steel and aluminum and a company that “Almost no one on Wall Street follows…leaving some room for it to be ‘discovered’” – CLICK HERE.

The Best Drawdown Threshold: When To Avoid Volatility – And When To Stomach It

How much market downside are you willing to accept before being willing to miss out on potential upside? More specifically, the author of today’s article poses the following question: “How much would the market have to decline at its worst point in the next year for you to forgo investing in stocks (S&P 500) to invest in bonds (5-Year U.S. Treasuries)?” He proceeds to identify at what point an “Avoid Drawdowns” strategy begins to outperform “Buy & Hold” – and what drawdown threshold may provide the absolute best performance. For more, CLICK HERE.