Analysts’ Top Large-, Mid- and Small-Cap Picks For 2019

“After U.S. stocks last year posted the worst performance since 2008, you might be skeptical of companies favored by Wall Street analysts, who seem to be perennially optimistic,” acknowledges the author of today’s article. Still, it may be worth noting which stocks are currently favored by analysts for the year ahead – and as such the author proceeds to identify the 20 stocks from each of the three main S&P indexes (large-cap, mid-cap and small-cap) “covered by at least five analysts with 75% or more ‘buy’ or equivalent ratings that have the highest 12-month upside potential implied by consensus price targets.” For more, CLICK HERE.

5 Stocks With Small Price Tags And Big Upside Potential

Low-priced stocks offer investors – especially more aggressive traders – the opportunity to not only make a decent profit in the event of even relatively small price moves, but also to buy more shares than they would be able to of large-cap stocks. Today’s article highlights five stocks trading under $10 that the authors believe “While more suited for aggressive accounts… could prove exciting additions to portfolios looking for solid alpha potential.” For these five stocks, CLICK HERE.

5 (More) Stocks Under $10 For Big Share Counts – And Big Upside Potential

Low-priced stocks offer smaller investors the chance to not only make a tidy profit (as these stocks can provide the largest short-term gains), but also to acquire a higher share count than they would be able to of large and mega-cap stocks. Today’s article highlights five (more) stocks trading under $10 that possess solid upside potential based on price targets from Goldman Sachs. For these five stocks – which may be especially appealing to more aggressive traders – CLICK HERE.

Big Blue Stocks For Small Investors

In regards to blue chip companies, the author of today’s article points out that, while “These sound like the kind of companies small investors should consider owning…there is a problem with them from the perspective of the small investor. That problem is their high cost per share.” Fortunately, the author proceeds to identify a solution to this problem – the first step of which is to search for large cap stocks with low PEG ratios. For three such stocks the author identifies – and the second step of the solution – CLICK HERE.

Does Too Much Tech Mean Trouble For Passive Investors?

Tech stocks and large-cap stocks such as Amazon and Netflix have led the bull market higher, but the author of today’s article cautions that, with these stocks currently making up 25% of the S&P 500, there may be too high a concentration of high tech stocks – and this could spell trouble for passive investors with money in index funds tracking the S&P 500. For more – including how investors in this position can go about reducing their risk (via either an active or passive approach) – CLICK HERE.

Why Small-Caps May Lead The Next Leg Of The Rally – And Where To Look For Solid Picks

The author of today’s article notes that, while large-cap stocks have been enjoying the current rally, some analysts believe that – as interest rates rise and market volatility potentially increases as a result of political turmoil in Washington – the next leg of the rally may be led by small-caps. So, for investors who want to enhance their portfolios’ small-cap exposure, where should they look? Perhaps to the holdings of this small-cap focused mutual fund which has shown impressive performance while mitigating the risks associated with small-cap stocks. To read more about this fund – and for three of its key holdings – CLICK HERE.

4 Stocks Warren Buffett Would Find Attractive… If He Could Buy Them

Today’s article highlights four stocks identified by a screen based on factors that appear to be important to Warren Buffett. However, the business magnate cannot buy these stocks. Why? The stocks in question are small cap stocks, and the author notes that Buffett is “forced to focus on large cap stocks because his portfolio and company are so large.” Fortunately, this is not a problem for individual investors – so to find out what these four stocks are, CLICK HERE.

Does Small Mean Safe In Trump’s America?

2017-02-18-20_46_29-free-stock-photo-of-aerial-buildings-cityPresident Trump has vowed to “Make America Safe Again”, but the uncertainty and volatility his election has brought to the markets may have investors not seeing much safe space. The author of today’s article believes that, in the face of this uncertainty, small cap stocks may represent a safer place for investors than large caps – and he lays out three key reasons why small caps – which have been outperforming large caps in this recent bull run – should continue to outperform. To find out what these reasons are – including why small cap companies may be the real beneficiaries of Trump’s proposed repatriation tax holiday for large corporations – CLICK HERE.