5 Under-The-Radar “Get High” Stocks

Now that we are a few years into the marijuana “megatrend” – and with a number of the more popular names in the space having shown signs of stress of late – where does the best opportunity lie in marijuana stocks? Today’s article highlights “the big potential in lesser-known stocks that haven’t gotten too far ahead of themselves” – and offers up five such “under-the-radar” pot stocks to consider. For more, CLICK HERE.

Pot Stock Prognosis

“While marijuana industry-related stocks have soared in 2019…many individual cannabis stocks have fallen recently due to a myriad of concerns,” notes today’s article. Might this situation present investors with an ideal buy-the-dip opportunity? The author examines the main headwinds facing marijuana stocks, their prospects for being resolved in the near term – and which top marijuana stocks analysts are currently favoring. For more, CLICK HERE.

Marijuana In The Middle: Meet This Powerful Pot Distributor With Big Revenue Projections

Flow Kana is a California-based company that is part of what today’s article notes is “a relatively new form of cannabis business [that] has emerged: a middleman that does not grow pot itself, but rather distributes it” – and leaked documents show that it is telling prospective investors that it expects to achieve profitability in 2020 and revenue in excess of $2 billion by 2022. For more on this powerful pot distributor, CLICK HERE.

Apple, Pot, Oil And More: Bold Predictions To Help Prepare Your Trades For The Year Ahead

Apple’s stock price doesn’t recover, pot stocks experience a bitcoin-like implosion, and the price of oil remains under $75 all year. These are some of the “bold and perhaps unpopular” market predictions the author of today’s article is making for the year ahead – and while he acknowledges that some of these predictions may be sources of disagreement, he notes that they each highlight important issues for investors and hopefully cause the reader to “at least think about the other side of the trade and prepare your portfolio accordingly for the year ahead.” For more, CLICK HERE.

What Really Matters When Investing In Marijuana Stocks?

When investing in marijuana stocks, what really matters? The author of today’s article advises that “what a lot of folks overlook is that there’s more to investing in pot stocks and analyzing the marijuana industry than just aggregate cannabis production. If peak production were all that mattered, Aurora Cannabis…would clearly be the largest marijuana stock by market cap, trailed by Canopy Growth…and Aphria. Of course, that’s not how things have shaped up…” He proceeds to outline five things that may be more important when investing in marijuana stocks. What are they? CLICK HERE.

Mapping The Marijuana Market

Ahead of Canada’s legalization of recreational marijuana this week, today’s article maps the current state of the marijuana market – including pot stocks’ performance over the past year compared to the broad market, gold, and bitcoin, the key marijuana companies to know (in Canada, the U.S. and elsewhere), and an overview of the marijuana-focused exchange-traded funds now available to investors wanting exposure to the industry. For more, CLICK HERE.

5 Trends For Pot Stock Investors To Follow After Legalization In Canada

When it comes to marijuana stocks, all eyes are on Canada – and the opportunities presented by its legalization of recreational marijuana on October 17th. However, the author of today’s article advises that “there will be far more for investors to closely monitor in the post-legalization environment than just which pot stocks have the highest production capacity potential” – and he identifies five marijuana trends for investors in this space to follow over the coming year. For more, CLICK HERE.

“Silent Killer”: An Under-The-Radar Risk To High-Flying Marijuana Stocks

When it comes to marijuana stocks, there are a number of widely known risks – including political, financial and other risks. However, in addition to these readily apparent risks, the author of today’s article cautions that “there’s one potentially silent killer which could wreck marijuana stocks that investors seem completely unaware of”. That risk? Dilution. Specifically, dilution from convertible debt offerings, which he warns “will probably wind up hitting pot stock valuations when investors least expect it.” For more – including the pot stock that may be the biggest offender – CLICK HERE.

Impure Marijuana: The Better Bet?

Many pure play marijuana companies have seen their stocks soar as the legalization of medical – and recreational – marijuana has expanded. These companies can be risky bets however (consider the fact that most are still not profitable). The better bet, according to today’s article, may be companies that service the marijuana industry – and while many of these companies are private, there are some publicly-traded options. For some of these “impure” marijuana plays – including a REIT “focused solely on acquisition and management of industrial properties leased to companies that require medical-use cannabis facilities” – CLICK HERE.

Marijuana Anxiety: Should Pot Stock Investors Be Afraid?

The author of today’s article was behind the first exchange-traded fund listed in the U.S. that offered investors targeted exposure to the marijuana industry and he has spoken about the tremendous upside potential that he sees for investments in cannabis-related companies. So why – despite still believing in that tremendous upside potential – is he now expressing fear about investing in marijuana stocks – and why is he cautioning that “your marijuana investments could explode. And I don’t mean explode in a good way”? CLICK HERE.