Current Holdings Of The “Sane Portfolio”

Decent profitability, a reasonable price, earnings growth averaging at least 5% in the past five years, market value of at least $1 billion, and debt less than stockholders’ equity. These are the criteria that must be met for a stock to qualify for inclusion in the author of today’s article’s “Sane Portfolio” – “a middle-of-the-road, slightly conservative group of stocks” that he has compiled most years since 1999. For the 12 stocks that make up the most recent iteration of the Sane Portfolio – six returning stocks and six new inclusions – CLICK HERE.

The “Vastly Improved” Investment Case For Emerging Markets – And Specific Recommendations From Big-Name Investors

After experiencing a rough 2018, today’s article notes that “the investment case for emerging markets has vastly improved” – and highlights some specific emerging market recommendations from some big-name investors. Among these recommendations is an Eastern European bank which one equity research firm notes “ranks first as the most undervalued name with outstanding profitability… and one of the highest dividend yields in the sector”. For more, CLICK HERE.