The Trends Appear To Be The Friends Of These 3 REITs

A flat yield curve, stronger corporate profits, and continued growth in e-commerce sales are three trends that the author of today’s article believes will drive stock prices in 2019 – and he proceeds to highlight three real estate investment trusts that stand to benefit from these trends. For these three dividend payers – a commercial real estate mortgage REIT, a lodging REIT, and a logistics REIT – CLICK HERE.

Trend Following vs. 60/40: Which Strategy Will Outperform?

Which investment strategy will outperform over the coming years: trend following or a traditional 60% stock/40% bond buy-and-hold portfolio? Based on an analysis of how trend following has performed over time relative to a 60/40 portfolio, the author of today’s article makes the case that “trend following has a much higher probability of outperforming a 60/40 portfolio in most environments and especially in the current environment.” For more, CLICK HERE.

Alternative Strategies: Identifying The Right Alternative For You

The author of today’s article makes a three-pronged case as to why now may be the ideal time to invest in alternatives. But, if one does want to add an alternatives component to their portfolio, which alternatives are the most appropriate for them? He notes that this determination is one of the biggest challenges for investors. As such, he proceeds to outline a number of different investment objectives one may have – and specific alternative investments to consider for each objective. For more, CLICK HERE.

3 Overlooked Stocks Worth Looking Over

2017-01-07-19_21_57-morguefile-free-photographs-for-commercial-useAfter examining the trends in stocks, bonds and gold, the author of today’s article concludes that “the real opportunities in 2017 appear to be in individual places, not sector-wide. That means finding companies that are unloved, out of favor, and ideally ones that missed the market’s end of year rally.” He proceeds to highlight three such opportunities – all large cap, dividend paying stocks. To find out what these three out of favor or overlooked stocks – an athletic apparel manufacturer, a pharmaceutical company and a retail giant – are, and why they may be worthy of a second look, CLICK HERE.