The Best Drawdown Threshold: When To Avoid Volatility – And When To Stomach It

How much market downside are you willing to accept before being willing to miss out on potential upside? More specifically, the author of today’s article poses the following question: “How much would the market have to decline at its worst point in the next year for you to forgo investing in stocks (S&P 500) to invest in bonds (5-Year U.S. Treasuries)?” He proceeds to identify at what point an “Avoid Drawdowns” strategy begins to outperform “Buy & Hold” – and what drawdown threshold may provide the absolute best performance. For more, CLICK HERE.

Make Money By “Front-Running” Trump

“Whether you like Trump or don’t like Trump, how about putting your feelings aside and focus on making money off Trump,” suggests the author of today’s article, who declares the president “the biggest driver of financial markets in the world. Hands down.” And the great thing about a strategy based on Trump trades, according to the author? The president’s moves are easy to predict and he has made his position on just about every financial asset in the world very clear. For more on how to “front-run” Trump – including where he may turn his attention after the Fed – CLICK HERE.

The Many Bricks In The Market’s Wall Of Worry

The trade war with China – and its potential ramifications – has been the primary topic of discussion – and concern – of late when it comes to the markets. And while the importance of that deepening conflict is inarguable, the author of today’s article argues that “there are a few more items on the horizon that may play a bigger role in the markets if they are not resolved in a rational and rapid fashion.” For more on the many bricks in the market’s “wall of worry”, CLICK HERE.


After falling off a cliff – and off many people’s radars – late last year, Bitcoin has been staging a comeback recently – and, as a result, so has the gold versus Bitcoin debate (including the launching of a #DropGold marketing campaign by Bitcoin bulls and a countering report by gold bugs). So who comes out on top in the gold versus Bitcoin debate today? The author of today’s article makes his pick – and lays out the three primary reasons behind it. For more, CLICK HERE.

The Core Case For Emerging Markets

If emerging markets are not already a core part of your portfolio, you may be missing out on what one analyst declares will be “the global growth powerhouse over the next 10 years” – not the developed economies of the U.S. or Europe, but rather the likes of Vietnam, Indonesia and others. For more on why “emerging markets have to be a core part of your portfolio” – and the risks that accompany the opportunities that emerging markets present, CLICK HERE.

Why This New (And Unique) Online Retail ETF Is Poised For “Uninterrupted Success”

While the revolution from traditional retail to online retail has been underway for quite some time in developed markets, emerging markets are now seeing significant increases in e-commerce sales – and there’s a new ETF available to investors looking to tap into this momentum. For more on this ETF, which has an exclusive focus on international online retailing and which today’s article declares “should see uninterrupted success”, CLICK HERE.

The “Vastly Improved” Investment Case For Emerging Markets – And Specific Recommendations From Big-Name Investors

After experiencing a rough 2018, today’s article notes that “the investment case for emerging markets has vastly improved” – and highlights some specific emerging market recommendations from some big-name investors. Among these recommendations is an Eastern European bank which one equity research firm notes “ranks first as the most undervalued name with outstanding profitability… and one of the highest dividend yields in the sector”. For more, CLICK HERE.

The Trends Appear To Be The Friends Of These 3 REITs

A flat yield curve, stronger corporate profits, and continued growth in e-commerce sales are three trends that the author of today’s article believes will drive stock prices in 2019 – and he proceeds to highlight three real estate investment trusts that stand to benefit from these trends. For these three dividend payers – a commercial real estate mortgage REIT, a lodging REIT, and a logistics REIT – CLICK HERE.

The Biggest Stock Winners 2 Years Into Trump

At the two year mark of the Trump presidency, and after the stock market surge of 2017 and the return of volatility in 2018 and into this year, what stocks have been the biggest winners? Today’s article highlights the sectors and specific stocks that have posted the most impressive gains during the Trump era – including the health care stock that has gained almost 280%, making it the best performing stock in the S&P 500. For more, CLICK HERE.

Why This Chinese Company Is An IPO To Watch

One of the first big Chinese initial public offerings this year is expected to be a Hong Kong-based online brokerage. What makes this IPO particularly interesting for investors, in addition to the company being backed by Chinese conglomerate Tencent, is the fact that the firm is profitable and poised for extraordinary growth from the rise of an affluent Chinese middle class. For more on this IPO to watch, CLICK HERE.