A Billionaire Investor’s Favorite Trade, The Yield Curve Inversion & Oil

Billionaire investor Paul Tudor Jones has identified his favorite trade in the next 12 to 24 months, declaring it “has everything going for it” (and he’s not the only big-name investor who’s bullish on this trade). For the trade in question and why Tudor Jones declares “It will be the antidote for people with equity portfolios” – as well as some thoughts on the yield curve inversion and timing of a recession, and the development that could have a much more significant and long-term impact on oil and oil stocks than the recent attacks on two oil tankers near the Strait of Hormuz– CLICK HERE.

Apple, Pot, Oil And More: Bold Predictions To Help Prepare Your Trades For The Year Ahead

Apple’s stock price doesn’t recover, pot stocks experience a bitcoin-like implosion, and the price of oil remains under $75 all year. These are some of the “bold and perhaps unpopular” market predictions the author of today’s article is making for the year ahead – and while he acknowledges that some of these predictions may be sources of disagreement, he notes that they each highlight important issues for investors and hopefully cause the reader to “at least think about the other side of the trade and prepare your portfolio accordingly for the year ahead.” For more, CLICK HERE.

ETFs To Play This Energy Subindustry Offering Better Returns

While the broad energy sector has performed nicely this year, today’s article highlights one of the sector’s subindustries where even better returns can be found: exploration and production stocks. The author notes that these stocks (and related ETFs) “are usually more correlated to oil prices than integrated oil stocks. That is a curse when crude prices fall, but a gift when oil rallies. Crude is one of this year’s best-performing commodities, prompting the outperformance by exploration and production ETFs over more traditional energy sector fare.” For some E&P ETF plays – including one for “adventurous” traders – CLICK HERE.

Is A Once-In-A-Lifetime Opportunity In Resources Setting Up?

While the analyst interviewed in today’s article acknowledges that “There are a lot of signals that would suggest this is probably not the greatest time to be investing in resources”, he argues that “this actually may be setting up one of the greatest opportunities that we’ve had in a couple of generations to be allocating to the resource market.” For his case as to why a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity in resources may be in the offing, his thoughts on gold, oil and more – and some specific resource companies he likes – CLICK HERE.

3 Slick Oil Stocks

With oil prices surging of late (including topping $75 for the first time since 2014), today’s article highlights three stocks that may be particularly good opportunities in the energy sector, with the author noting that, in addition to all three stocks having strong fundamentals, “Two of the stocks…have the potential to benefit from rising energy prices. [The third], as a refiner, can make a profit regardless of the volatility in the oil industry and is a good hedge if the price of oil retreats going into the fall months.” For more, CLICK HERE.

Don’t Miss Out On Late-Cycle Opportunities

How close are we to the end of the business cycle? The author of today’s article notes that a number of indicators that often precede the end of economic expansion and equity bull markets are present (including rising interest rates), but cautions that “Be that as it may, calling the end of the cycle would be a fool’s errand and could result in missed opportunities…Late-cycle returns can still be quite substantial.” For more on these late-cycle opportunities – and the author’s thoughts on inflation, oil, gold and more – CLICK HERE.

“The Most Convincing Evidence For Energy Stocks Now” – And 3 Picks Based On It

After their recent ascent – and subsequent steep declines from that ascent – where are oil and gas stocks headed from here, and what are energy stock investors to do? The author of today’s article believes that “the most convincing evidence for energy stocks now” is the insider buying that has taken place at energy companies in the past few weeks – and highlights three of those companies that may be among the best energy bets right now. For more, CLICK HERE.

What’s The Best Way To Play The Oil Rally?

Rising geopolitical tensions, supply constraints and steady global economic growth have helped bring about a surge in the price of oil, making it a top-performing asset class in 2018. For investors looking to get in on the oil rally now, what may be the best way to do so: Energy equities? Crude itself? Energy-related debt? The author of today’s article identifies which option may offer the most appeal – as well as some potential risks to the oil rally. For more, CLICK HERE.

These Oil And Gas Sector Value Stocks Are Worth Noting

Today’s article highlights a number of potential value stocks in the oil and gas sector – specifically those oil and gas value plays that the author finds to be the most intriguing and worthy of further research. For these four stocks – three master limited partnerships and an independent oil and gas company (the latter of which, the author notes, has seen a recent uptick in insider buying which could be a bullish indicator) – CLICK HERE.

Big Gains For These Energy Stocks Could Help Keep The Bull Market Energized

If this bull market is going to continue, it seems likely that some underperforming sectors will have to see their fortunes change – and one particular laggard has been the energy sector. As the author of today’s article notes, going forward “a higher base in oil prices, continued exports of natural gas in the years ahead, lower operating and drilling costs and seriously lower regulatory climate could all add up to a major victory for oil and gas stocks.” He proceeds to highlight 15 energy stocks that have been the recipients of key analyst upgrades or big target price hikes. For more, CLICK HERE.