Why This Chinese Company Is An IPO To Watch

One of the first big Chinese initial public offerings this year is expected to be a Hong Kong-based online brokerage. What makes this IPO particularly interesting for investors, in addition to the company being backed by Chinese conglomerate Tencent, is the fact that the firm is profitable and poised for extraordinary growth from the rise of an affluent Chinese middle class. For more on this IPO to watch, CLICK HERE.

Get Reliable Income From Telecom Stocks

Investors have long looked to consumer staple and utility stocks for reliable income. Now telecom stocks can be added to the mix, with today’s article noting that, while “in decades past, telecom stocks may not have been considered in the same class as low-risk utility investments that provide reliable performance even in tough times…now, communication is vital to American businesses and families – and thus a nearly sure-thing investment for your portfolio.” For seven telecom stocks with attractive dividends to consider – including a “$200 billion telecom with big income potential that remains undiscovered by most U.S. investors” – CLICK HERE.

Reflections On The Market Turmoil

“This is why you own bonds,” declares the author of today’s article as part of his thoughts on the current state of the markets – and he’s got the chart that puts this point in stark relief. What has caused the recent market volatility (and what hasn’t)? Why does he state that buy low and sell high “may not be the best advice for the majority of investors” (and what may be the better advice for most)? For this and more, CLICK HERE.

5 Stocks With Upside Potential As Big As Their Prices Are Small

Low-priced stocks offer investors – especially more aggressive traders – the opportunity to not only make a decent profit in the event of even relatively small price moves, but also to buy more shares than they would be able to of large-cap stocks. As such, today’s article highlights five stocks trading under $10 that the authors believe “could provide investors with some solid upside potential.” For these five stocks – including an “off-the-radar small cap [that] has been hammered this fall” – CLICK HERE.

The Trader’s Best Friend Is Back

After being “locked away with the key thrown away”, as the author of today’s article puts it, the trader’s best friend is back – and she “is celebrating her new found freedom.” That friend’s name? Volatility. For more on what volatility’s lengthy imprisonment (by interventionist central banks) has meant for both traders and investors until recently – and what her return means for both traders and investors going forward – CLICK HERE.

Profit From Modest Stock Moves With This Options Strategy

“Most options investors screw it up,” argues the author of today’s article. How do they screw it up? By not knowing how to profit from more modest stock moves – “the more typical daily moves you’re going to see over most of your investment life”. So how can options investors profit from more modest stock moves? The author lays out one strategy to do just that. For more, CLICK HERE.

These Beaten-Down Biotechs’ Pipelines Are Available For Practically Free

“You don’t usually get the chance to pick up the entire research-and-development arm of a major company for free,” acknowledges the author of today’s article – but he proceeds to highlight how, in the aftermath of the stock market rout, shares of some biotech companies have been pushed down to the point where investors get those companies’ pipelines “just about for free.” For two such biotechs – as well as a third which may still be a good deal despite having rebounded – CLICK HERE.

These 25 Stocks Have Been Much Loved – And Are Now Much Cheaper

If, like many investors, you’ve been waiting for an opportunity to buy some of the most-loved stocks of the bull market at more reasonable prices, the selling pressure seen during the month of October may have now provided that opportunity. Today’s article highlights “25 great stocks that had been loved by investors during the major bull market but now have sold off 20% or more”, excluding companies from especially troubled sectors such as oil and gas. For these 25 stocks, CLICK HERE.

5 Safe Haven Dividend Stocks For Uncertain Times

“This is probably territory that most investors are very uncomfortable with,” assesses the author of today’s article – pointing to the unnerving combination of trade war fears, rising interest rates and disappointing third-quarter earnings. So where can uncomfortable investors turn in the equities market? The author advises that “What makes sense now is to buy safe stocks that pay dividends and provide products or services that will continue to be bought or used regardless of what the overall equity market does” – and highlights five Buy-rated stocks that appear to fit the bill. CLICK HERE.

“Ludicrously Cheap”: Is Now The Perfect Buying Opportunity For Home Builder Stocks?

The housing sector has been under pressure from a combination of factors, including rising interest rates and rising input costs. However, some see this situation as the perfect buying opportunity, with home builder stocks now being “ludicrously cheap”. What has these contrarians optimistic about home builder stocks despite the litany of headwinds currently in place – and which home builder stocks may be among the best strategic picks? CLICK HERE.