2 Biotechs For Exposure To “Unique, Cutting-Edge” Approaches To Treating Alzheimer’s Disease

It has been over 15 years since any new drug for the treatment of Alzheimer’s has been approved – but a pair of relatively new biotechs focused on neurodegenerative diseases may be in the early stages of developing novel approaches to treat the disease, which currently afflicts 5.7 million Americans (and counting). For these two biotechs, which today’s article highlights as providing “investors with two avenues to get in on unique, cutting-edge research in Alzheimer’s disease”, CLICK HERE.

What’s Crippling The IPO Unicorns?

There was much excitement surrounding the IPO market heading into 2019, particularly when it came to the stable of “unicorns” set to IPO this year – and while a number of unicorns that IPO-ed in the first half of the year (e.g. Beyond Meat, CrowdStrike) saw their share prices surge in the first few months of trading (and still remain above the IPO price), the author of today’s article observes that “the same can’t be said for more recent listings such as Uber, Lyft and Peloton which sank on their first day and continued on a downward path.” What does he point to as “the main issue underlying the recent troubles” – and what’s the lesson for IPO investors? CLICK HERE.

Some Intriguing ETFs Uncovered “Off The Beaten Path”

“Today, you can use ETFs not just to gain quick one-trade exposure to ‘the market,’ but you can also use them for all sorts of interesting and exotic ideas that were once the sole province of individual stocks,” notes the author of today’s article, who went on the hunt for some “off-the-beaten path” ETFs using a screen that included, among other criteria, a combination of weak relative strength but strong money flow. For some intriguing “unsung” ETFs that the author uncovered through this search, CLICK HERE.

2 Good Stocks For When Things Go Bad

Stocks that help protect your wealth during a market downturn are good, but stocks that actually help grow your wealth during a market downturn are even better – and today’s article highlights two such stocks to consider for the next downturn (whenever it may be), including the stock of a company that “profits from the increased trading that often occurs during periods of market turbulence.” For these two stocks, CLICK HERE.

In The Latter Stages Of A Bull Market, Hang On Or Start To Let Go?

If you believe that the end of the bull market is still a little ways off, are you better off hanging on to your stock positions and trying to milk as much profit from the bull as possible or starting to reduce your stock exposure now? The author of today’s article provides his answer to this question based on an analysis of the bull market returns of several hundred investment newsletter model portfolios since 1990. For more – including which stocks speculators may want to look at in the latter stages of a bull market – CLICK HERE.

A Whole New Market Is Giving This Cancer-Testing Stock A Boost

Shares of Exact Sciences – the company behind the at-home colon-cancer test Cologuard – got a boost recently when the FDA approved (earlier than expected) the use of Cologuard among average-risk individuals aged 45 and older. As the test had previously only been approved for people aged 50 and older, this development significantly increases the potential market for the test – and analysts are updating (and upgrading) their prospects for the company as a result. For more, CLICK HERE.

Screening For High And Stable Dividends

With interest rates expected to continue falling – and the possibility of negative interest rates making their way to the U.S. – where can investors look for income? The author of today’s article declares that “Companies with high and stable dividends are a good place to look” – and identifies several stocks offering higher yields than the overall market and the benchmark 10-year Treasury (and yields which should be sustainable based on the companies’ sound balance sheets and track record of dividend increases). For more, CLICK HERE.

Hedging With Gold Miner Stocks

As the trade war has dragged on and market volatility risen, investors have been moving money to hedge investments, particularly gold. The author of today’s article notes that it’s “all but certain that the price of gold will rise if trade war fears continue to increase” and that gold miner stocks have outperformed all other hedges over the last few months. For those considering gold miner stocks as a hedge, he highlights one gold miner whose shares have tripled since last Labor Day. For more, CLICK HERE.

Why This Could Be “The Single Best Investment For The Next Decade”

What single asset class would you be best off choosing to invest money that you don’t need for at least 10 years? Stocks? Bonds? Gold/precious metals? Real estate? Bitcoin/cryptocurrencies? This question was recently posed to over a thousand investors, and their responses indicated a clear winner – and while the winning asset class may be surprising, the author of today’s article outlines how it’s entirely plausible that it will perform better than both stocks and bonds over the next decade. For more, CLICK HERE.