Why This Chinese Company Is An IPO To Watch

One of the first big Chinese initial public offerings this year is expected to be a Hong Kong-based online brokerage. What makes this IPO particularly interesting for investors, in addition to the company being backed by Chinese conglomerate Tencent, is the fact that the firm is profitable and poised for extraordinary growth from the rise of an affluent Chinese middle class. For more on this IPO to watch, CLICK HERE.

New-Age Tech Stocks For A New Year

“While many large-cap tech names have started the year off strong, there’s a wave of smaller, more new-age tech stocks that have seen a huge rally,” notes today’s article, with this group including names such as Etsy, Roku and Dropbox. One analyst is recommending three of these smaller-cap, new-age tech stocks in particular. For these three stocks – and which one might be the best bet – CLICK HERE.

Apple, Pot, Oil And More: Bold Predictions To Help Prepare Your Trades For The Year Ahead

Apple’s stock price doesn’t recover, pot stocks experience a bitcoin-like implosion, and the price of oil remains under $75 all year. These are some of the “bold and perhaps unpopular” market predictions the author of today’s article is making for the year ahead – and while he acknowledges that some of these predictions may be sources of disagreement, he notes that they each highlight important issues for investors and hopefully cause the reader to “at least think about the other side of the trade and prepare your portfolio accordingly for the year ahead.” For more, CLICK HERE.

Outlook For Gold, Silver – And A Potential Global Debt Bubble Collapse – In 2019

In summing up its market and economic outlook for 2019, today’s offering declares the following: “Hope for the best but be prepared for the worst by increased allocations to cash, silver and gold.” Might 2019 see a global debt bubble collapse? How much might investors want to be invested in gold? Is silver or bitcoin a better investment option for 2019? And what could bring about a global financial crisis this year? For a discussion of these topics and more, CLICK HERE.

The Current Paradox In Natural Gas – And How To Profit From It

“This situation is perfect for us,” declares the author of today’s article in regards to the fact that, while natural gas prices have soared, the share prices of natural gas producers have not yet moved in kind. He proceeds to examine why this is the case – and highlights one way to profit from the rising prices and demand for natural gas while producers’ stocks are beaten down. For more, CLICK HERE.

Profit From Modest Stock Moves With This Options Strategy

“Most options investors screw it up,” argues the author of today’s article. How do they screw it up? By not knowing how to profit from more modest stock moves – “the more typical daily moves you’re going to see over most of your investment life”. So how can options investors profit from more modest stock moves? The author lays out one strategy to do just that. For more, CLICK HERE.

A High-Growth Dividend Stock With Forward-Looking Appeal

At 1.2%, the stock highlighted in today’s article does not have the most appealing dividend yield currently. However, for long-term buy-and-hold investors, the author sees it as “one of the best growth stocks in the entire market”, thanks to its strong brand, competitive advantages and growth potential. This stock has raised its dividend for 17 consecutive years (including a recent 10% increase), and the author advises that investors can be highly confident that another 10%+ increase in on tap for 2019 (and beyond). For the stock in question, CLICK HERE.

Don’t Use It, Don’t Lose It: A Potentially Better – And Cheaper – Way For Retirees To Pay For Long-Term Care

Despite the exorbitant costs that will be incurred by those requiring long-term care, long-term care insurance has never become popular. One major reason? Its “use it or lose it” feature: If you end up not requiring long-term care (and nearly half of seniors won’t) you never receive a payout. Today’s article, however, highlights what may be a better – and cheaper – way to pay for long-term care that bypasses the “use it or lost it” feature of long-term care insurance and allows retirees to “have their cake and their heirs can eat it, too.” For more, CLICK HERE.

How To Predict The Next Recession – And Why It May Still Happen Sooner Than That

When it comes to identifying when the next recession will take place, the author of today’s article acknowledges that equity markets have not, historically, produced reliable signals. As such, he advocates using “three other indicators that have shown impressive power in predicting recessions. When these indicators simultaneously show stress, they signaled the last seven recessions with an average lead time of five to six months. They seek to integrate the interplay of the business cycle, market dynamics and monetary policy.” For these three signals, what they indicate about when the next recession might hit – and why the next recession could still happen before that – CLICK HERE.

5 Dividend Raisers That Seem To Have It All

In compiling his list of dividend stocks that may be worthy of consideration, the author of today’s article looked for companies that have recently increased their dividends (and which have lengthy track records of dividend increases), that appear able to sustain their dividend growth through earnings growth, and which have solid fundamentals and are available at attractive valuations. For the five dividend stocks – including two REITs – that met these criteria and made the list, CLICK HERE.